Six Of Cups – Shadowscapes Tarot Deck

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I. The meaning of the Six of Cups Shadowscapes Tarot

She was confused all the way until she arrived. Not far away from the location that she had chosen, there was a small murmuring river, she set up a table and teacup to greet her special guests – firstly, the friends in the house, with sparkling round eyes and grins with stitches.

Next, other timid ones began to emerge from the dark recesses and from the caverns of the forest: the gods of the wind, gods of the river from under the sparkling water, the gods of the forest coming from maple trees, oak trees, even goblins from the ground. These were the close friends she was waiting for, so it was easy to see why she was so happy to welcome the arrival of these strangers. They are drawn to the child’s naive way of speaking because her mind has never been chained or bound by any restrictions of the so-called “must be like this, must be like that” and by the definition of impossible and absurd things.

For example, in her very own and very different world, there is no attachment to the fish that this is an animal that can only swim in the stream, instead, they can freely fly in the fresh air there. And here, at her tea party in the forest, all the creatures in the forest were welcome, as did her doll and stuffed animal friends.

The Fairy Queen suddenly came out, and the strange entourage was quickly pulled back. Without any precaution and doubt, the girl just smiled, poured a cup of tea and then innocently handed them to them with a bright smile as the little sun.

The Six of Cups Shadowscapes Tarot is a reminder to spend time with innocence like babies, which are also good intentions, noble vibrations, joys or simple pleasures. But it does not mean being too sentimental, it is a call to open a new door to a child’s point of view, to push back the limitations and constraints of the old folds in the human mind, which have been formed over time and gone along with the complexity of life and the responsibilities on the shoulders.

Keywords related to the Six of Cups Shadowscapes Tarot: Nostalgic, restoration, reminisce, reconnection,  anniversaries, reunion, praise, gifts, sentimentality, old friends, inheritance, memories.

II. The Six of Cups Shadowscapes Tarot in a spread

Six of Cups Shadowscapes Tarot in a spread

The Six of Cups Shadowscapes Tarot can also talk about children in your life. It may indicate the pregnancy, birth or adoption, depending on other cards in the spreading. Or, it may indicate that you want to spend more time with children to play, laugh, and learn with them. Children play an important role in your present life, and they can be great mentors. Children are always good role models for learning when you get this card. They see the world as a perfect place and their hearts are open to experience the surrounding pleasures. This card almost spreads a halo of joy because it represents the past with all its memories, the present with all its gifts, and the future with all its magical opportunities.

The Six of Cups Shadowscapes Tarot also represents a recollection, which means this time one thing from the past can recall. This may be a happy childhood memory that will arise or you will meet your old loved ones after many months apart. This is a good card when it comes to family and happiness in relationships.

However, you will also be obsessed with unkind memories. The card marks the period when you lose something you cherish, this loss comes not from what you have done but from what you have not done. Six of Cups Shadowscapes Tarot, therefore, predicts neglect will leave you empty-handed.

If you are single, this is a good time to start a new relationship. If you’ve broken up, Six of Cups warns that you are still living in the past and you can’t get over your ex, your obsession with your past love is so deep that you can’t start over. You may have some trouble starting new relationships but they will quickly settle down, small quarrels will come but they are just spices necessary to create a sweet love story. Let’s take on new opportunities when you are really ready.

In terms of career, Six of Cups Shadowscapes Tarot do not carry a good signal; your work, project or plan will be turned in a whole new direction. At the same time, risks may occur, including unemployment, bankruptcy, cutting off dead ends or relocation. However, one thing for sure, these changes are not in a positive direction. You regret past things and look forward to returning to your previous position. The advice from the card is to accept your new role, you absolutely can find a new opportunity in these situations.

Subsidies will be cut off or disappear altogether, and revenues from investments will decrease. This is the stage where you will be in need but not too serious. Six of Cups Shadowscapes Tarot suggests you saving money for the rainy days. A new spending plan will be needed during this period, you should put new rules to control your cash flow strictly.

You are comfortable with living in the old environment, so the Six of Cups predicts that you will find it difficult to adapt to the new one. You need to overcome and experience difficulties. Practicing in a hard-working and disciplined environment will create a resilient spirit and sharp mind.

In addition, the Six of Cups Shadowscapes Tarot foretells you will have to go through a time of loss and pain, which makes you want to return home. The card tells that you are about to return to a familiar place, which may be your hometown, your school. You may try to connect with old friends. The comfort and warmth from those who love you unconditionally give you the power to overcome obstacles. This is also the period when missed opportunities in the past will come back.

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