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I. The upright meaning of 2 De Deniers

upright meaning of 2 De Deniers

This card evokes the desire to bind a contract that has not yet been finalized. It may be a financial plan that is still in its infancy, a home that is still under construction, a desire to get married or to create a partnership that will end successfully in terms of business matter. It is also possible that the fetus which is forming, relaxing and restoring strength.

2 De Deniers represents the need to balance a new financial activity with other important areas of life such as family, friends and even your own physical, mental and spiritual well-being. This card indicates the need for a balance between opposing desires and interests. Life will always be uncertain, but if you can achieve balance and harmony among all the surrounding requirements, you will end up living happily and prosperously. So, it reminds you to stay alert, agile and patient when trying to juggle among your family, friends, work, finances, health, and new challenges. You must be very clear about your priorities and where you want to invest your time and energy.

You tend to be distracted by the daily task and general activity, so let’s prioritize your activities and carefully manage your time. This card brings you back to earth and asks you not only to focus on all areas of your life and also to make sure that your daily tasks are in order. This is the card of time and financial management, making sure your bills are paid on time and keeping track of all your daily appointments and commitments, and so on. It may seem tedious to draw your attention to these mundane issues but this card reminds you that paying attention to your daily tasks is as important as pursuing your goals.

Sometimes, 2 De Deniers can indicate that there will be problems and difficulties in the future. There may be obstacles that hinder the achievement of what you want to pursue or obtain in life. The situation can cause undue concern and again, you will need to align your priorities and effectively manage your time to keep up the pace.

Similarly, this card predicts change. You must be able to cope with change, stay flexible and adapt your approach. Rather than putting all of your eggs in one basket, you might want to keep several options. You must stay centered while you remain flexible and alert. Let’s look for new possibilities, be open to change and surf the wave as best you can.

II. The reversed meaning of 2 De Deniers

On the negative side, Two of Pentacles can express a financial problem (difficulty in balancing money), lack of means or laziness, paralysis, anorexia, an unusual and impotent attitude towards the physical world or a tendency to commit suicide.

In your daily life, 2 De Deniers in reverse indicates that you are very busy and sometimes, you have trouble managing your activities and your commitments. You may also have difficulty managing your finances, paying bills, and meeting other financial commitments. Stress reaches you, and you are easily overwhelmed by your responsibilities. As a result, this card encourages you to be more organized and better plan your approach. You may need to add a little more structure to your day-to-day business through budgets, to-do lists, and time management.

This reversed card can be a clear indicator that you are not properly managing your work or family commitments. It is more than likely that you invest most of your time in your work and neglect your family or partner. Although you can cope with a few sleepless nights at work, there will come a time when enough is enough, and you will have to decide. It has to change! In addition, this card indicates that your cash flow can be quite unpredictable. Thus, you should stick to your budget.

On the sentimental level, the reversed 2 De Deniers advises you not to commit excessively, especially on the physical, logistical and material aspect. Do not get too involved in projects including you and your partner at this stage and take even fewer financial commitments together. Let’s monitor your expenses and manage your time. You may be caught up in work or other commitments at the time, which distracts your attention from your relationship. Everything will base on your priorities and your willingness to let other commitments interfere with your romantic relationship, and vice versa.

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