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I. Overview of the Lovers – Lamoureux Tarot

Unlike what most people think, this card’s name is not the Lovers (Lamoureux Tarot), plural, but the Lover, in the singular form. However, on this card, there are four characters with human forms (three people and one angel). If we take a closer look, there are two more entities: the Earth and the Sun. Among them, who is the Lover? Is it the central character, who is often considered a young man? Or the character on the left, whom some consider being biased towards sexual orientation? Or even the small angel, Cupid holding the bow from the above? These questions start from the Major card VI, along with the Tower, which is one of the Tarot’s most obscure cards and is also one of the least understood cards. Lamoureux Tarot represents the first step into Paradise Square. This is when we stop imagining what will make us happy and start doing what we like instead.

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Unity and Emotional Life

The main spirit of this card is joy and emotional life. This is why it is so complex and contains so many opposing meanings. It opens the space for a multitude of different judgments and carries a thousand meanings, and each of these meanings can be true at a certain time.

What is going on with this trio? Is it an argument, a bargain, a choice, or a gathering? The two characters on the left are looking at each other, while the one on the right looks at nowhere. The relationships among the main roles in this card are extremely vague.

II. Keywords of the Lovers – Lamoureux Tarot

Eros (the Greek God of love and sex) – Heart – Choice – Emotional zone – Conflict – Ambiguity – Triad – Social life – Community – Siblings – Do what you like.

Observing the positions of these characters’ hands in Lamoureux Tarot is extremely interesting. Five hands in different positions represent the complexity of relationships in the play. The first one on the left, put her hand on the second person’s shoulder with a protective posture, either pushing him forward or holding him back. Her right hand touched the man’s fringe. The motion of reaching out her index finger could understand that the desire to touch his penis, or vice versa, prevented others from doing so. The man pressed his right hand to the waist.

By the way, the yellow belt consists of three bands and resembles the woman’s belt on the left. But whose arm that touches the belly of the young woman? She and the man were all wearing dark blue sleeveless suits, and they were so close together that the action of the arm became unclear. In a way, they turned this into a “common arm.” While the man touched her lower abdomen which is close to the genitals, his gaze turned away from her to his right side. Lamoureux Tarot will have a completely different meaning if we think this is her arm, guarding or pointing towards her belly while the man puts his hands behind his back.

The woman on the right wearing a headscarf has four five-petaled flowers. This may represent a high sense of consciousness, poetic but steady. The bluish-purple core of flowers is the intellectual focus of love, the true ability to sacrifice oneself. The woman on the left wears a hat with leaves; this thing is very dynamic (red ribbon), and if we agree that this is a bay leaf, we can say that she has the power of a victor or a high-hat woman.

We can vaguely guess the relationship between the three characters in Lamoureux Tarot: a man who takes his fiancée to meet his mother; a woman caught her husband with a mistress; a man trying to choose between two women, or, in the way of traditional thinking, between perversion and virtue; a pimp who is introducing his “goods” to customer; a mother falling in  love with her daughter’s lover; a mother who favors one child more than the other; and so on.

There are countless explanations. They all lead us to the conclusion that Lamoureux Tarot is a card that represents relationships, describing the initial contact with social life. This is the first Natural Mystery that individuals are represented at the same level (the Pope’s apostles are smaller than him and viewed from behind). This is the card of consolidation and separation, of social and emotional choices.

A few suggestions in the card direct us to the idea of unity. On one hand, number 6 relates to the word Vav in the Hebrew alphabet, meaning “foundation”, which represents unity. On the other hand, we can see colored patches (light blue and red) between the legs of these people, representing the continuity and unity between them. On the symbolic side, we can say that these three characters represent centers that govern humanity: the mind, the emotional center, and the sexual center merge together into one.

The ground at their feet was plowed. This means in order to reach Lamoureux Tarot, there is a big need to do some psychological, cultural and spiritual work. This is how we realize what we like and what we want. The red shoes of the central character resemble the shoes of the Fool and the Emperor; these can be considered as three stages of one person. Also, we can notice that the ground between this character and the one who stands on his right disappears; only the red area remains. We can see them as the embodiment of the masculine part of the woman and the feminine part of the man, the two masculine and feminine aspects of one person.

Spelling “AMOVREUX” with “V” instead of the “U” creates a pictorial and monumental relationship with “Dieu” in “LA MAISON DIEV” [The House of God – the Tower]. It can be said that the sun shining on this scene symbolizes a huge Lover of the cosmic scale, the god of the origin of love in the cosmos, directs us to conscious and unconditional love.

Eros plays the role of a messenger in Lamoureux Tarot and through the form of a child, reminding us that this love will forever renew itself.

  • Figure 1: Small Cupid and big sun;
  • Figure 2: The hand placed on the man’s shoulder: protection, provocation, or prohibition?
  • Figure 3: The appearance of a “common arm” touching the lower abdomen of the young woman;
  • Figure 4: The central character’s dynamic red shoes lean on the plowed ground, the result of mental, cultural, and spiritual labor.

III.Interpretation of the Lovers – Lamoureux Tarot

This vague card – Lamoureux Tarot motivates us to question our own emotional state: How is our current emotional life? Are we feeling peace or conflict? Are we doing what we like? What position does love stand in our lives? Does the situation that we are most concerned with come from past events, and if so, what are they? This card may refer to questions related to the position we are given in our families and the work that determines the predictions we have made about those around us. The Lover will be one of the characters in the card, chosen by the card reader, who can analyze his/her relationships. No matter what the question is, it would be helpful to remember that the main Lover will forever be the big sun, which will shine on all life without being biased.

IV. When the Lovers – Lamoureux Tarot speaks up

“I am the sun of Natural Mystery, the bright sun: almost invisible but shines on every character. I am this star: the joy of existing and joy because other things exist. I live extremely happy. Everything filled me with happiness: nature, the whole universe, the existence of the other in all forms – This other is none other than me”.

“I am the bright perception that like a vivid star shining in the center of your heart. I renew myself every minute; at every moment, I was born. In every heartbeat, I connect you to this whole universe. It is from me that the numerous connections link you to all creation. The joy to live and the joy of being one! A pleasure to do what I like! As a person who communicates the fixed non-permanent nature, I was reborn every second. I was like a newly born archer shooting into everything that his senses caught”.

“I am not ambitious about a life that is full or successful. I am unconditional love. I will teach you how to live in surprises, awareness, and joy“.

“When I mix with you as I blend into the characters of Natural Mystery, I impart a sacred love to your every smallest cell. I blew through your mind like a hot storm wiping away your every judgment, aggression, comparison, bitterness, and all the pride that separates audiences and actors. I silently put myself into your sexual energy to soothe all sadness and every trace of conquest and possession. I added joy to the extremely fragile nature of an exploding angel. When I dissolve in your body, I separate you from the dominance of the mirrors and models, the look of people, the pain of comparison. I allow you to live your own life and put on your own light and beauty. From the bottom of my heart, I removed the illusions of an unloved child. Like the church bell tower, I spread the poignant impulses of love in your blood, separate from all hatred, all emotional demands have become a parody of hatred, and every jealousy, which is just darkness that was born of abandonment. I teach you the desire not to take things that also are not for others. The single island of the self becomes an archipelago”.

“Everything works in harmony to increase my joy, even what you consider to be negative situations: mourning, difficulty, pettiness, obstacles, etc. I love things and people when they bring with them endless potential. Every moment I see them, and I am willing to contribute to their fruitfulness but also accept that they are still themselves”.

V. Traditional interpretations of the Lovers – Lamoureux Tarot

Social life – Joy – Love what we do – Do what we love – New combination – The choice must be made – Satisfaction – Beauty – Friendship – Three-person marriage mode – Love – Emotional conflict – Separation – Controversy – Incest – Siblings – Ideal and Reality – First steps to realize the joy of life – Love perception – Unconditional love – The way of beauty.

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