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I. The upright meaning of Cavalier de Deniers

upright meaning of Cavalier de Deniers

With a cane in hand and riding on an obedient blue horse, this Knight was walking through a country led by a pentagram. He represents actions beyond materiality to creativity, a peak that will open new horizons. He is also a man who is rich enough to create something new or a new purpose beyond material problems. In the correct sense, the Knight of Pentacles can represent a journey or action; in this case, it is a task that is connected to the body, creativity, and position of a person in the world.

Cavalier De Deniers works methodically and rigorously. Although his visions are not revolutionary, and his methods are probably not very original, he guesses that everything he undertakes will meet with success. He has the patience to accomplish all of his tasks, and he is incredibly reliable due to his sense of responsibility and commitment. As a card of the Court suit, this card can represent a part of yourself, someone in your life or an event. As a part of yourself, this card means that you must be trustworthy, reliable and hardworking. You are able to follow a process to ensure that a task or important job is done from beginning to end, according to expectations.

You are productive and committed to finishing the job, even if it takes a lot of work. You are also extremely loyal and ready to do whatever it takes for the result. There is a certain notion of perfectionism associated with this Knight. You are meticulous in your approach and you make sure that everything is planned and executed in every detail to achieve irrefutable success. You will never leave a half-finished task. It is essential for you to fulfill your duty according to the desired level of quality and to keep your promises.

If you depend on someone else’s efforts to help you reach a goal in life, that person will be trustworthy and respectful. This person will invest as much as you, and he/she will be very conscientious and proud of his/her work. For example, you may have hired a housekeeper who is always doing a great job or an assistant who is dedicated to helping you with all of the tasks you carry out. This person is someone who wants to do a good job and is not afraid to work hard to meet your expectations. As an event, Cavalier De Deniers often shows a time when you have to take responsibility and take charge of a situation.

You may be assigned to a project or task, and you will need to spend some of your times to see this project succeed. With this Knight, you will be asked to accept this responsibility without grumbling. Sometimes, this card emphasizes the most mundane elements of life. It represents routine, daily activities, and hard work that can be painful. It indicates a conformist approach that is risk-averse and safe. This card also asks you to continue doing what you do, to improve and progress gradually. There is no need to change approach, instead, let’s use the recipes that you master. Let’s ride with the wind and over time, you will reach your goals.

Likewise, Cavalier De Deniers means that you take a very conservative approach to life right now, and even if you think that change is imminent, you stick to your usual ways of doing things. You will realize that you will need careful planning if you want to achieve your goals. It is not really very interesting or exciting time, but at least you know you are on the right track to achieving your goals. Even if you are more and more tired and you are tempted to drop everything, this card tells you to hold on, hang in there and you will finally see success. Let’s keep your promises and stay true to your commitments.

Conversely, if a situation has stagnated for a while, you might see this card means that you are a bit stubborn and that you should negotiate a compromise. Sometimes, Knight can become too narrow when he is obsessed with his own styles. He is obstinate, stubborn and resists change.

II. The reversed meaning of Cavalier de Deniers

Cavalier de Deniers in reverse evokes the uncomfortable feeling of being stuck in a routine with repetitive behavior. Life becomes banal and boring, and you begin to expect change and spontaneity. To free yourself from this routine, strive to do things differently each time and bring a dose of unexpectedness into your everyday life.

In love, this reversed card can reflect boredom and impatience. One partner may be happy with the daily routine, but for the other, it is torture! You may also find that your relationship has lost its romantic side and now you are only focused on everyday activities like shopping, getting kids to school, preparing dinner. Let’s stop for a moment to have a good time together, otherwise, you risk losing the attention of your partner.

This card can also mean that there are common things in your life that you have chosen to ignore recently. Mundane activities such as housekeeping, money matters, labor relations, and career have been left out because you focus on more exciting or larger opportunities. Depending on your current possibilities, you may want to take more time to put your life in order or you may continue to focus on more pressing or important priorities. As a person, it may reflect someone who is not adventurous, too conservative and resistant to change. This person may prefer to stay at home while others are having fun and being adventurous. If it were you, you would risk isolating yourself from others or losing the interest of your friends. Thus, try to go out a little more and be open to new experiences.

The reversed Cavalier de Deniers can also indicate that you are becoming a perfectionist in the way you approach your work. You can criticize others who do not share the same attention to detail as you or even become frustrated quickly when their work is not on the same level as yours. Even if your hard work is appreciated, you do not want to lose the support of others along the way and you may need to be more flexible in your way of expression.

III. When Cavalier de Deniers speaks up

“I do not know if I am male or female. I am a bisexual who walks through the land where no treasure is buried. On the ground and in the sky, the two-sided coin of Page and King of Pentacles has turned into a star in the air. The material was mentalizing. It has become fertile and the mother of eternal life. I was like the flesh of the Virgin Mary, at the end of my life, I became immortal and rose to reign over the center of the universe. This is my destiny. My horse is not as gentle as the Knight of Cups; it walks moderately but carefully and firmly. It represents my health.

It does not go too fast nor too slow, it follows the rhythm corresponding to its reality. This endless peace comes from our control of death. I am willing to undergo endless changes when I learn that within my deep nature, there is an immutable core. That is what will bring the source of new wealth to Earth, which will turn into a solid in Wand. I held in my hand the beginning of a new cycle of activity, a stick of creation”.

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