The Wheel of Fortune – Shadowscapes Tarot Deck

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I. Description of the Wheel of Fortune Shadowscapes Tarot

Many of the stories in the book frequently begin with “once upon a time …” and then, like a package that just finished neatly, they gradually approached “the ending.”

Description of the Wheel of Fortune Shadowscapes

But folktales that have neither a beginning nor an end, they are not only “existed” at the time when people tell each other, but they are also always present, blending through time like a fluttering dance. We try to put them in the beginning and the end, simply aiming to place boundaries on everything because, in fact, every creature’s life is within the limits of birth and death. Understanding this more than anyone, people always seek to limit what is called immortality. Ironically, those stories always carry the power fiercely to reach out of the circle.

The destiny weaves the threads of life incessantly, which one thread intertwines with another. It cuts a thread and weaves it into the cloth. Then, little by little, as the cloth spreads out, the images gradually appeared.

Every year, pure buds grow up in the spring, to the persistently unpleasant sultry of summer, each of the falling rain signals that the fall has come, then the long and cold sleep of winter…and so on, circularly, like an endless and unchanging story.

Walls and works created by artisans will collapse someday, giving way to new buildings that will be erected on the ruins of the old. This is similar to the fate of every human being in one cycle, it may take only one, two or many years to come to an end. Change is inevitable.

II. The meaning of the Wheel of Fortune Shadowscapes Tarot

The Wheel of Fortune Shadowscapes Tarot – The weaving of threads of life intertwined, fate, turning points, movement and transformation, framework and cycle, a world connected together. The decorative picture with braid on stained-glass windows wrapped around the wheel like a golden thread with no beginning or endpoint. According to Greek legends, there are three women who hold destiny. They are responsible for spinning people’s destiny from the moment they are born. There is no wonder that Fate is the spinner because the Wheel of Fortune is a metaphor for the unpredictable move in one’s life. The up and down of the wheel is like a cycle of life. If the door of the world is nearly closed and all hope crumbles to its load, let’s step back and look at the overview of the picture, and fate can be reversed in a positive direction.

Keywords related to the Wheel of Fortune Shadowscapes Tarot: improvement, opportunity, important development, evolution, destiny, happenings, the ups and downs of fate, good fortune, the game of chance, new vehicles, karma.

III. The Wheel of Fortune Shadowscapes Tarot in a spread

The planet linked to this card is Jupiter – the planet of opportunity, growth, success, and expansion. The Wheel of Fortune Shadowscapes Tarot card has a lot of positive meanings, at this time, your business will flourish even though there was almost no hope before. In addition, the card also shows a transition between the fortunes of life, what you have been and are doing will bring achievements that worth being proud of.

Wheel of Fortune also symbolizes your luck in betting. However, considering the negative aspect, the card may be a signal that your fortunes may be ending. The luck or bad luck that the card predicts depends very much on the circumstances in which you draw the card.

This is the ideal time to find a new relationship if you are single or just break up. If you are in love, the Wheel of Fortune Shadowscapes Tarot card warns that the relationship is a personal issue of the two people in it, every advice and evaluation from other people is only for reference, however, you should not consider it a truth to influence your relationship.

If you want to switch to another job, some advice from experienced people and new colleagues will help you adapt to the new environment. If the difficulties in the job are beset, this card signals that this period is about to end.

The Wheel of Fortune brings good omen in financial matters. If your pocket is empty, it implies that you are going to have an abundance of money in a short time. If your financial situation is stable, the card reminds you to spend money deliberately, the waste will only make you quickly broke. In addition, the appearance of the Wheel of Fortune Shadowscapes Tarot also symbolizes the game of chance and betting will bring you luck.

If you are in the medical examination or treatment period, this card advises that you should pay attention to outside actors to avoid bad influences.

The image that appears on this card is a mysterious lucky giant wheel, surrounded by creatures like angels, eagles, lions, and virtues. These creatures carry different messages and have wings like dreams in yourself.

When you get this Shadowscapes Tarot card in s spread, it means the luck is about to come or perhaps, it will happen again. You should enjoy life as if today as the last day to fully capture the best moments. Because it is very likely that this is the last series of luck that will come to you in the present moment. The wheel of time always rotates incessantly to signal the luck of betting or lottery may appear. A certain destiny will come, sometimes, it may be an opportunity at work or the destiny of love.

On the other hand, your life is going on in a circle of relatively boring repetition, you rarely go out and are indifferent to everything. You should try new things to spice up your life.

The Wheel of Fortune Shadowscapes Tarot card advises you to give up things that bring suffering and torment in life. When you let go of those things, you will have the courage to move forward. The moment you accept the truth is when the wheel of time rotates a new round and good fortune can come to you again.

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