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I. The upright meaning of 10 D’épée Tarot

The transformation process has come to an end; there is no one but two swords. They had escaped from the oval, proving that thinking was no longer imprisoned itself. It is the appearance of a new impact in intellectual life, another view from itself. Two swords evoke bisexual thinking, both male and female. This is the highest mature form of wisdom reaching a state of harmony with the mind. Personal identity achieves a completely realistic picture, charismatic thinking.

 upright meaning of 10 D'épée Tarot

10 D’épée Tarot usually symbolizes a sudden or unexpected failure or disaster caused by a power beyond your control that crushes you without warning and mercy. You may be able to change the process of this impending disaster, but most of the time you will just have to let go and get on with it. This card can also indicate a period during which you were suddenly being stabbed behind your back or betrayed by someone you thought you could trust.

You feel incredibly hurt and shocked by this betrayal. As such, it is often associated with the feeling of a victim in relation to a situation. You may feel helpless with a brutal and sudden end, and you may feel attacked by someone else. The sympathy of the surrounding people relieves you even when you often say to yourself, “poor me”. 10 D’épée Tarot also indicates a difficult period of conclusion, loss, pain or release.

However, the positive thing is that you have newly become aware of a positive feeling of relief: the difficulty and pain will soon be over and evolve to something new. As after each end, there will be a new beginning, a rebirth and a spirit of renewal. While this card may seem negative at first glance, it is a map of hope and is a sign that your problems will not last forever

In addition, it is the final test, and there is no more pain reaching you in this way. It was the storm before the clearing, and although the clouds still look dark, the sun will rise again.

10 D’épée Tarot also reveals the renunciation and acceptance of the present situation. You no longer resist change, instead, you let it happen, even if it causes pain and bother you for now. You agree that there must be a change to facilitate renewal and you accept it. When this card appears after a painful situation, this is the signal to get yourself together and analyze what happened and what you can learn from this experience.

The ultimate power of 10 D’épée Tarot is the ability to analyze the situation and learn from oneself. True wisdom does not come from outside but from within. This card also demonstrates that the pain and suffering you have endured will be rewarded. All the positive inner power can be used to learn from your pain and gain wisdom from defeat. This card indicates a proof of imminent change or an end that may be difficult to accept initially.

II. The reversed meaning of 10 D’épée Tarot

Negative meaning can be the rejection of others, emotional obstacles that create contradictory thoughts, fear of injury, discord or gratitude.

The reversed 10 D’épée Tarot means a painful ending must be set for evolution and innovation. The color of the swords is the color of reflection, intentions, and attitudes, and this card is revealing of the realm of mental transformation. It means that you will radically change your point of view about life, about yourself, about what is important, and about what your plans might be for the future. Despite the initial trauma and the torments associated with this change, this development can be very positive. It is important to understand that even though this reversal may seem surprising, your previous opinions and attitudes must be extremely altered in order to reach a more enjoyable phase of your life.

Rather than dwelling on this painful change, it will be important to look forward and realize how much these events will free you to completely reshape your life and choose a new direction. The reversed 10 D’épée Tarot can also mean that you are resisting at the end of an inevitable era because you are deeply distressed by the following pain.

However, what you are doing is only delaying the inevitable or perhaps, even making it worse. For example, a relationship may have ended, but you are still intimate with your ex because you can not stand a brutal separation.

Sometimes, this reversed card may reflect the fear of bankruptcy, even if it has not yet occurred. You always think of the worst of scenarios and you prepare for it, even if it does not happen and it only unnecessarily engenders fear and anxiety. Things may not as bad as they seem.

The reversed 10 D’épée Tarot can also symbolize an old situation that ended badly. You still carry the wounds but you buried them so deeply that you do not realize they are still hurting you. This old pain needs to be dealt with once and for all to permanently free you.

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