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I. The upright meaning of Valet De Coupe

 upright meaning of Valet De Coupe

Valet De Coupe wore a wreath like a young girl in the Lover – Lamoureux Tarot (VI), he walked with a cup in his hand and was wondering whether to let it open or close. This is a timid character, has never been loved out of love from family or has had a habit of unconsciousness for a long time. His bisexual appearance can also show us that this character has yet to acknowledge his homosexuality. Discovering the emotional world that interests him and makes him frighten at the same time. At first, his heart said yes, then it said no again. He can be an embodiment of a desire to live mixed with fear, the one that can anticipate being rejected and hurt. He also evokes the transition from a child to an adult and the first love with great doubts and enthusiasm. He can also represent an older person who no longer dares to love. He can express a lack of faith in life and relationships and a pessimistic idea of love. On the negative side, he could be an emotional obstacle stemming from fears as a child, immaturity in emotions, tendency to dream too much, or a specter clinging to a failed love.

A powerful creative inspiration pushes you to start projects or to create new things that strongly related to your emotions. In general, Valet De Coupe touches the world of art, whether it is dancing, painting, or some other aesthetic activity. You are likely to go through a period of great intuition, with all kinds of synchronicities and unusual, prophetic or inspiring encounters that will somehow reveal the path to follow, guide you, and drive you to follow it. In any case, your subconscious will always look for ways to get in touch with you, through inspiration. You will feel a strong desire to follow your intuitions, and it is quite possible that they will always be right. It is, therefore, time to follow these impulses.

This is usually a card that conveys positive messages related to family and loved ones: weddings, commitments, births, pregnancies and all kinds of good news that will put you in a good mood. It is also important to listen to your emotions, to talk about them, to open your inner world and to share it. Perhaps, you have experienced extremely intense emotions compared to what you have been through. But you now look like someone with a heart on their hand, without fear of being hurt or affected in any way.

Valet De Coupe has a lot in common with our inner child, who will always be creative, innocent, carefree and optimistic, so this card will recommend you more than ever to connect to that inner being and not to repress anything. Freedom and imagination are closely linked to this, and they are the fuel that drives your dreams. It about never stops dreaming because many times, the imagination is the only way to escape when the rest does not seem to work anymore. The message of Valet De Coupe is: “Have confidence”! It is possible that this card will appear after a period of austerity. She will then bring a ray of sunshine and carelessness.

In the field of work, even if things have gone bad lately, it brings a wind of hope and good news because everything will improve, and even faster if you carry out a positive attitude, if you release fully your imagination and if you trust your heartbeat. If you are looking for a job, this card is a good omen.

In love, it can announce the beginning of a relationship with a person younger than you. Although this person seems inexperienced, you should give him/her a chance. If you are already in a relationship, the card can announce the arrival of a child or the celebration of a marriage or a serious commitment, something very encouraging. When it comes to finances, this card brings good news: favorable agreements, salary increases or debt resolution. If you have been waiting for a long time because your financial situation largely depends on others, this card indicates that you will find a way to control the situation. Let’s use your imagination and keep hope, the money will come.

II. The reversed meaning of Valet De Coupe

On the negative side, the Knave could be an emotional obstacle stemming from fears as a child, immaturity in emotions, tendency to dream too much, or a specter clinging to a failed love.

When in reverse, Valet De Coupe reveals an excessive imagination. Knave’s youth may represent a person who is immature, regardless of age, or may announce emotional conflicts of a certain gravity. Your emotional insecurity prevents normal relationships with others because you are generally pretending and asking for much more than what you are offering in return. You end up in situations of emotional abuse where feelings become uncontrollable, and you feel like people are hurting you for no apparent reason.

Besides, the character of this card is always in an attitude of suspicion, doubts, egoism and with a strong tendency to depression. Seizures, loss of control and weird behaviors can become common in unexpected situations. This can create a real blockage in creativity, an inability to follow one’s own intuitions, not to analyze accurately whether they are real or not. We could sum it all up by saying that it acts without thinking, so the message of this card is that you should try to stay grounded in reality and differentiate dreams and illusions.

Professionally, your colleagues appreciate you but you think that is not the case. Your low self-esteem can lead to over-zealous situations and discussions that may complicate things. If you are looking for a job, you must show a mature attitude and engage seriously in the activity to develop.

In love, reversed Valet De Coupe warns against selfish or capricious attitudes that can complicate your relationship. Thus, you should avoid controversies and verbal abuse, instead, concentrate on creativity to nurture your relationship. If you are single, this card may imply an unrequited love with a younger person. Perhaps, your dreams are baseless, and this relationship presents difficulties in developing in a normal setting. It advises you not to fall into immature fantasies, you must be realistic in what you plan. Do not make unthinking investments that promise unrealistic things.

III. When the Valet De Coupe speaks up

“The heart has too much ambiguity and mystery. . . I do not know how old I am; I could be an innocent young man or an old romantic soul or, why not, a young girl or an old lady. I headed to the left side of the reader, the place where their hearts resided, but I could still slip. My step is short and shy. I wrapped my cup in cloth because I was afraid that my sensitivity would be hurt. This is also the reason why I hold the fabric tightly with my other hand so that I can easily protect and support this heart because it is uncertain about itself. As an idealist, I wore a crown made of flowers, and I was still willing to dedicate myself and even ready for martyrdom. I am hesitant between the fear of being hurt and the desire to give myself up. I can sacrifice myself but can run away easily at the same time. I am willing to idealize others as well as nurture resentment in them. I can dance in an endless spring or crouch in an eternal winter. Inside me, there are joy and sadness, selfishness and generosity”.

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