The Lovers – Shadowscapes Tarot Deck

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I. Description of the Lovers Shadowscapes Tarot

One of the topics mentioned in the oldest fairy tales is about Choice: between knowledge and mundane feelings or just a simple life at the time referred to.

Description of the Lovers Shadowscapes

Being attracted by a tight hug, to find the harmony in the suffering of the soul and desire, to understand the identity of passion and love, and to be immersed in it. The eyes of the lovers were wide open, their glances got intertwined, ignoring the sun from above, both gazes are from celestial regions. Not the golden crown with precious stones of the lords nor the braided crown with wildflowers and the grapevines of the farmers which adorned their forehead, only with the power source that accumulated from the surrounding of the two people made the differences between them no longer exist, and they do not really care about what the surroundings do at this moment.

“Take this seed,” he said, “take care of it with all of your consciousness and the water flowing from your soul.”

“Then at some point, we will see what grows from it”, she responded with a smile on her face.

II. The meaning of the Lovers Shadowscapes Tarot

The Lovers Shadowscapes Tarot refers to harmony, balance, energy source, flow, love, desire, passion, forming a harmony or marriage.

Although it represents a romantic nature, in reality, it is not always the case. The Lovers can also talk about certain values and obstacles with choices – the innocence embodies through the cuckoo is a contrast to the red apple in the snake’s grip, one of the oldest symbols of temptation. Similarly, the pure simplicity of white lilies completely opposites to the chaos of pleasure and eroticism of the rose.

Keywords of the Lovers Shadowscapes Tarot: sharing, trust, duality, healing, romantic encounters, sexuality, lust, romantic love, friendship, important choice, important crossroads, challenge, temptation, the power of love, bondage, cohesion, marriage, tree of life.

III. The Lovers Shadowscapes Tarot in a spread

The core image of the Lovers Shadowscapes Tarot is a beautiful couple hugging and kissing in the magnificent fairyland. They indulge into a passionate embrace, sink into a sweet kiss, and fall in love with each other’s gaze. It seems that they have forgotten everything else in this world. The young man was the king, but he did not care about the crown nor did the girl wear a garland on her head. In their love, there is no distinction between status and title. They become one, passionately and earnestly! The sun rises high, bright and dazzling as if illuminating their love, in a cheerful and warm way. This is an image of early love that is full of passion and recklessness.

Being able to give up everything around to love someone unconditionally and passionately is the most romantic thing a person has ever experienced. But it is not everything. There are still family issues, friends, work, study, obligations, and responsibilities to carry. When we still have to eat every day, bills to pay and problems to solve, and labor is the only thing that makes it possible to survive. So, this card also talks about choice and commitment to experience.

Each of us should experience love like the Lovers Shadowscapes Tarot at least once in his life to understand what pure love is, in a way that is not calculating, fearless, independent, unbound, to be happy and then to understand what you need more in love. It is a commitment to experience and to grow. But love story like the Lovers cannot last forever because it is too far away from reality. We have to choose more practical and sustainable things to survive. That is the choice. Of course, the things we want are different from what is really necessary for us. A wise person will choose what is needed, instead of following the vague wishes.

In the card, there are two contrasting images representing wishes or necessities. The first image is a gentle white dove that opposites to the image of a charming red apple held by the snake which is full of danger. The second image is pure white lily which is contrasted with the magnificent red rose filled with unpleasant thorns. The things we want will often be difficult to achieve and often come with a price, however, it will also be very sweet.

The Lovers Shadowscapes Tarot represents the passion in love. However, when pushing all passions to climax, they will become counterproductive, causing difficulties and obstacles in the relationship. This card marks a relationship that makes you excited and feel deeply. This relationship takes up most of your time, sometimes, both your energy and thought.

If you are not interested in love, the meaning of this card is that you have a high concentration on your interests. The picture on the card is the man choosing between the two, there will be issues that force you to make a decision, usually, you will choose what you love and passionate about. The image throughout the Lovers Shadowscapes Tarot card is the God pairing the woman and the man together. While the woman carries the image of wisdom, the man carries the image of the flame of passion.

The card shows the charm in love, this is a relationship that is harmonious, sympathetic, at peace and bursting with vitality. Both of you share a close relationship that is hard to separate. You will experience an unforgettable and affectionate period of love.

On the other hand, the Lovers Shadowscapes Tarot also announces that there will be a choice between opposing things that are exactly the same as the image of the man and woman. You have to rely on your intuition, your reason and your intelligence to choose the most suitable one. This card also advises you to consider carefully before making decisions, especially major ones in life. Generally, every Major Arcana card shows that we have to face with significant turning points that will lead us to another stage of life.

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