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I. The upright meaning of 6 D’épée Tarot

upright meaning of 6 D'épée Tarot

The first step into holy joy (card 6) is also an intellectual experience. The pleasure of thought, the beauty of the idea and the joyous sense of humor are all signs of sophistication, openness, and wisdom. We love what we think and say. The mind becomes positive and delicate. You can discover yourself when you are in a quiet state, showing your personality. Poetry finds its source in this card. It also implies an encounter with whom you can have a rich and informative dialogue. From the outside, it will be a mature and unique person.

6 D’épée Tarot means you will go through a reluctant transition phase, presumably because of old decisions. You know that in order to move forward, you have to leave something important behind, and although you do it with regret, you know that in the long run, it will be the best option for you.

There are times in life when you are forced to give up something you are attached to and this process is often quite difficult. However, the sadness of this abandonment will soon be replaced by a greater lucidity which itself will lead to a new search for change. Do not be afraid to give up what holds you back in the present or in the past. Instead, you should look at the future and choose the option that bodes for the best long-term potential.

You will have to make difficult decisions and compromises but this is ultimately an initiation rite that will take you to a new phase of your life. You must realize that you are now in a much better position.

You have endured, or are currently experiencing a difficult transition but from now on, you will be better able to cope with what may happen. Do not go back to the past or to what you gave up. Instead, let’s use this event as an opportunity to improve your self-esteem and take a step towards who you really want to be. Sometimes, the only way to solve the problems is to leave them behind and to start over. The important thing now is to set a new path that will bring more happiness and more joy.

6 D’épée Tarot also shows the need to rely on a state of mental clarity, logic, and objectivity to examine where you are coming from and where you are going. This insight will also facilitate and make everything as peaceful as possible. You can use your intuition to help you to go through situations easily and use your carefree and analytical skills as needed to make more complex decisions.

6 D’épée Tarot can also indicate a state of depression or blue. You try your best to survive rather than really enjoying. You may feel apathetic, lack energy, motivation and a little depressed. It can also indicate a trip on the water (for example, a boat cruise or a plane trip beyond the seas). You may feel sad to get away from a particular person but you know that this trip will get you a good job!

In the longer term, a move from one place to another could be scheduled. You will have to leave your friends and family to explore or discover a new place. Then, you will realize that you are having a great experience on your travels and will learn a lot about yourself.

II. The reversed meaning of 6 D’épée Tarot

The negative meaning of this card is the promotion of our knowledge, excessive beauty, not using the aesthetic mind into practice, as well as the lack of confidence in ourselves.

The reversed 6 D’épée Tarot indicates that you are doing your best to heal past wounds and to make the important transition that you have been waiting for. You are trying to get away physically and mentally from any previous experience that you think has not helped you. However, since this card is in reverse, it is clear that you are having trouble doing it and no matter how much you try to leave the past behind, it continues to catch up with you as if something is trying to take you back to the starting point rather than allowing you to explore new territories.

There are many unanswered questions that you hope to leave behind, but that reappear in all their horror and prevent you from realizing your ambitions. There may also be moments when you doubt to leave behind some of your past, but this card encourages you to move forward and reminds you that you are heading for a better future.

Similarly, reversed 6 D’épée Tarot can mean that you resist the necessary evolution. You may think that this has been imposed on you or that your opinion has not been counted in this decision. For example, your partner may have to relocate for a job and you must accompany him/her. The important thing is to look at the benefits of this change rather than focusing on the disadvantages so that even if it is beyond your control, you can at least hope for something and derive personal benefit from it.

In love, if the relationship is relatively new, reversed 6 D’épée Tarot may indicate that you still carry a lot of burdens from your old relationship. You have to work hard to let it go, otherwise, it will continue to affect your current and future relationship.

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