Three Of Cups – Shadowscapes Tarot Deck

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I. The meaning of the Three of Cups Shadowscapes Tarot

There is a song that resides in the abyss of the ocean. For all that time, it hid behind the echoes of the whale family and the hiss of dolphins. The immense melody gradually echoed everywhere, growing stronger and stronger and rising to the surface of the water. The mermaids in the deep sea have been waiting for this moment for a long time. They all gather here whenever they feel the signals vibrating with each wave, swooping from all corners of the sea.

meaning of the Three of Cups Shadowscapes Tarot

The voices of mermaids woven into the soft carpet of the ocean. The water surface swayed with joy as if summoning to all the inhabitants of the sea. One after another the creatures came up and went along with the melody of mermaids.

The creatures moved across the seas to gather here, creating an elegant dance with ripples. The dance drifted all over the sea, carrying the mermaid melody that echoed throughout the vast sky and to the distant paradise.

As a matter of fact, the Three of Cups Shadowscapes Tarot talks about celebration, dancing, and singing. It implies that friendship is the greatest key, helping and receiving help from others, thereby building and developing a community with a spirit of solidarity.

Keywords of the Three of Cups Shadowscapes Tarot card: delight, occasion, satisfaction, reunion, gathering, completion, feast, prosperity, fortune, happiness, hospitable, ceremony, harvest, conception, gestation, pregnancy, birth, achievement, healing, recovery.

II. The Three of Cups Shadowscapes Tarot in a spread

The Three of Cups Shadowscapes Tarot often refers to a reunion. But remember that reunion here is not always about love. It is exactly a reunion in a broad sense, such as meeting again (or meeting for whatever purpose) with someone/something who/which has been away from you for quite a long time. It is often considered as a happy reunion and an optimistic card. You will find a balance between your commitments and spend more time with your friends and family. This is a great time to throw away your worries.

This Cup card is representative of friendship, companionship, and harmonious relationships. This is when you are willing to help the people around you, and receive help from them.

There are three cards that imply focusing on collective elements – each card carries a different perspective. With the Hierophant, that is the approach in form and discipline. With the Three of Pentacles, that is teamwork, and with the Three of Cups Shadowscapes Tarot card, it is about the emotions. This Cups card will answer those questions related to the feeling of engaging with others, friendship and community.

The Three of Cups is a card of happiness and enjoyment. This card brings good news, and a party to celebrate the victory may take place. It shows success and sublimation, and its main topic is the good things that will come to you in the future. If you are stuck in debt or pressure, during this stage, all problems will be solved.

The meaning of the Three of Cups Shadowscapes Tarot card refers to an upcoming celebration or ceremony, which can be a graduation, birthday party or engagement. Thus, you can completely put your hope on this card. If you are in trouble, things will soon return to the original trajectory. This card often symbolizes joy but there are also cases where it carries a negative side that can be a period of challenge and failure. It also indicates that you are indecisive and do not want to face the challenge but avoid it instead.

In terms of love, the Three of Cups Shadowscapes Tarot shows that your relationship is in the process of sublimation, you and your partner will have many romantic and sweet moments together. The small conflicts only spice up your love because the two of you totally understand and respect each other. Saving money for traveling will help to strengthen your relationship. If you are planning to confess to someone or start a relationship, this is the perfect timing. If you get married or are pregnant, expect good results. The Three of Cups means marriage (or remarriage) according to your interpretation.

At this stage, if you are planning to invest or trade, the Three of Cups Shadowscapes Tarot card predicts that you can achieve success. Do not worry if troubles arise, eventually, they will be solved smoothly as well. In addition, this is a lucky card in terms of work, everything will go favorably and progress faster than expected. On the other hand, the negotiation in projects during this period will take place quickly and effectively leading to career advancement.

Conflicts about money can occur but will be resolved immediately, and you will soon be compensated for material losses. The Three of Cups Shadowscapes Tarot card also predicts that you will receive a reward for money in the future. The advice is to spend more reasonably and prioritize urgent needs first. In addition, you should spend more money on health care if possible. This card also suggests that meetings or parties can bring you profitable partnerships for later. So, let’s be sociable and generous for appointments with potential business partners.

In terms of health, if you are having health problems, you will soon meet a good physician who can actually cure you. This is the time you should take a rest after an injury. Although this is a positive signal for your body condition, you should not take it too easy, instead, maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet as possible.

In general, the Three of Cups indicates a period of fulfillment. You will put aside the negative things and spend time enjoying life with friends and family. It also represents a happy reunion with close friends or family members. At this stage, you will receive much support and care from friends or colleagues. If you are getting stuck, this Shadowscapes Tarot card gives the signal that the dark era is about to end, think carefully and you will find your way out.

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