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I. The upright meaning of Reine De Coupe

upright meaning of Reine De Coupe

Her face turned to the closed cup, on her left hand (ie, on our right side) she was holding a sword with a twisted blade. She seems to be very focused on her emotions and has decided to protect them, because of the emotions that she extends her heart and for things that gave her what she had to give; you must gain her trust. She represents family affection, kindness, a good mother. In the aspect that closes to her number 5, she will be the embodiment of a kind human being inspired by faith, the belief for her daily emotional world is the reflection of divine love. Her negative aspect may include jealousy, possessiveness, a suffocating and limited sentimentality, or, on the contrary, lack of love for those who are close to her, charity failure, exploitation, or social scorn.

Reine De Coupe is honest and has the heart in hand. She is a good wife, an excellent friend and the best of all mothers. Her advice is almost always relevant. Like all Court cards, this card can either represent you or represent someone else. In this case, it will be an intuitive person who is able to know what you will say even before you move your lips. There may be a psychic, a healer or your therapist.

If you have emotional problems, the Queen of Cups always seems to have the answer to the questions about the feelings due to her great compassion, which makes her a person who connects easily with what the other lives or feels. She advises you to trust your intuition and inner voice and advocates to connect with others in a comprehensive and compassionate way. Your mission is to teach and lead, counsel and provide emotional support to those who are in need.

People are attracted to you by this special influence which is a great ability to discover what others need. You are a lighthouse in the dark, a refuge of affection and support, and more than once, you heal broken hearts. However, this Queen should establish a clear boundary between herself and the others. Her Achilles heel is that she can easily drown her identity in the problems of others. Sometimes, your emotions can overwhelm you or you can not be objective, but if you have already tried to solve things by logic and reason and it has not worked, consider what you feel about your inner being, your emotions, and your intuition. All of your achievements or successes will always be the product of inner strength, a fertile imagination, and an abundance of creativity.

The Queen may announce a series of events, such as maternity, success in creative projects, whether at artistic or commercial meetings, with qualified individuals, experts, advisors or therapists. She also announces activities related to housing, such as repairing or decorating and perhaps, the beginning of a period of premonitory dreams. It is also very likely that the card indicates that you are supporting one or more close women and that a woman is coming to you for help, comfort, and advice.

In the field of work, Reine De Coupe shows that you have a good time. Your sensitivity makes the connection with other fruitful, which promotes teamwork and achieves good results. The card also indicates that a woman, usually light-haired, can be helpful and helps you at your workplace. She plays an important role in your career and will be a great ally.

In love, the appearance of Reine De Coupe is a positive sign for the relationships because it brings calmness and moderation, strong and deep emotional born of the heart and a beautiful intuition to solve the obstacles. The general atmosphere facilitates understanding. If you are looking for love, you should go out and meet others. Your inner voice will tell you when there are the right time and the right person. To be oneself, to show oneself as one is, is the key to conquer. As for money and finances, good news may come. You are in a phase of great creativity, so it will be very easy to find solutions and opportunities for your portfolio. Reine De Coupe also emphasizes the importance of women in their associations or partnerships. You can ask them for advice if you need it.

II. The reversed meaning of Reine De Coupe

This reversed card means that you may feel disconnected from your emotions or that you have to restrict your deep feelings. You may have difficulty expressing yourself effectively and internalizing your feelings. Your stress level may increase and your ability to cope with daily problems may be affected.

The reversed Reine De Coupe reveals some dissatisfaction or a feeling of disconnection from your emotions. There may be a growing desire to find your way and get more involved with others. It can also mean that you let your imagination take control of reality. In case of a hard blow, it is a natural reaction, but unfortunately, we must not count on it.

You let your emotions dominate and you no longer think clearly with your head. Suddenly, you become easily overwhelmed by the sadness which drives you in a bad mood. We can resolutely compare this reversed card to an emotional sinking that can quickly lead to manipulative and vindictive behavior. Your mood swings make life difficult for others and, conversely, you feel psychologically tired by those around you. You also tend to in line with your advantage, and you may feel anguish and hatred of yourself because of your blockages in life.

In love, this card announces a relationship during which you will be pushed to the edge and your emotions will change like a roller coaster. In your environment, everyone will, unfortunately, find that you are overwhelmed by stress. This card advises you to move away from those who could have fun with your feelings of guilt or sadness. It can also indicate an excessive reliance on other people’s emotional reactions by empathy, which can lead to a co-dependent relationship.

Thus, reversed Reine De Coupe alerts you about your excessive submission in relationships, regardless of their quality. Let’s take a step back to determine if your partner has too many expectations. Besides, this card may also report alcohol and substance abuse, especially if this abuse is caused by your emotional state (you will drink more when you feel upset).

III. When Reine De Coupe speaks up

“My heart which is full of love and constantly hurt is too delicate, vulnerable and fragile! I am not looking for anything. I am a castle that needs to be surrounded and conquered. Unlike the Queen of Wands, the seducer, I waited to be seduced. The cup I held in my hand, symbolizing my heart, was closed – it was not empty but filled with passion. Who can treat me with all the subtleties that I want, except me? That is impossible. I should abdicate to dedicate myself to injuries and sacrifices, and this sacrifice when I love is my happiness. But be careful: I carry with me a white sword with a curved blade, symbolizing my timid purity.

I will attack anyone who approaches me just to take advantage of me and to get things that do not belong to me: wealth, sexuality, wisdom knowledge. Such people will be killed with incredible evil. I do not mind much with emotions, but I am really hesitant to let them flourish. All of my fears are concentrated in the 4. In my ideal number 5, I wait for a kind soul to become my missing supplement. This waiting is at the core of my existence”.

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