Six Of Swords – Deviant Moon Tarot Deck

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I. The Description of Six of Swords Deviant Moon Tarot

The town is on fire and filled with chaos. A lonely man finds himself in new seas in the hope of finding peace. The six swords act as a means of escape. The town is engulfed in flames, but the atmosphere on the hot-air balloon is very nonviolent.

Description of Six of Swords Deviant Moon Tarot

Although there is a hint of change or loss in the Six of Swords Deviant Moon Tarot, we sense this move towards a more promising future. The man and his humanoid airship are coming out of chaos and finding tranquility, though both seem gloomy. The six vertical swords represent the power of reason in the heart and intuition.

II. The general meaning of Six of Swords Deviant Moon Tarot

Keywords and extensions: A Journey, Get out of a bad situation and get into a good one, A necessary change, The departure, Get rid of anxiety and trouble, Relieve stress, An expected change, Reconcile, Calm down, Regain peace and calm in the soul, Reduce tension after a stressful time, Travel smoothly, Get rid of conflict or difficulties, Go with the flow, Let things happen naturally, Resettlement, Cleaning, A trip abroad, A trip worth looking forward to, Deal with people who are far away, Enhance knowledge, Beneficial change, Cut off the binding, Change attitude, A death that ends suffering, Convert negative situation into a positive one, The worst is over.

Six of Swords Deviant Moon Tarot notes you will need to go through a transformation filled with disappointment because of your decisions. To move forward, you need to leave something mattering behind, and you regret it, but you know this is the best option. There are times when you will be forced to give something away, and the process of letting go is often painful. However, the sadness of loss will soon be replaced by a change. Don’t be afraid to give away what you have in the present or past, but look to the future to find the greatest and longest-lasting option. While making a decision will be extremely difficult, your life will turn a new page.

You need to realize that you are moving towards a better position in your life. You are suffering from difficult changes but everything will be fine. Don’t cling to the past or what you have left behind. Instead, see this as an opportunity to change your beliefs about yourself and become the person you always want to be. Sometimes the only way to solve life’s problems is to leave them behind and start over in a new dimension. You will feel like a coward, but that is the only method at this point. What matters is that you are on your way to a more peaceful life.

Six of Swords Deviant Moon Tarot shows that you should be logically and objectively aware of where you are going. In addition, you can also use your intuition to guide you through things more easily and use your analytical power when making a complicated judgment. It can also indicate a state of depression or lethargy. You are trying to get through the long series of days, neither enjoy nor give up. You may feel lethargic, lack energy, and somewhat depressed.

Six of Swords Deviant Moon Tarot can literally indicate an air trip. It may be sad to leave everyone behind, but you know that this trip will lead you to a bigger world! You may also have to go somewhere far away from friends and family to learn about or experience a new land. Although you will feel nostalgia, you will definitely learn many new things.

III. The reversed meaning of Six of Swords Deviant Moon Tarot

Keywords and extensions: Cannot get out of a bad situation, Stuck in painful events, Unable to move on, The burden, Unable to leave troubles behind, Delay, Procrastination, Being stuck in negative thoughts, Do not accept help, Go against the crowd, Rowing upstream, Lack of progress, Feel stuck or stressed, Be at a standstill, One problem after another, Temporary release, The easiest way, Cannot leave the past behind, Boredom, Feel unable to find a way out of the current predicament, Not dare to face reality, A trip is canceled or postponed, Changes in travel plans, Return from a journey, From bad to worse, Evade reality.

When the Six of Swords Deviant Moon Tarot is in reverse, it means you are not using up your rational, scientific, systematic, logical abilities. As a result, you are damaging your objectivity and limiting your perception of the possibilities in the situation. Make an effort to regain your objectivity and confirm your original goal. Try to moderate your emotions while increasing discipline and mental focus; This will allow you to return to chasing the fruits of your plans.

The reversed Six of Swords Deviant Moon Tarot indicates that you are trying to get out of the past and make a significant transition. However, with this card in reverse, it is clear that you are having some challenges of forgetting and the past is always clinging to you. You have many things to leave behind but they always haunt your mind, making it impossible for you to go to a new land. Or sometimes, you are in doubt about your decision but the reversed Six of Swords encourages you to rest assured of your choice.

Additionally, you may be against this essential transition. You may feel that you are not willing to make a decision at all, and you may be forced by circumstances, or by others. It is necessary to consider the benefits you will get, rather than focusing on the limitations you are facing.

In a Tarot spread regarding relationships, if the problem arises as a relatively new relationship, the reversed Six of Swords Deviant Moon Tarot shows that you are unable to let go of past connections that burden your heart. You need to try to forget everything if you don’t want those unpleasant memories to ruin the relationships you are and will have in the future.

IV. The guideline of Six of Swords Deviant Moon Tarot

An early title for the Six of Swords Deviant Moon Tarot card was The Navigator – a man who had discovered enough about the relationship between the Earth and the heavens to be able to set his way through unscrupulous oceans and to a selected point on the distant coast.

By the time the first Tarot decks appeared, this skill was considered similar to magic, so very few people understood the principles involved. Therefore, the querent who draws this card is considered to be someone with special knowledge, a deep understanding of complex techniques that can be strong enough to carry out a rescue in times of danger. Other popular related titles for this card are The Path and The Way Through.

Six of Swords Deviant Moon Tarot reminds you that timing is of the essence. You have seen the big picture and good ideas have popped up with you about what to do. It is time to act. There may be no time left for debate. If the plan has become clear, your next step might be to commit to chasing changes that lead to improvement. Overcome the tendency to be distracted. You don’t have time to seek approval. Once you start taking action, the other person will be grateful for your clear and responsive thinking. It is a special gift to be able to navigate in times of rapid and unpredictable change when a conscious and timely head is most essential.

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