Three Of Swords – Shadowscapes Tarot Deck

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I. The meaning of the Three of Swords Shadowscapes Tarot

At this moment, the great power and beauty of the swan were gradually destroyed by betrayal, she immersed in the smoldering pool of tears in the heart. With the nature of a harmless creature – but she will still fight frantically to protect herself and her youth – and when there are no longer any signs of obstacles, she will accept to reveal her true nature. Weakness. She walked alone in small steps, slowly removing each protective cover. Did the anguish and sorrow cause her to collapse like this?

meaning of the Three of Swords Shadowscapes Tarot

There is always sadness and hardship in the Three of Swords Shadowscapes Tarot. Vaguely living in a dim lamp that radiates the light of loneliness, aloofness, and isolation, just like the moment when nothing is left to eat in the fridge, except the old rancid cakes and hunger wrapped in your mind and body, you realize that you don’t have much choice. You immerse yourself in the feast of weak anguish and breakdown. Worse than that, there was no arm or consolation given at the moment. Inherently, people always feel the most lonely when needed, especially when we realize that no one is willing to offer us any help. An overwhelming sensation, which takes over mind and body, that the whole world is so dishonest and betrayed by turning its back and being indifferent, throwing us the obsessive torment of whether we ever did wrong. Only we are alone before the destructive pain of beauty and a heart once filled with happiness.

Going through painful prisons, maybe the crying cry from the bottom of the heart is the best remedy to clean and heal the excess and junk at this time. Let’s know how to let go and let the suffering be carried away, every fresh blood also dries and thickens, one day it will is discarded! Then, be joyful, raise your white wings and soar to the open horizons to dance and to sing with the rainbow again.

Keywords related to the Three of Swords Shadowscapes Tarot: suffering, loneliness, betrayal, loss, sadness, a bleeding heart, feelings of chaos, self-harm, controversial, contradictory, misunderstanding, alienation, dissonance, hypersensitivity, sorrow, injury, unhappiness, interruptions, harrow, deep emotion, separation, divorce, rejection, abandonment, failure, annoyance, obituary, death.

II. The Three of Swords Shadowscapes Tarot in a spread

The Three of Swords Shadowscapes Tarot refers to an important emotional issue that the querent needs to address before proceeding. Denying pain does not make it disappear (for example, ignoring the broken leg does not make it heal). However, it is important to pay attention to the balance (just like the Two of Swords Shadowscapes Tarot). You should allow yourself to experience the pain, but do not fall into it for too long or too deep.

Three of Swords may also be the image that reflects your intention to hurt others. With this card, it is important to remember that each of us has a dark side. We are all human beings, and we all make mistakes, sometimes a serious mistake. Finally, what we can do is believe in the good of life and try to live up to that ideal. When you fall, forgive yourself and try to forgive others if they fall too. Of course, the best thing to do is to face the problem before it happens.

Three of Swords Shadowscapes Tarot is a card of sadness. In this stage, you will experience emotional losses, and your mind is seriously affected by problems related to love and work. This card often represents the pain we are forced to endure in life.

Three of Swords warns that the difficult times in your life have just begun. The pain and loss will seriously affect your actions. In many cases, it represents betrayal at work or in love. You will fall to the bottom of despair. However, it may represent leaving something that no longer brings happiness to you, which is both a loss and an opportunity to start over. On the other hand, when you have been too long with many lies, you will find that the truth is very important. It is better to accept the bitter truth than to be a puppet for others.

In terms of love, the Three of Swords Shadowscapes Tarot warns of emotional breakdown. If you are in a relationship, this will be the stage of argument and stress. You and your partner no longer find understanding and empathy for each other. Your frustration is pushed to the top, even betrayal may appear. The advice here is to limit the quarrel to a minimum, you need to talk frankly with each other to find a solution. If you are single, this is not the ideal time to start dating.

In terms of work, the Three of Swords Shadowscapes Tarot means that your tasks are overload and you are not in the right mood. The progress is slow and the efficiency is seriously reduced. This card implies that your work is not affected by anything other than your spirit. You are lack of energy and moodiness, which significantly affects your performance. The advice is to quickly regain your will and determination before being left too far behind your colleagues or rivals.

In terms of finance, Three of Swords Shadowscapes Tarot tells that misplaced trust puts you at risk of losing money. If you are on a project, this card means that you and your partner are not thinking about the same things and agreeing with each other. The loss of money will take place at this time, you can not even count on the help of anyone. The advice is to be cautious with financial matters, to withdraw investments and suspend lending if you see a risk.

In terms of health, Three of Swords Shadowscapes Tarot mentions mental breakdown. You are almost always in a state of unhappiness, melancholy, and afflictions that affect your health. In this stage, you will have to go through a mental crisis and suffer from emotional illnesses such as depression, anxiety disorder, etc. You need the help of a psychologist to regain balance. Let’s take a break and relax, avoiding unnecessary stresses.

In short, Three of Swords Shadowscapes Tarot indicates you are at the most unfortunate stage. The message this card brings is betrayal, hurt, and loss. Remember that pain is an indispensable part of your life. Life does not give you a choice, the only thing you can do is face and overcome. It also believes that these breaks give you strength. Therefore, let’s put aside all your grief and move forward, more positive things are waiting for you to discover.

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