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I. The upright meaning of 5 De Coupe Tarot

upright meaning of 5 De Coupe Tarot

In this card, the central cup is decorated with brilliant flowers that mark the emergence of new emotions that can even go further, such as fanaticism. It is a discovery of faith, a euphoric emotion that brings us to a supreme being or whom we think to be so.

5 De Coupe Tarot represents a failure or an unsuccessful attempt to fulfill one’s ambitions. You will feel terribly disappointed that a situation that has not yet happened as you hoped and instead of discovering new horizons, you will regret your fate.

5 De Coupe Tarot reveals that the cause of regret is more emotional than financial. You are quickly disappointed by life and increasingly pessimistic about your future. The Five of Cups means you have a hard time giving up the past and learning from your mistakes. It often reflects a person who stuck in the past and unable to open up to something else, which makes him/her miss new opportunities.

The bitter memories of the past continue to haunt you and you often blame yourself for those mistakes and inadequacies. At first glance, it seems that there is no solution, but Tarot always shows problems on the one hand and solutions on the other hand. Forgiveness and resilience after an emotional loss are needed. If you are upset with another person’s actions, your heart will find the strength to forgive, which will free you from disappointment.

You may also need to re-evaluate the expectations that led you to this disappointment. Did you expect too much? Remember that we also all learn from our mistakes. Think about what brought you there and what important lessons can you learn from the experience. Even when things can still go wrong, there is always something positive to be gained by remembering the lessons of life. Instead of assessing the situation from the point of view of a half-empty glass, consider it from the point of view of a half-full glass.

II. The reversed meaning of 5 De Coupe Tarot

The negative side may be blind faith in any indication, emotional imbalance, lack of faith, frustration, and bitterness.

The reversed 5 De Coupe Tarot announces healing of regret and acceptance of the past. Now you are beginning to realize all the consequences of the past and you have come to appreciate the lessons learned from this experience because it taught you not to make the same mistakes.

This card is also about the quest for openness and risk-taking. It evokes a feeling of regret, nostalgia and bittersweet memories but it also evokes the future, provides everything you need to overcome adversity and predicts that the sun will shine again despite the clouds!

If you have had a break, this reversed card means the end of suffering and the beginning of new loves, new relationships, and new emotional adventures. You are about to embark on the inspiring, creative and sentimental side of life.

This card is also about values ​​and knowing what you really want and what will make you really happy. It predicts a grace period after obvious disappointments. Sometimes, disappointments are needed to discern lies and illusions and to free you to find what is truly valuable in life. Once you have made this transition, you will be free to seize new opportunities. It also reveals the feeling of being trapped in the past, being overwhelmed by regrets and failing to see the positive.

The reversed 5 De Coupe Tarot can also indicate buried feelings of regret, which you block under the surface and which, therefore, will never be solved. The five is also the number of change and indicates an emotional destabilization that will create a change in the way you approach your life.

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