The World – Shadowscapes Tarot Deck

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I. Description of the World Shadowscapes Tarot

The rhythm of a murmuring life flows through every corner of nature, in the life where there is the existence of death that has passed. Every leaf, every tree, every creature – from the smallest insects to the great whales – with the pictures they weave from birth to death, creating an endless spin, all vibrating with each beat of life, resonating uniformly according to the symphony by the great commander. Everything is in excellent oppositional harmony, which is the basic characteristic of the homogeneous balance of different individuals.

Description of the World Shadowscapes Tarot

She placed the crown of inner light on her forehead, and on her chest, there is the bra of truth. She searched deep inside and felt the flow of life through her body and soul. She touched it, it seems that the physical presence exists inside her heart, elegant but powerful. Invisible webs sprawled out in the mind. Let’s weave more, higher and farther away! She felt all the surrounding things with a delicate sensation like a bird soaring and being clearly aware of the correlations to adjust the free-flying wings in the essential balance to follow the wind.

The kiss of the sun has spread over the foliage and branches, and the stream of water has slowly eroded in the rock surface for millennia. There is no past, no present, no future, only the rhythm of the beat is constantly pulsing from the moment of the first bright dot of the universe, and it will go on, continuing to beat until infinity. It was the eternal moment of Reality, the interconnected network of burning through her veins. Along with the sudden clarity, she awoke to the peaceful happiness in her heart.

II. The meaning of the World Shadowscapes Tarot

The World Shadowscapes Tarot refers to contentment, tranquility, and fulfillment in mind, ultimate success, and signs of the end, balance, mixing together to bring the tone of countless melodies in life. This is a card of defined goals and successes. It is a state of accomplishment through sharing work and hard-working to receive.

When a goal is accomplished, there is a void, a still breath of the moment exists when the feeling of accomplishment touches into consciousness. It is a precious and wonderful moment, the highest point of work, to see your dreams come true and understand the mysterious treasures that appear in fairy tales, the desire that is hidden deep within each of us.

Keywords related to the World Shadowscapes Tarot: completion, attainment, extreme, harmony, unanimity, excitement, sufficiency, fullness, uniqueness, admiration, success, freedom, liberation, peace, affirmation, enlightenment, travel, beginning.

III. The World Shadowscapes Tarot in a spread

The World Shadowscapes Tarot card opens a positive future. This is a card of completeness. When the card appears, it means that you are at the end of the journey and about to enter a new phase. The World embodies all the ambitions and dreams of your life that have come true.

The World Shadowscapes Tarot brings the message of rewards and success. The achievements that you have made are in order and you can relax a bit. Sometimes, the card represents movement, you may be able to emigrate or travel to a new city or country in the coming period.

The good news is that the meaning of the World card rarely carries a negative message. If appearing in the negative form, the World consoles you to try, and you will soon step on the podium glory. Besides, there will be cases where the card predicts a new beginning in life or relationship, but this change is not necessarily what you want.

In terms of love, the World Shadowscapes Tarot announces major changes in love. If you are in a relationship, the card implies that the relationship is dishonest and unclear, at this point, you are forced to make decisions to make things clear. In another case, the two of you have had a serious long-term and attachment, the World indicates that your relationship is about to move on to a new emotional phase, possibly moving in together.

If you are still unemployed, actively go for an interview and try it out because the World Shadowscapes Tarot card tells that there will be many changes in the upcoming period, you will find a suitable position. In case you have problems, they arise in business or work, you should calm down, consider leaving if you feel depleted of energy. On the other hand, if you are planning to start a business, this time you should prepare everything carefully, not immediately.

Previous financial problems put you in a state of deprivation. Do not worry because the World Shadowscapes Tarot announces this phase will be over quickly. Besides, you should manage your financial situation and start planning to save because this card warns that there will be disadvantages in the near future when you need to use money.

If you are too economically constrained and want to borrow money, your relatives will be a safe source of money; you should also avoid borrowing from social workers. Conversely, if you intend to lend, it should be considered because taking money back is relatively time-consuming.

In case you are having health problems, the World Shadowscapes Tarot card predicts that the situation will get better in the future. All you have to do is relax and enjoy it. On the negative side, the World predicts that diseases that have long arisen in your body are developing in a bad way, so you should go to a doctor and timely treated if there is a problem. This card also refers to transitions and changes, and your health also has a turnaround, so paying attention to all the strange symptoms before they go too far.

On the World Shadowscapes Tarot card, there is a lady dancing in the center, which represents balance and dynamism. The surrounding details such as plants, flowers, ribbons represent success and victory, the animals in the corner of the card represent the harmony between energy sources.

In general, the World Shadowscapes Tarot card shows a positive outcome, completeness. The card shows the connection between oneself and the surrounding entities. The rhythmic dance is like the rise of joys and sorrows in life. On the other hand, the card indicates completion, this is the stage where you will enjoy the results you create. You are amazingly passing a milestone in life with a great spirit.

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