Page Of Swords – Shadowscapes Tarot Deck

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I. The meaning of the Page of Swords Shadowscapes Tarot

Page of Swords Shadowscapes tarot hugged the baby swan tightly, her body now transformed into a living cradle that protected the small creature from external dangers. She always cherished a strong sense of purpose in mind. Imitating the young lady’s gesture, the swans gathered, creating a protective shell with strongly beating wings.

meaning of the Page of Swords Shadowscapes Tarot

They are watchful guards. Observant eyes caught everything that wavered around. And their wings fluttered so wildly that they created a powerful air that could carry her through the night. She looked up at the stars in the sky, searching for herself the whispering sounds that led the way. The blurred halo dots flashed and interwoven to create streaks of light on the magical path leading the way, like the way of finding the direction by reading the intricate symbols in the night sky of ancient people. Just like that, the web of lights slowly began to sketch out a mysterious map.

As she glided through the hazy night sky and called her companions and the winds, inviting them to join the distant journeys. For a moment, the invitation also caught the attention of the surrounding things, the winds from the four directions swirled together. She welcomed them, the presence of every breeze blowing through each strand of her hair. This newfangled feeling had just arrived at the moment, but the young girl quickly adapted to it.

This young lady is always well aware of all the subtle changes in her surroundings, no matter how small or big, and then quickly knows how to balance things out. She gestures to you and invites you to free your eyes from the hazy mist on a sunny day and to know how to properly see the path that guardians of the night sky bestowed.

Page of Swords Shadowscapes Tarot exudes sincerity and honesty. A young girl without fear of anyone scrutinizing her beliefs, she could see into the balance of white and black around her without the slightest criticism or condemnation. She also knows how to self-assess in a sense of her own mind. She is not afraid of being influenced by emotions because she herself does not allow emotions to influence her decisions, only reasons work strongly at times like these. Her mind is always agile and alert, she wisely uses it to have a firm sense of purpose and to assess the situation. She always seeks to expand her awareness to learn new things that she does not know.

Keywords related to the Page of Swords Shadowscapes Tarot: honest, equal, resilience, strong will, sharp intelligence, deep insight, persuasive communication, curiosity, stimulating, excursions, important information, reason, justice, determination, prudence, carefulness, constructive comments, reconnaissance, diplomatic skills, good business sense, finesse, agility, adaptability.

II. The Page of Swords Shadowscapes Tarot in a spread

The Page of Swords Shadowscapes Tarot, like all the Court cards, can sometimes represent a person in real life. The page will represent a younger person (a querent). Those Page cards often imply an imminent message. In the case of this card, that message may not be what you are expecting.

In general, this card tells us that the querent may be trying too hard, pushing things too fast, or being angry with someone. You may need to learn other people’s body language and consider whether you can (or cannot) accept constructive criticism from others at a certain level. At present, it seems that you are feeling physically and mentally energetic. Let’s use that energy wisely.

Page of Swords Shadowscapes Tarot represents curiosity. When this card appears, you or someone around you tend to enjoy gossiping and talking about what you’ve been through. On the other hand, it warns that the people around you may create problems for you because of their curiosity.

Page of Swords also hints that not everyone is as good as you imagine. Someone you trust may be the one who will take advantage of you. They will spy on you and provide your personal information to your opponent. Be careful about your social circle. In other cases, you will randomly think of new ideas or gather useful information for yourself through gossip.

In terms of love, Page of Swords Shadowscapes Tarot tells that both you and your partner are quite stubborn, that’s why the argument lasts long. The two of you are working on a tiring relationship, both of whom claim to be the right one and sacrifice for this relationship more than the other half. This card also predicts that you will face painful truths in love. The two of you can be silent for a long time after the rough argument and gradually apart. It says that you should lower your personal ego and understand the problems that the other one is facing.

In terms of work, Page of Swords Shadowscapes Tarot announces that this is a stage of challenges. You will have to accept new tasks that require quick reflexes, flexibility, and decisiveness. Concentrate and put all your energy into the work right now because you will receive rewards for your hard work. You may encounter a formidable opponent and intend to play badly, all you have to do is just calmly observe so as not to fall into the trap.

There will be a lot of investment going forward, so make sure you’re spending appropriately. Page of Swords Shadowscapes Tarot assumes that you will struggle to manage your personal finance. In addition, The controversy surrounding money will cause emotional losses during this time. If you are looking to invest or expand your business, even your money-related plans, you should seek advice from people with experience in this area. Borrowing too much at this stage is not a smart decision.

In short, this Page card recommends that you should control negative emotions, negative thoughts will make you always lose faith in everything around. The gratuitous anger and lack of concentration and emotional disappointment will make you fall. It also suggests that you should break down problems and solve them one by one. Share your difficulties with relatives and friends to find comfort instead of keeping them all in mind.

On the positive side, Page of Swords Shadowscapes Tarot shows you are an imaginative and creative person. You possess a great linguistic ability and you are always curious to learn everything around you. This gives you confidence and an advantage in work and relationships. At this stage, you are very excited to make a new plan, you are passionate and cannot share it with anyone. It advises you not to procrastinate, immediately deploy it.

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