Ten of Cups – Deviant Moon Tarot Deck

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I. The Description of Ten of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot

The wounded soldier returning from the battle is warmly welcomed by his family. Ten cups are raised on the night of the full moon to celebrate the reunion in a burst of joy.

Description of Ten of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot

In the Ten of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot card, we see a couple who are deeply in love and filled with eternal devotion. They are not only happy together, but also achieve all the things they want in life. This is shown in the image of their child playing around and a small cozy house in the distance. The house symbolizes stability and comfort, the enormous full moon represents fulfillment and the overhead cups represent blessings. The cup symbolizes an abundance of heavenly gifts and the moon is the first step in the journey of human spiritual and material evolution, in Tarot it is called the return journey. It is a sign of peace – we are blessed by our superiors and enduring love.

II. The general meaning of Ten of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot

Keywords and extensions: Family life, Reunion, Devotion, The surroundings are filled with love and peace, Harmony, Marriage, Happiness, Bondage, Long-term satisfaction in relationships, Serenity, Unity, Faith, A reliable relationship, Share happiness, Give and receive love, A good relationship between parents and children, Fullness, Joy-filled, Emotional contentment, Safety, Prosperity, Protection, Satisfaction, Love, Sincere friendship, Cooperation, Compatibility, Peace, Spiritual bliss, Wish comes true, A joyful event, the Thanksgiving.

The Ten of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot represents happiness, joy, satisfaction, and emotional satisfaction, especially in relationships and family. It signifies the harmony in love, the comfort when all your dreams and wishes have come true and you are satisfied with your fortune. This card advises you to take a moment to appreciate everything you have achieved and to express gratitude for the blessings you have been given.

With the image of a happy family and a peaceful home, the Ten of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot is a sign of harmonious and loving family life. All family members are getting along well and have a lot of satisfaction and love to share with each other. No one would dispute or cause any tension. Its presence may even reflect an upcoming family vacation, when you and your family can take a break and relax together, creating content and peaceful memories. Maybe this is a reunion or a family celebration where members open up their hearts together. This is a great time to bond with your family and lay the foundations for a bright and harmonious future.

Ten of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot is also a very positive card about romantic relationships and indicates the start of a very happy new relationship or the fulfillment of a long term relationship. In addition to love and promise, efforts from both sides are also important for an enduring connection. This is also a time for you to enjoy and share with the people you love.

Ten of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot speaks out about your personal values ​​and what you believe will bring success and prosperity in your life. This card represents a time when you know very well about yourself and your progress. It can also reflect that family values ​​are enormous and instilled in you at a very early age and have shaped your personality and lifestyle.

Ten of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot encourages you to follow your heart and believe in your intuitions to find opportunities. You can trust your feelings and follow its instructions. When you feel truly delighted and overwhelmed by inspiration, know that it is the right way to go! Your goal is to find possibilities and satisfy yourself, not follow the path that others have outlined.

III. The reversed meaning of Ten of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot

Keywords and extensions: Family conflict, Friendship ends, Disruption of routine, Disorientation of personal values, Broken families or separated marriages, Lack of harmony, Conflict in marriage, Incompatibility, Loss, Distress, Dissatisfaction, Disagreement in the family, Depression, Pessimism, Controversy, Resentment, Feeling hurt, Conflicts of interest, Frustration, Puberty crisis, Unstability, Rebellious puberty, Inappropriate behavior in the family, The demands of the children, Misconduct, The celebration is canceled, An empty home.

Ten of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot in the upright is a card of a happy family, deep love, and mutual respect while in the reverse, it tells that something is interrupting the connection causing chaos and disorder of emotion. You may have been hoping for a special time with a loved one, but it seems like it all fell apart. You might have fought, didn’t spend enough time together, or didn’t really respect and care for each other. For now, hopes for a harmonious relationship are being thwarted. Focus on how you can treat others with compassion and respect, letting them understand and reciprocate your heart.

Ten of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot in reverse shows that the collective will of a group is threatened and its safety nets are torn. Personal reviews and rejections are various. Things that are said and done that will be regretted later on. Someone must take the first step in a more positive direction, leaving judgments and criticism behind. Mediation is called to reestablish trust and support each other. This person will set an example for others to follow or the group’s efforts will disintegrate. The storm before the rainbow was not over yet.

The reversed Ten of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot can also indicate disorientation of individual values. Currently, you are not living up to your personal values ​​and not being true to yourself. You are allowing others to decide what to do and what will not make you happy, not looking at the root of things. As a result, you are questioning whether you really believe what you are doing. While you are frantic and rushing around to follow your plan, don’t forget to pay attention to the things you really aspire to. The road is still very long, without motivation, you won’t be able to finish it.

Chances are, you are unintentionally indifferent to your family while pursuing material goals like a career or making money. You are losing the balance between your work and personal life so you gradually cut down on time spending with family. If you go on, you may not achieve a feeling of satisfaction and happiness as planned and even lose the truly priceless things in your life.

IV. The guideline of Ten of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot

Ten of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot denotes family and community, often featuring a celebratory scene crossing multiple generations, crowned by a rainbow or a full moon signaling the end of hard times. Consider this vision – as if love and support extending in all directions – an enormous emotional safety net for everyone.

With the Ten of Cups Deviant Moon Tarot, prioritize teamwork over your individual goals. People need to feel they have contributed. Crew members need to feel that they are all in it together and that everyone should be rewarded when the ship arrives. It is essential to follow a teamwork approach to maximize self-benefit. The goodwill to emerge from such an approach will last long after the project is over. You will be greatly rewarded for taking an altruistic approach now.

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