The Empress – Shadowscapes Tarot Deck

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I. Description of the Empress Shadowscapes Tarot

“Dear my Lady!” The wandering spirits whispered, “We offer this gift to you!” At that time, they blended in with the dance to create a kaleidoscope image for the satisfaction of the Virgin Mary; she just smiled and received the dance. At the moment, her mind and thoughts are the conductors for that melodious symphony. The lost spirits gently the crown braided with the first bud of spring on her forehead.

upright the empress shadowscape

“The Jasmine and Lily flowers of the Valley reverently offered the first flower buds to form Virgin’s crown” – The spirits announced.

“The Apple offered his sweet fruits to the Mother, and the Wheat from the Field brought her grains.” All gifts are put in her rattan basket.

With the song suddenly rang, the spirits swirled together, then turned around and exploded in sound and light, “Goodbye! Dear my Mother!”.

II. The meaning of the Empress Shadowscapes Tarot

The Empress Shadowscapes Tarot refers to creativity, generosity, patience, and love. She is a person who is full of richness, creativity, and experience of natural feeling and generosity. She is Virgin Mary, fertility and nurturing. She kept her basket containing the gifts of the earth: fruits, barley branches, and lovely flowers. She is a primitive nature, an embodiment of life, and a deep connection with nature. Located on the ivy tree, she is tightly wrapped with a dress with all colors of the surrounding world.

The Empress Shadowscapes Tarot is an image of a beautiful, gentle, full-of-love and rich woman. She reached out to give away all the best she had for her dear, in a natural and great way. She exudes the beauty of a confident, mature and responsible woman. She always knows what her child needs, always tries to cherish, take care of them, and take everything as good as possible, then when those children grow up and full-fledged, she encourages them to fly outside the wider world, even though it feels very painful to leave her beloved ones. Her face, even though she closed her eyes because of the pain of being separated from her children, was still satisfied when she saw the colorful butterflies fluttering in the bright sunlight. The future is expanding before their eyes.

Since women have children, their life revolves around nurturing and caring for them.  Mothers always watch their children, follow them step by step, always by their side every time they stumble, support them, reproach whenever they make a mistake, always be willing to forgive them whenever they apologize, always so tender and earnest without asking their children anything. As long as they live well, the mothers are happy.

The mother is also the one who keeps the family cozy and cheerful. Anyone will feel the smallest, safe, sheltered and most comfortable when close to their mother, whether still young or later growing up, becoming successful entrepreneurs or mature adults.

The Empress Shadowscapes Tarot corresponds to Venus which talks about what everyone feels most satisfied in life. The rulers of Venus are Taurus and Libra. Taurus will show the mother’s tender feelings, attention, and meticulous care while Libra shows care in the most gentle and understandable way. The beauty of the Empress is a gentle, delicate, romantic and sweet beauty of boundless love.

Thus, in the heart of every child, mother always occupies the most peaceful and sweetest position. Whenever we feel difficult in life, just think of our mothers, we will have more motivation to overcome everything. The bright rose garden at Empress’s feet is unfailingly blooming to endlessly offer beauty and aroma to the mother. Mothers always deserve such treatment and respect.

Keywords of the Empress Shadowscapes Tarot: Goddess of life, mother nature, fertility, prosperity, creativity, productive activity, nourishment, healing, love, harmony, sensitivity, physical comfort, social status, wealth, female instinct, marriage, achievement, good season, pregnancy, reproduction, motherhood, full of potential, loyalty, protection.

III. The Empress Shadowscapes Tarot in a spread

The meaning of the Empress Shadowscapes Tarot represents growth and development. This card has an image of a Lady with a long dress that can be a sign of pregnancy. The implication of the card is that all of your efforts are like a baby in the womb that has come to bear sweet fruits. It can also be a sign of a woman in your family who could be a mother, a younger of an older sister, or you are having good news about love.

This card appears in a spread as an affirmation that your efforts are about to be rewarded. You will harvest many future achievements, this is a good omen. But sometimes, the Empress represents negative meaning. There could be someone in your family who will interfere with the plans you have set, this person may be your mother or sister.

The card conveys the message that your financial situation is gradually stabilizing, new businesses will come, and you better not miss them. Your cherishes and plans will turn into reality one after another, therefore, do not hesitate to hide your strengths. The Empress Shadowscapes Tarot brings hope to you, all your tiredness and patience during the pastime will be compensated. This is the opportunity to highly concentrate to seize the opportunity. You will achieve success after hardships and struggles. New ideas are being formed.

However, the card brings warnings about waste. If you own a large amount of finance but do not have an investment plan to use it properly, the major losses will occur. The Empress card has a good meaning with love. You and your partner are in a stable relationship based on mutual respect. Both of you will experience a sweet time after a stressful period, you two have a long-term perspective on the current relationship.

If you are single, the Empress Shadowscapes Tarot implies you will soon meet a perfect match in the future. This card will most accurately predict if the querent is a female. If you are planning to return to your ex or heal a broken relationship, it tells everything will go smoothly.

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the Empress Thoth

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