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I. The upright meaning of 6 De Coupe Tarot

upright meaning of 6 De Coupe Tarot

Two rows with each row have 3 cups facing each other around an axis; it is the recognition of self-respect in the noblest sense, with sincerity, acceptance and internal contact with divine love. It may also be the encounter with the other, the real appearance of the same soul that we dreamed of in Two of Cups – 2 De Coupe Tarot, a person who gets well with us, a person when blending in the joy of a well-proportioned relationship, we discover emotions like respect, honesty, pleasure, and sensuality. This is a comprehensive love that includes reason, heart, and instinct.

6 De Coupe Tarot is the card of childhood, nostalgia, naive happiness and generosity. You want to return to the good memories of the past, whether as a child, teenager or adult. Often, however, these memories belong to the past and reflect aspects of your life that have disappeared. You may think that the only way to relive this happiness is to escape from the past to feel these happy and beautiful memories, instead of facing the present challenges.

That is alright when you remember the good old days but it is more important to live in the present and accept the current situation rather than go back. Oftentimes, there is nothing wrong with reliving the good times to help out when things are not going so well. In the midst of change and crisis, this card means that considering what you have endured is a good way to make sure that, no matter what the next events, you will face and overcome them.

After the pitfalls, this card means you have to take the time to heal, to look back to the past to remember all the good things. During this period of reflection, it is not necessary to focus on the negative. Instead, take all the positive energy from the past and inject it into your present and future. Once you leave the past behind, the road ahead will be very bright and worth looking forward to.

It can also represent a return to a familiar environment or a place of childhood. You can go back to your hometown, your parents’ home or even your old school. You could go to a high school meeting or recontact a childhood friend. A past teenage love can rekindle. This card can also reveal the child in you and emphasizes the need to feel the joy like a child. People with chronic problems such as addiction, depression and difficult relationships can transform their lives by accepting their inner child and thus regain a new joie de vivre.

The source of your problems can come from past events. We are made up of many parts and inside, we still have the little child and teenager with all of his experiences and feelings. This can lead the inner child to react strongly to certain experiences, situations, and feelings in the present, based on the experiences of the past. Working with your inner child and learning where these feelings come from can change that and improve your choices miraculously.

6 De Coupe Tarot can also refer to the children of your life. It may announce a pregnancy, birth or adoption, depending on the other cards in the spread. It may also indicate that you are about to spend more time playing, laughing and learning together with children. Children play an important role in your life and can be excellent counselors at the moment. They are great models to follow when this card is present. They see the world as a perfect place and their hearts are ready to experience all the pleasures of the surrounding environment.

This card almost gives off an aura of joy because it represents the past with all its memories, the present with all its gifts and the future with its wonderful opportunities. Thus, it can signal a given gift or another similar gesture. You may feel the urge to act kindly or charitably or to do good things to another person. You are more open to share what you have and to be well-intentioned.

II. The reversed meaning of 6 De Coupe Tarot

The negative side of this card refers to a couple who consider themselves the best and separate from the whole surrounding world. In general, it is a selfish love, self-centered, disregard for others and indifference.

The reversed 6 De Coupe Tarot can mean you cling to your past. Some previous problems may not have completely been solved yet. It is important to explore your memories, but do not get stuck. The ideas and beliefs that have been forged in the past may prevent you from moving forward. Let’s use the past as a guide for the future and focus on life in the present.

This is the card of nostalgia, love, childish generosity, and carefree and naive vision of life. In reverse, it means that you may have had unrealistic ideas at a particular stage of your life, based on dreams and ideals when you were younger. For example, you have always been dreaming about getting married and having children at age 25, but you found out that at age 25, you had other goals in mind. Or you may be disappointed to have reached a certain age without having yet realized your childhood dreams.

The reversed 6 De Coupe Tarot can reveal fertility issues and problems with children. If you already have children, you may have discipline issues. If you have had a difficult childhood, you can still work on these problems and try to free yourself from harmful memories. You can also work with others who have suppressed memories of their childhood and who may need your support.

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