Six Of Pentacles – Shadowscapes Tarot Deck

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I. The meaning of the Six of Pentacles Shadowscapes Tarot

He perched himself on the top of the mountain, on the back of a dragon, there is a confident and determined spirit radiating from this guy. He knew that he had touched the longing of the heart with its powerful beat from this height. He abandoned the rich ground below, responding to the screams of the arid rock. At this moment, raindrops filled with life began to fall with each melody rising from the young man, the thorny branches suddenly fluttered to receive that surprising gift of blessing.

meaning of the Six of Pentacles Shadowscapes Taro

Six of Pentacles Shadowscapes Tarot represents a connection and interdependence between what has and doesn’t have. It also represents the rain of life and abundance from above. The musician didn’t see or notice this, maybe he thought that this was part of the balance thanks to the generosity of heaven and earth. But it didn’t so simple, at the same time, the trees and branches have been strengthened and solidified to create a thick wall for him to rest.

Their roots penetrated deep into the fissures and coalesced into a binding structure with each other’s life, forming a web of life, a layer of protection from erosion and collapse. They supported each other and connected with each other as a cycle of self-autogenous and self-destructive. But in this case, who is the true savior of whom? Who really holds the power?

Keywords related to the Six of Pentacles Shadowscapes Tarot: resource, knowledge, power, help, sponsorship, accumulation, philanthropy, repayment, profit, gratitude, benefit, management, dedication, lending, grant, award, bonus, gift, financial support, hard work pays off, distribution, transaction, enjoyment, transmission, advice, sharing.

II. The Six of Pentacles Shadowscapes Tarot in a spread

Six of Pentacles Shadowscapes Tarot is a card of generosity which means you will be the one to give away something valuable. You should share what you have because there will always be people who need this sharing. The generosity does not necessarily relate to financial matters; a good listener, a shoulder to cry on and mental support, etc, are something that money cannot buy.

This card may indicate the time when life becomes better, especially in terms of finance. This is one of the positive cards of the Pentacles suit. It represents fairness, equality, and the cycle-of-life. When this card appears, your life will tend to enter the positive phase of this cycle.

Six of Pentacles Shadowscapes Tarot is about sharing. Typically, this card represents giving or receiving financial assistance. In other situations, it signifies generosity in love and emotion.

It also implies you will get help if you are in a financial crisis at this time. This support can come from the bank or your loved ones in life. If you are financially stable, then you are the supporter. In other cases, this card says that you should be active in every situation in order not to lose your chance. Six of Pentacles Shadowscapes Tarot sometimes predicts financial instability that makes you miserable.

In terms of love, if you are still single, there will be plenty of options for you, so don’t be too hasty, you will find the right person. However, if you are in a relationship, this is not a great time, you and your partner will get into arguments.

Both of you feel unbalanced and find yourself sacrificing too much for the other person, as a result, this prolonged state makes you feel tired. Six of Pentacles Shadowscapes Tarot suggests that you should calmly reflect on your current feelings and work together to find a solution before things become irreversible.

In terms of work, this card announces job stability in the future. If you are striving and struggling with your current job, there is no need to worry, this stage will pass quickly. At this time, you will receive help from colleagues or superiors. In addition, this is a suitable time to correct past mistakes. Although everything at work is quite favorable, you should not invest in a risky way.

In terms of personal finance, Six of Pentacles Shadowscapes Tarot warns of your greed for money. The risk of taking advantage of other people’s difficulties will put you in lawful trouble. This card suggests that you should be satisfied with your current situation. Besides, at this stage, you also get help from your loved ones financially, so do not risk borrowing.

Your health condition is in a reasonably stable stage. However, Six of Pentacles Shadowscapes Tarot predicts that factors that can adversely affect your health may come at any time, so you need to be very careful. It also implies that you could be in an imbalance between health and work. Because you want to do business and make more money, you may trade your time and your body condition. The advice of this card is that you should stop immediately, do exercise and rest in moderation.

If you are struggling with some complicated disease, this card shows that you will meet an excellent therapist that will be very helpful in assisting you to overcome the disease. You should always keep positive thoughts, wait for the good, and do not hesitate to use health care services if you need them, whether your financial ability is limited or you do not have health insurance.

In summary, Six of Pentacles Shadowscapes Tarot assumes that you are in a secure position, you can go to help others without worrying about affecting your stability. If you are in a position to sponsor others financially, the card assumes that you have been in need, so you know how valuable sharing is. You are happy to help others with the most respectful and sincere attitude. If you are in the position of the person who receives that help, the card says that you will be supported enthusiastically, this will help you gradually recover from the exhaustion. If that is the case, you should not be inferior or pessimistic, instead, try to repay your benefactor in the future by making more efforts.

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