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I. The Description of The World Deviant Moon Tarot

On The World Deviant Moon Tarot card, the young mermaid toured the world herself. Now she ended the trip right where it had started. However, the experience transformed her. Around her, a large serpent is forming a circle by hurting itself. Below her, sat the beasts she had conquered during her journeys.

Description of The World Deviant Moon Tarot

As the title suggests, The Fool’s journey stops here, where all the emotional levels have been experienced. Life is a cycle of reincarnation, and when one reaches the limit of all matters and when one sees himself as The Fool, that is when the journey begins a new cycle of it. Let’s see what is the end of the journey as a world reduced in one’s vision and a journey with emotions that stays with everyone.

That is why this last Deviant Moon Tarot card is called The World. Let us all contemplate it and contemplate for a bit the definition of emotional levels because to some people, this statement seems familiar, but its meaning is not thoroughly understood. Among the seven Buddhist taboos, there are Pleasure, Anger, Love, Hate, Greed, Resentment, and Delusion. Experiencing all these states means that is, having completed the cycle of one life.

Covering the entire card is the image of a mermaid and two fishes that reminds us of water – the element that represents and governs emotions, something humans cannot control but that makes them experience and nostalgic. The Little Mermaid appeared in folk tales of many different countries, including the Near East, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Her personification with the upper half is a human body and the lower half is a fishtail.

The story is first told in ancient Assyria when the goddess Atargatis embodied herself as a mermaid because of the shame of accidentally killing her human lover. A mermaid also represents the rage of nature such as floods, storms, shipwrecks, or drowning. The reason it is meant to be is that the legend told mermaids were real. Or in some of the historical records, when Christopher Columbus explored the Caribbean, mermaids possessed a flawless beauty with shiny curls and seductive bodies that easily enticed sailors and made them shipwrecked.

But in a more positive sense, the mermaid also represents benefit, blessing, or immersing in love. The mermaid image in The World Deviant Moon Tarot card is a young lady who is full of life, possessing the sea and standing between two areas of sea and land. One was where ships sailed and the other was occupied by the citadel, but nowhere was this lady truly belonged. She ended her journey at the very place where she started even though she was still looking backward like regret or think about her next moves.

Standing halfway between two areas is like the end and the beginning of two journeys. The sea may be where she lives but not necessarily her home, holding two fire sticks in her hands, a testament to the origin of life, evolution, and balance. She wears the laurel wreath as a symbol of the peak of consciousness. Her eyes widened symbolizes the enlightenment and maturity from the trip.

Another theory is that the mermaid image is the embodiment of the god Vishnu – the preserve and guardian in Indian religion. Everything is in the middle of the event, since the sun is also in the middle of its journey, no one can tell whether the sun is rising or setting. The picture of this journey is shielded by a giant snake swallowing its tail.

Snakes are one of the oldest and most popular mythological symbols of the human world. Snakes combine with some of the oldest known rituals of mankind and snakes represent both good and evil simultaneously. The presence of snake species is from ancient times, from Eastern to Western culture, from ancient civilization to modern conception. The snake is not only an animal that lives all over the world, it is also a symbol of water, fire, soul, sensuality, assertiveness, cynicism, male and female sexuality, a god of creation and represents the cosmic chaos.

These concepts stem from the very nature of snakes, their biological characteristics that have contributed to defining its symbolic meaning, namely its graceful movement and its tightening of the prey that symbolize strength, the peeling represents regeneration, its venom can kill people so it is related to the malignancy and cruelty, the bisexuality symbolizes the origin of the universe, its zigzag body that moved indefinitely or in a circle represents the reincarnation of life and death.

Around the world, many peoples consider snakes to be the lord of women. The three symbols of medicine related to snakes still in use today are the Hygieia Grail – the symbol of medicine and the Caduceus and the Rod of Asclepius are the symbols of the medical field in general. Today, snake venom is used in medicine to treat a number of serious diseases. The most important symbolic meaning of the snake is the manifestation of the origin of life and the universe, on the human level, it is the dual symbol of soul and sensuality.

Under the mermaid’s feet is the image of the lion on the left and the goat on the right. It may be difficult to discern the goat in this picture because of the stylization in the drawing. If we don’t focus on the details of their legs, we won’t be able to guess what kind of mascots they are. For a long time, especially in Eastern culture, the lion is known as the lord of animals and is built to become the symbol of the mascot, placed in front of temples and pagodas as seals and protect the entrance of the sanctuary. Some typical examples such as the stone lion are located in China, Hong Kong, Singapore with an image of a lion’s head and body of a fish, in Egyptian history with the image of a sphinx with a human head and a lion’s body.

Goat, in contrast, is one of the oldest domesticated animals. They were closely related to sheep, but instead of always following the herd, the goats had certain independence. They love the peak and that is also the milestone towards spirituality. Climbing mountains as a hobby also creates images of advancement, progress, and achievement. In addition, the goat is also a symbol of discovery and curiosity. They can eat or do anything, but deep down, goats are quite fussy about things. They are ready to remove everything and keep only the essentials.

The final connecting detail is the image of two fishes on the top of the card. It is reminiscent of the two fishes in The Fool as mark the beginning and end of the journey, instead of the intense face, now everything looks peaceful and cheerful, marking a new and more favorable start. The World Deviant Moon Tarot’s corresponding astrology is the Saturn in Libra.

II. The general meaning of The World Deviant Moon Tarot

Keywords and extensions: Complete a trip cycle, Paean, Resilient victory, Overcome adversity, Consolidation, Connectivity, Satisfaction, Attainment, the extreme, Harmony, Unanimity, Excitement, Sufficiency, Fullness, Uniqueness, Admiration, Beauty, Success, Freedom, Liberation, Peace, Affirmation Flow of the universe, Broaden horizons, Enlightenment, Mental well-being, The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, All good things must come to an end.

The World Deviant Moon Tarot manifests the supervising wisdom which sustains life on this and all worlds. In most Tarot decks, the image of a woman has become our standard World image. She is rooted in the legends of Judaism, Gnosticism, and Alchemy, and stands between heaven and earth as the universal mother of the souls, the wife of God, and the protector of us from the forces of karma that we have laid out on Earth in our immaturity and ignorance.

It is likely that during this time you will be enlightened with significant spiritual insights. You should always keep a journal in hand and take note of these signs or share them with others. We are all on a spiritual journey, and your insights may be valuable to others as well.

You have reached the final stage in the process of striving to reach the goal. Everything is precise and flourishing in your reach. Things are progressing smoothly as intended. You will get what you deserve. You came to the promised land. After this stage of completion, you will begin a new life cycle and encounter new experiences.

This Deviant Moon Tarot card, like the Sun, is said to have no negative meaning no matter where or how it appears. If the Hermetic axiom is “Know Thyself”, this image represents what is known when the true nature of self is obeyed for its ultimate freedom of creation and understanding.

III. The reversed meaning of The World Deviant Moon Tarot

Keywords and extensions: Failure, Unfinished project, The failed attempt, Imperfection, Procrastination, Neglect, Failure, Obstacle, Interruption, The unfinished, The unresolved, Afraid of change, Stagnation, Standstill, Boredom, Lack of commitment, Leaving, Insecurity, Resistance, Stubborn, Lack of attention, Unacceptability, Dissatisfaction, Fatigue, Exhaustion, Distance, Jack of all trades and master of none.

You may find it difficult to achieve your goals because you have not been aware of what is needed. As a result, you feel like you are living and thinking in the box and cannot solve the problem thoroughly. Besides, you are likely to feel fatigued, stagnant, and invalid. You are resisting change and do not feel ready to deal with new occurrences. You need to pause and look at the overall situation so that you can solve pending issues and achieve goals.

The World Deviant Moon Tarot card is one of only two cards that has no opposite meaning. However, it may indicate a slight delay in the flow of events or a need for more internal consideration as events unfold.

IV. The guideline of The World Deviant Moon Tarot

The World Deviant Moon Tarot card can let you do whatever you want. At present, your motivation is close to the will of the divine. Even if you make a mistake, it will be passed on for a greater benefit. Stay active and keep moving forward. There’s no need to keep checking or interrupting your spontaneity with the calculation. Instead of seeking consent or affirmation from others, simply do what you need to do. In other words, express yourself, react naturally, and allow events to happen without trying to change them.

What matters is God’s purpose. Whether humans approve or not is less important. However, if you allow your ego to rise, you will no longer be beneficial for a larger plan.

Your life is overwhelmed by emotions and you are afraid to change, but emotional sensitivity and laid-back demeanor also bring some benefits to you. Your friends and associates give you a lot of support and encouragement mentally and physically. If you do business with them, you should focus on frankness and fairness with the terms of the contract.

In terms of assets, you need more stability and balance. Remember that haste makes waste. If you want to improve your quality of life and save more, refrain from your impatience and recklessness.

Your health is likely to be affected by material possessions, but by nature, you are always changing, so your illness does not negatively influence your thoughts, feelings, or spirits, this can also be considered an advantage.

Regarding a romantic relationship, the constant changes make it difficult for your partner to get and keep up with your emotions, and the pressures of life make your relationship more challenging.

The World Deviant Moon Tarot card refers to your departure bringing with you a lot of feelings of those who stay. Your family members, friends, and acquaintances are all present at the farewell and show their deepest condolences.

With travel, your ever-changing comes with the benefit. Discovering and exploring new places gives you a realistic prospect and the opportunity to see more of the world’s landmarks. However, not every trip is as expected and you will be a bit depressed.

Your career is affected by emotions quite a lot, such as jobs as a tour guide or as a photographer that requires movement, change, and creativity. Your spiritual life is cultivated quite a lot but your material life is not. In return, you gain confidence and the ability to quickly adapt to the environment that will strengthen your career path.

The legal problems that arise are partly caused by your feelings. You are stubborn and extremely competitive if unfavorable situations arise, fortunately, your relationships will help you troubleshoot the problem.

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