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I. The upright meaning of 9 De Coupe Tarot

upright meaning of 9 De Coupe Tarot

For the first time in a series of cards of the Cups suit, the leaves drooping as if withered. This is the end of the blooming period, the fall of the heart; it is necessary to have a sad time to let love come in a new way. This is a period of consideration when we accept the end of an emotional cycle and let go of things that once existed. This sacrifice is seen as the deep love of mankind present in each individual, the separation, the refusal that a sober love brings.

9 De Coupe Tarot represent personal integrity and fulfillment or the final stage of development. Thus, it shows a pronounced tendency to daydream and hedonism. You are likely to spend more time thinking about great ideas and plans for an ideal lifestyle than doing the needed work right now. It is a good thing to think big but you need to take action immediately to turn your dreams into reality.

More generally, this card announces happiness in all areas such as health, finances, work, luck, love or any other type of relationship. This is one of the most positive and motivating cards of the Tarot of Marseille. It predicts a triumph at all levels: emotional, physical and sentimental. It is no wonder that many fortune-tellers refer to this card as the perfect card of choice because its appearance is often seen as a sign that, whatever the desire, you will be granted in the coming days or in the next weeks. You are now on the road to success. The new one usually refers to a fulfilling situation. For example, by reinforcing a relationship, consolidating a friendship or consuming a sexual relationship. This shows that joy and happiness are within your reach.

In fact, you probably have them already. It is a sign to enjoy the abundance of life and feel each of your emotions like never before. Let’s see perfection all around you. The appearance of this card is to appreciate your good fortune, to live for the present moment and to enjoy the great things that life has offered. Thus, start or end each day with a list of the three things you are most grateful for. You will find that, over time, you really have something to be happy with and that can further increase your sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. It also represents stability and progress.

9 De Coupe Tarot is synonymous with wonder and pleasure, with pride in what you have achieved so far and which provides a solid foundation for the future. Your worries are all gone, and you can expect a bright future. You can enjoy the fact that you are about to finally harvest what you have sown. Do not be shy or modest about it!

Do yourself a favor knowing that you have worked hard to get there and have achieved the desired results. This card can also announce luxury and madness. This includes nice flesh and wine, the arts, love, and relaxation in a beautiful environment. Of course, the balance will be necessary to not become lazy or greedy, but in general, this card means it is a pleasure rather than suffering the negative consequences of that pleasure.

II. The reversed meaning of 9 De Coupe Tarot

The negative side of this card is the emotional crisis in every state, nostalgia, unwanted loneliness, fear of deprivation, despair.

9 De Coupe Tarot is a card of satisfaction and fulfillment of wishes. But in reverse, it means you could be disappointed because your wishes will not materialize as expected. Your expectations may be unrealistic or you do not put enough energy to make your dreams come true, and you hope they materialize themselves.

On a more emotional level, this card usually indicates an extraordinary sense of satisfaction because everything is in its place, and you get everything you can imagine. But when in reverse, there is something still missing, and the inner fulfillment you were looking for still has not come true yet. Some disappointments may arise because of imperfections and mistakes, stupidity, indulgence, greed, superficial/material value, and excessive preoccupation with obtaining your own desires.

Physically, the reversed 9 De Coupe Tarot can denounce gluttony because of excessive consumption of food, alcohol or drugs and warn of the consequences. You should be careful not to exaggerate the sensual pleasures and show moderation in your gaps. This reversed card can reveal greed and lack of empathy towards others. You often find yourself arrogant or showing your success while others are suffering. Let’s pay attention and, even if you have something to say, think about the impact this may have on others.

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