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Like Le Chariot Tarot (VII), he carries two crescent-shaped faces on his shoulders. This is the King of the Swords suit, who can use the words and new ideas skillfully. On his left hand (i.e. our right side) he was holding a measuring device engraved with 22 bars, the number of the Major Arcana. He can represent a righteous and enlightened ruler, a lawyer, a university professor, an architect, a scientific thinker, a person who can end a situation with a calm mind. He oversees his thoughts and turns it into action with the world. His negative aspects may be the power of slander, criticism, arguments, legal gaps, a corrupt politician with autocratic views, or a scheming person to create a place for himself in society in ways that lack transparency.

I. The upright meaning of Roi D’épée Tarot

Roi D’épée Tarot is a symbol of intellectual power and authority..

roi d'épée tarot

He also has the courage and intelligence to accomplish whatever he desires. It represents discernment, mastery, and power. This character is as rigorous as a judge, lawyer or warlord whose emotions must be contained under pressure. Therefore, this card asks you to remain detached and objective in a specific situation, in order to know the truth and to search only the facts.

You must use your intellect to express your views and succeed with your efforts. Your education and experience are important, but so are your daily observations and thoughts. Roi D’épée Tarot means you have to accept a serious but fair attitude. You know that you are a wise person, and you can be aware of the truth of the moment, so take the lead from an objective point of view. You have a good position to assess your situation appropriately and identify restrictive behaviors that hinder your progress.

It is a good time to put aside your emotions and stay as objective and rational as possible. You may have to negotiate with others and be pretty direct about what you notice. It may be bothering you not to be particularly caring or empathetic, but for the moment, this detachment is what you need most. In the same way, Roi D’épée Tarot encourages you to use your logic and your intellect to widen your path. You will have to face the problem directly, make inflexible and adequate decisions, and make sure you are firm but fair in your dealings with others.

You must be able to measure yourself in any situation, study it impartially, and then come to a decision that is both fair and insightful. Often, this card represents a professional counselor, such as a lawyer or a notary, a financial or tax advisor. This advisor has a solid reputation and extensive knowledge of his particular field and will provide you with an objective and well-researched advice about your own situation.

He is totally impartial and will benefit from his experience and his innate perception of the rules, systems, and structures in place.

He may seem detached or disinterested in your personal situation but this attitude only reinforces his credibility. You will realize this through the relevance and objectivity of his advice.

He prides himself on his expertise and qualifications and therefore,  charging high fees for his services. Nevertheless, it offers the rigor and specialized knowledge you need right now. If you do not call for an expert, the appearance of Roi D’épée Tarot means that it may be worthwhile to get legal or financial advice. If you anticipate specific changes or circumstances that require expert advice, it would be wise to consult them before disruptions occur.

In this way, when these events happen, you will be ready to claim your rights and obtain a result in your favor. You may also have a lawyer or mentor who will listen to your needs and provide you with objective and intelligent advice on what to do. This King is also a man of the highest ethical standards. Furthermore, he firmly expects others to act according to the rules of the law. As a father, for example, he will get angry if his children do not follow the rules under his roof.

II. The reversed meaning of Roi D’épée Tarot

The reversed Roi D’épée Tarot can also mean the abuse of dominance and authority. He then reveals manipulation and persuasion in order to satisfy his selfish needs. He is a very intelligent man (or sometimes a woman) who likes to show others how eloquent he is by using words or dealing with topics that everyone ignores.

He can also be very sharp with words, critical of others and stern in his manner. This card can represent a person in your life or even worse: represent yourself. You will have to be wary of this type of person because, while being charming and intelligent, he can cause harm. He has in mind only his personal interests and will do everything in his ability to achieve his ambitions, even if it means crushing others.

Thus, this card can prove to be a tyrant and a public danger. He is predisposed to aggression and angry outbursts, especially if you discredit him or challenge his authority. Roi D’épée Tarot in reverse can also mean that you lack determination and ambition in your life. You are still hesitating about what you really want to do and what might inspire you. This indecision is typical of a misguidance, therefore, you need to quickly mobilize all your energy to make a decision and to stick to it.

The more you wait for everything to be 100% clear, the more you delay your fulfillment. It may also be that you lack the clarity to determine what you need to do in your situation. Your thoughts become confused and may begin to disturb you because you lose control when it comes to knowing exactly what to do and what choices to make. At the moment, Roi D’épée Tarot is generally a very rational man who uses his intelligence and his lucidity about a situation to make adequate decisions but in reverse, this card means that you feel lost, hesitant about your situation, and unable to decide. If you delay the necessary decisions, you will not get anything.

III. When Roi D’épée Tarot speaks up

“I appeared in a very elegant way! The things inside my brother, King of Wands, rigid and steel, became flexible and elegant in me. he outfit I wear is not to fight but to advise. My trump card is the intelligence, the prophesies, the tricks of the strategy, and the charm of satire. I like the power of new ideas rather than the voice of the limbs. With the blunt stick, I objected to the merciless flexibility of my sword. I am not devastating; I stabbed and attacked continuously. I govern with rules, reforms, and the role of allies. Instead of destroying, I dissected, a better way to impose my will. I clarify the concepts, I reinforce their duality; I perfectly define what it is and what it is not, what one should accept and dismiss. My army consists of lawyers, jurists, and jurists. I have a team of noble artists and noble parasites around me. I use the famous ignorance to declare the coming of the Lord or the angel of Truth. I can be tyrannical King in French history or a revolutionary initiator for a new country”.

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