The Chariot – Shadowscapes Tarot Deck

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I. Description of the Chariot Shadowscapes Tarot

She is the embodiment of Nike Goddess or Maeve. Following the stream of tears flow from the sky above, carrying the wind of pride and trust in herself, she summoned the sea unicorns from the deep and frothy sea. They voluntarily submissive, despite their haughty nature, they still bowed to her purity. The charismatic wheels of the Chariot tamed the hysteria of the sea. The magnificent waves poured down, roaring with the power of the sea, but she still casually led the unicorns through the spectacular trail. The waves continued to tilt their heads to her, creating a smooth and glowing passageway.

Description of the Chariot Shadowscapes

This tranquility is practically hidden within the eternal movement, mixing with the conscious part from the depths. Below, the spirits of the ocean whispered about the God of the sea, and in the circular movement of colorful waters, they danced to greet the person with willpower and great control ability, who is capable of overcoming anything, even the wildness and madness of the sea.

II. The meaning of the Chariot Shadowscapes Tarot

The Chariot refers to winning by overcoming obstacles, concentrating one’s will, establishing a unity, full of confidence, maintaining discipline, taking on control and power, steering decisively and steadfastly to the original purpose.

The control must be exercised in the constant flow of the body, emotions, and situations. As a thin outer shell where heaven and sea meet, the flow of pressure created by push and pull force that opposites to air and water is maintained and leads to a successful path, which is essential to get the confidence and knowledge to be able to walk on the rough road.

Keywords of the Chariot Shadowscapes Tarot: clear purpose, determination, the beginning, assertiveness, willpower, control, conquest, success, domination, peace of the soul, independent thinking, ambitious, clever, courageous, skillful, great efforts, achievements, self-control, the purpose of life, journey, news, victory, honor, recognition, self-discipline, conflict of interest, leadership, responsibility, the balance of conflicting emotions, teleport, communicating, transporting.

III. The Chariot Shadowscapes Tarot in a spread

In Greek mythology, Nike is the Goddess of speed and victory, also known as the winged Goddess of Victory. Nike and her siblings are close friends of Zeus, who acts as a charioteer for Zeus. People often see images of her with wings, flying around the battlefield and rewarding winners in glory and fame. At the same time, here, Nike is controlling two white unicorns. The unicorn is a mysterious animal in most myths, it is said that only noble-minded people with impure thoughts can control the unicorn. In fact, these haughty unicorns decided to subdue those who they deemed worthy.

The Goddess Nike controlling two unicorns and riding on waves without even holding the reins can show an image of a mighty female warrior. With the power of will and spirit, she controlled unicorns to cross the sea, surpassing thousands of high waves without fear. She even used those waves as a favorable condition to help her move forward faster and further.

When the Chariot Shadowscapes Tarot appears, it means that you are entering a period of time where you can not control everything around and even yourself. You feel bewildered by the choices and the turns. But with inner will and confidence in your abilities, you can completely overcome those obstacles.

This card also shows a high concentration in what you do, no longer paying attention to your surroundings. And Chariot was also willing to give up the outside world to go deeper into the inner world through the image of her turning away from that modern civilized world to reach the vast endless sea.

If Chariot Shadowscapes Tarot appears in a spread related to love, like the Cancer zodiac that corresponds to this card, you will tend to think about your lover all the time, focusing on cultivating this love, putting all of your mind and time into that relationship, and completely ignoring everything else.

It shows your sincerity and affection in love, but it is not good for your own personal life. You will be too dependent on love to neglect other obligations and duties in education, work, and social relationships. Not to mention that it will make your partner feel suffocated. Also, when you give up your world for love, you will have nothing more if you lose that person. So, when you draw the Chariot Shadowscapes Tarot in a spread, you should review your concerns and try to balance everything in your life.

But if the Chariot appears in a spread of the deadlock and problem. Do not worry too much about an unpredictable future, instead, just slow everything down so you can relax after a time of anxiety, high levels of thought and concentration. Let’s take time for yourself, listen to your heart and do not try to control everything anymore.

Overall, the Chariot Shadowscapes Tarot represents the best things to come. You can reap the fruits after many years of planting seeds and freely enjoy the performance you have made so far, but should not fall asleep on the victory. Losing relationships is what will happen if you boast and spread your achievements as an endless hobby. Humility will help you get respect and admiration from everyone. The card advises you to be careful in your words and actions to avoid unnecessary pieces of slander.

The Chariot’s contrast image is a majestic and powerful man riding two sphinxes. The man turned his back on the flashy city, held the staff and wore a crown. The most obvious meaning is the maturity of the man, who is leading the way for the sphinxes to reach the destination.

The meaning of the Chariot Shadowscapes Tarot card helps you to realize your shortcomings. You should focus all your energy, mind, and spirit to achieve the ultimate goal. The card encourages you to overcome these barriers in order to target the good things. It carries positive signals about work. Besides, love will come soon so do not rush to make mistakes. The card also predicts personal victories, you can make sure that if you put all of your efforts, success will always be on your side.

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