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I. The upright meaning of 7 De Baton

upright meaning of 7 De Baton

This card reflects a great moment of irresistible openness and action. In terms of performing art, this is success and creativity which are ripe to serve themselves and others. The ego becomes the path of creative sexual energy and full awareness of the emotionless aspect, dispersing it to the whole world. This could be a warm, talented, triumphant, or fertile relationship of the world.

7 De Baton announces the difficulties after a period of blooming and fullness. This time, it is a struggle to maintain your position at the top, while others compete and fight to try to achieve success and your status. Fatally, competition is commonplace and you will have to continually prove yourself. If your vision and efforts are successful to the point that the public cheers you up, you will have to expect competition and provocations because your opponents may want to achieve the same prosperity as you.

This card can also indicate an externally sourced obstacle to the continued success of a business or creative project. Although this seems to prevent you from progressing, you can overcome this challenge by leveraging your self-confidence and resilience. This obstacle can also be overcome with effort and lucidity. This card aims to maintain your position, despite incessant provocations against your role and your authority. You must stand firm and defend your rank at all costs.

It will take courage and perseverance, but you have the strength and determination to do it. You see yourself as a fighter and whatever the mission, you always have the energy to defend yourself and fight to the end. So, even if you suffer a number of setbacks right now, you must continue to fight for what you believe in and to face those who may threaten or oppose you.

7 De Baton also reminds you that you cannot defeat everybody. Your opinions will always have opponents, and your supporters may let you down one day. So, it is the time to dig your path and say, “I am what I am and I do what I do!” because there can be no compromise and no negotiation at this time. From a literal point of view, this card can mean that you will have to deliver a speech or write an article on a controversial or intensely debated issue. You must be prepared to defend your argument and present facts you expect to be challenged but enjoy this challenge because it will teach you how to stay upwind.

II. The reversed meaning of 7 De Baton

If turned into negative, the power of 7 of Wands would be terrible. At that time, this card refers to dictatorship, fascism, sexual conversion, weakness, torture, violence, and destructive power in all forms of lowering others instead of using its power to serve the world.

The reversed 7 De Baton reflects the fact that you feel overwhelmed by difficulties and responsibilities, that you find yourself quickly overloaded and unable to step back. You may have accepted too many commitments, and now you are looking for an opportunity to focus on one or two things just to do them right. You may feel that you have to fight or constantly compare yourself to others. You feel that you are antisocial and vulnerable. You have to regain your self-esteem, your confidence and convince yourself that you can achieve your goals.

This reversed card can also indicate that you feel that you are constantly being judged or criticized by others. Your family or friends question you about why you are doing certain things, such as pursuing a difficult relationship or ungrateful work. If only they could leave you alone and let you do it! It can also mean that you try to avoid conflict as much as possible and that, as a result, you too easily back up instead of defending your point of view. As soon as someone contradicts you or opposes you, instead of arguing, you step back or give in. It seems that being accepted and loved by others is more important than holding your rank and defending what you believe in.

You may have tried everything and tried your best, but you start to realize that it is not worth it. Even if you have not yet achieved the progress you were hoping for, it is time to give up. This may be considered abandonment, but in the long run, it will be much better. On the other hand, the reversed 7 De Baton can also mean that you are taking things too much and too aggressive to protect your gains at the expense of your personal relationships. Finally, this card in reverse can also mean that you risk being caught off guard. You feel shaken and vulnerable to a threat or challenge that may jeopardize your position. You feel that you are falling behind and not up to the challenge. Maybe you even considered giving in and giving up the fight. This card shows a lack of confidence, courage, and conviction. You feel threatened, easily manipulated and abused.

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