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I. The upright meaning of 8 de Deniers

upright meaning of 8 de Deniers

The perfection of pentacles is manifested by abundance and prosperity. This card evokes balance and wealth; all needs are satisfied. The body is in the healthiest and most balanced state. It is an understanding of family, a home in which people find where they belong. It was a paradise on Earth when considered to be a blooming garden. It is also a harmonious energy flow.

8 De Deniers is the card of learning. Apprenticeship, whether practical or metaphorical, is both a training course to develop new skills and a beginning stage for a field that has been little or never explored before. In this sense, this card indicates that you are living or are about to experience a change or a new beginning in terms of work, studies or financial situation. However, unlike many other cards showing change or renewal, it symbolizes the stubborn determination and intense efforts that often manifest in those who intentionally choose a new career or implement initial initiatives.

This card shows a hard-working attitude and indicates that you are fully focused on everything that is at the center of your attention. This card creates success through perseverance and individual initiative which are opposed to luck or networking. It suggests that you should refine the finest details of the different aspects of your life, with the aim of continually improving your situation. You may be unhappy with your current state, and you know that you need to make significant changes in your life to increase the overall satisfaction.

8 De Deniers is a very positive sign that you agree to make these changes and to make sure that you give yourself the best chance. All in all, this is very assiduous and conscientious energy that presents in your life. This card is an encouragement to continue what you are doing, as it will suddenly lead to success. Of course, it requires a lot of dedication, concentration, and patience, but as each day passes and you stay true to your values ​​and beliefs, you come a little closer to your goal. It may not be as obvious as you want, but the unfolding of events will take you on the right path. Let’s keep working on yourself and make continuous improvements and adjustments as much as possible.

This card may indicate additional training or studies in order to sharpen your skills. You may already know a number of skills in particular, but now you are trying to master them. For example, you can cook well at home but now you start to develop the desire to cook like a great chef. You know that you will need a lot of focus and dedication in your studies, but you are ready to work hard and pay attention to detail. You know that you cannot learn this expertise overnight, but you study diligently to become a “master” in the field.

If you draw 8 De Deniers in a Tarot spread while you are not currently engaged in the active pursuit of your goals, ask yourself what you could learn or create to improve your situation. If you are already engaged in the follow-up of a new formation, this can be a card of encouragement and comfort in rewards of the energy in which you invest this development. The disadvantage of this card is that by putting too much emphasis on all the details, you become too perfectionist. While it is important to do it right, remember that any tendency toward perfectionism may make you lose sight of the overall goal.

II. The reversed meaning of 8 de Deniers

The negative side of this card includes physical or material imbalance, a rigid concept of money or poverty that is considered inevitable and will definitely happen.

8 De Deniers in reverse may reflect that your attention to detail hinders innovation and change. This card is perfection in an autonomous world, a world that does not need perfection. But what if the rules change? What if you are asked to do something completely different from your routine or if you have to change your goal? This could mess up the balance and make everything collapse! If you take risks or change your pace, this reversed card shows that your perfectionism has become an obstacle to your success. You will have to give up the fluidity without surprises of the daily grind and be ready to start all over again.

Often, this card in reverse means that you work very hard for something. This does not lead to the desired result but rather to frustration and disappointment because of the lack of success and progress. Sometimes, we can focus on improving a part of ourselves or trying to change something, only to find that despite all these efforts, it goes from bad to worse. You may customize tiny details that are generally unimportant to your life. Instead, you have to look on a larger scale and ask yourself if it is a good direction for you right now. How can you take your attention away from the details and step back? Do you do good things or do you neglect an important part that you miss? Let’s redefine your priorities and invest in the most effective activities.

In terms of work, 8 De Deniers in reverse can indicate a period during which you lack ambition, commitment or dedication to carry out your work. You are too absorbed by concerns and daily worries to take the time to develop more serenity and stability in the long run. Most of your energy is wasted after short-term gains and profits. This will not take you where you want to go. In order to go further in your current profession, you may have to go back, acquire additional skills even if it means a reduction in salary rather than trying to look for minor improvements in what you are already doing.

This card suggests going off the beaten track. You can look for something unrelated to what you did, such as starting your own business or exploring a whole new professional sector. Let’s look for something new. It is time to change direction.

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