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I. The upright meaning of 9 D’épée Tarot

The golden sword evokes enlightenment and new knowledge emerging, and it is this change that will allow us to break the habits of old-fashioned thinking or even let go of all knowledge. After a long search, the light appeared. That was the end of the two sides between the actor and the audience. This unity raises questions about past concepts.

upright meaning of 9 D'épée Tarot

9 D’épée Tarot is the card of fear and nightmares. Therefore, it carries an apparently negative sensitivity. However, the problems mentioned in this card are mainly on the spiritual side and do not necessarily indicate physical suffering. That is, only what is in your mind creates fear and anxiety, not actual circumstances. Our perception of the world is greatly influenced by our expectations, desires, and fears, and as a result, you are largely the creator of your own world.

Your attitudes then determine how you apprehend the world. It can also reflect the fear of the future or what could happen in the future. If you let some anxiety about the future overwhelms you, you risk living in a negative reality. Your nightmare will become a self-fulfilling prophecy, which is clearly not a desirable goal.

In general, 9 D’épée Tarot indicates that you are worrying excessively about a given situation. You stay awake all night because you are worried about a particular problem. It is possible that you are fed up with it unnecessarily, and if you look at the situation more objectively, you might realize it is not as bad as you think. At the end of the day, it only makes things worse, so rather than worrying, do something to change everything.

Although many people experience fear, frustration, and uncertainty at some point in their lives, you should not let these negative emotions stop you from pursuing your goals with enthusiasm and hope. Let’s be always prepared for future uncertainty and take advantage of your inner strength to stay as flexible and adaptable as possible to this unknown.

9 D’épée Tarot can also mean that you are being incredibly hard on yourself, that you recite a negative inner speech. For every mistake you make, you go after yourself, you get angry and consider yourself the one responsible for ruining everything. So, when the new sword comes up, ask yourself why do you are so hard on yourself, belittle yourself or what is the origin of this disrepute? What can you do to feel better?

With just a little of willpower and motivation, you can stop this negative inner discourse and replace it with positive and encouraging thinking. This reveals worry, anxiety and the impossibility of sleeping because thoughts are stuck in your mind tirelessly. That means emotionally, you start to get fed up with it and become terribly stressed and anxious, yet in reality, it should not be that complicated.

You tend to get tired of seeing how bad the situation is, to miss out on what is really going on and what opportunities are available to you. The essential thing here is to stop everything and examine objectively the reality of the situation. Let’s get down-to-earth by examining your fears and anxieties and working to reduce their impact on your life. 

It is also possible that you have already experienced this period of worry and depression and that you are starting to recover. You may have realized recently that it is not as bad as you imagined, and you are starting to relax and calm down about what was once a terrifying situation. You may also find that your dreams are very revealing right now. You can write them down on a diary to analyze what is going on on the subconscious level.

II. The reversed meaning of 9 D’épée Tarot

The negative meaning of this card includes crisis, psychological uncertainty, fear of losing one’s own, becoming too meticulous, depression. We can also see brain damage or age-related weakness because the sword in this card has been cracked.

The reversed 9 D’épée Tarot also means that your worry and despair can hurt you. The more you care about something, the more likely you are to bring your worst nightmares to reality. Let’s take a deep breath!

This card indicates that you are waking up from the nightmare in which you are constantly devaluing yourself. Life has placed obstacles on your course and you have managed to cross them all.

Your faith is growing stronger. You may have realized that it is better to get away from anything or any toxic person to stay true to your moral rules. Fears and nightmares are not realities.

To escape from anxiety and fear, look at life with wondering eyes of a child and enjoy the magic of the world around you. Let’s remember the immensity of the universe and all of its wonders, it is so much bigger than what you are afraid of.

You should feel the radiant light, the love that protects you and surrounds you every day and the joy of the wonders of life. There are still many happy moments to come. Whenever you choose to face fear, you will be more and more connected with your authentic being, and everything will be much better than what you fear.

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