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The upright meaning of As D’épée Tarot

This card shows great brain potential and intellectual ability. Somewhat similar to the 10 of Wands – 10 De Baton Tarot: after the end of an instinctive and creative cycle, it is time for wisdom to act. This card can mean victory by cleverness, intelligence, determination, profundity, or the beginning of a potential situation on two sides, like a sword.

As D'épée Tarot

It may also refer to the ability to take a position or make a decision.

It implies the use of great power (or sometimes even too much power) to advance goals, but the way in which these powers will be used and the nature of your goals are still unclear.

Many energies are often invested to achieve any ambition and, therefore, there are very few obstacles against Ace’s determination without being crushed. The power of Ace of Swords includes heart, spirit and unbeatable will. However, depending on the wearer to exploit this potential and use it properly for their purpose.

Ace of Sword – As D’épée Tarot brings a clear and lucid period. It reveals a moment of grace in which knowledge and reasoning suddenly reach their peak. Achieving your goals suddenly becomes much easier.

You will discover an initial perspective on a problem, or, in a broader sense, now you have a new vision of the world. This is the perfect time to eliminate the fog that has stopped you from grasping your inner truth and solving the core problem.

This is also a good time to act, and if you decide to achieve your ambition, nothing and nobody will oppose you. Ace of Swords brings a new idea, a new inspiration, an initial thought and a creative vision. It represents a turning point from which you have a completely new way of thinking while having the energy needed for it. Now you are very excited to find new opportunities based on your creative and spiritual abilities.

This card also encourages you to seek truth and justice. That is why you can protect a lawsuit, protect your rights or that of others. Therefore, sometimes, it may mean you are ready to fight.

You have great insight into the situation and can now protect your case with the ambition of victory. For example, you may have a new idea that you are willing to fight or you may be passionate about something special that makes you feel uneasy, such as human rights, the environment or your personal beliefs.

This card calls you to use your spiritual strength and use your critical wisdom and reasoning. If you are encountering a difficult situation, you must be ready to face and find the strength to overcome these challenges.

II. The reversed meaning of As D’épée Tarot

The negative meaning of this card is verbal assault, words that hurt, material rejection or overestimation of the ability of the mind.

The reversed As D’épée Tarot means you lack a clear idea of what your goals and your true aspirations are. You have the ability to understand deeply but you should wonder whether you prove it specifically or not. This card often appears when there is a lack of clarity or a partial understanding of the task in hand. It recommends that you spend more time clearly defining what you want in life.

Let’s set SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Practical and Time-bound) to be more clear about your ambition and focus on the essentials and plan a smarter schedule. The reversed sword also reflects an idea or concept that you have not applied, perhaps because you are not sure whether it will bring the desired result or not.

In fact, you encounter difficulties with the first step to forming ideas, strategies or projects. Maybe, you have too many ideas on the road and now you cannot decide. This creates new challenges. The reversed As D’épée Tarot determines the dark judgment and lack of clarity about a particular situation. You miss important information or evidence that will help you in your situation. To overcome this, you should invest time and energy into finding the truth, instead of simply bringing everything to the first level.

It may also mean a situation that has led to chaos and confusion. Regardless of your opinion of a specific situation, it is sad now, and instead, it seems that there is only a big mess left.

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