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I. The upright meaning of 8 De Coupe Tarot

upright meaning of 8 De Coupe Tarot

At this level, the Cup has reached the perfection that represents the level of integrity. The heart was completely filled at every level. We have loved in the past, present, and future; we love this planet, our neighbors,  ourselves, the universe, and even things that are not envisioned. The question of being loved or not being loved does not appear: because we love everything. It is a harmony, peace in the heart, a balance and also what we often call aesthetics: strong union with divine love.

8 De Coupe Tarot can mean that it is time to ask yourself where to find the satisfaction and the happiness that the material world has apparently not provided you yet. You aspire to something other than the vicious circle of pretensions and material possessions, and you orient yourself towards a spiritual depth which at least brings meaning to life even if there is something must be given up in return. On the one hand, this card represents the beginning of a spiritual journey but on the other hand, it brings to light that you feel a major disappointment: you have already been the victim of disappointments in love, because of the family, work or the material world and all of this is likely to overstep the emotional boundaries of suffering.

You may also feel a deep disappointment either because you have not achieved certain ambitions, material or spiritual, or because you have reached them but you have felt deeply in your being that it was insufficient and illusory. So, your current attitude is to leave everything behind to get out of progressive destruction. This card may indicate that you have given much to others, and nothing has come in return. In order not to continue to complain about these findings, you can choose a pretty sudden change.

8 De Coupe Tarot describes the typical situation when we give up something because it does not work anymore. It can be a job, a relationship, a career, a project. There often is a lot of sadness and resignation when this decision is made, but you know that in the end, it is for your own good and your interest. If something does not work in your life, this card confirms that you will dare to lift your finger and suggest changes.

If your instinct tells you it is the right thing to do, let’s do it. Sometimes, closing a door is the only way to open others. In terms of work, this card indicates that it is possible that your job is not appropriate for you. Perhaps, you are bored or apathetic, not appreciating what you are doing, or not being able to move to where you want. 8 De Coupe Tarot does not advise you to drop your job or to hang on to it. It just wants you to reevaluate everything and try to solve them. Things will not fix themselves. Either it would be better to take a radical turn, or you have to do your best to fix things, trying to adapt them to the maximum of what seems right.

In the realm of love, you can decide to end a relationship, regardless of how long it is. If you already feel like that, you need to act immediately and do not hesitate for the right time because, in reality, there is never a right moment for this type of situation. This card advises not to jump right into another relationship after ending one. Instead, give yourself time and space to contemplate. If you are single at this time, this state may last a little longer because there are no interesting people around. Everything is disappointing, and you continue to search.

Physically, it is a card that still has positive sides because it encourages you to look for new ways to make money by cutting all the ineffective ideas. Of course, the guarantee is important, but you should not just focus on it, think about emotional or mental satisfaction.

When it comes to health, keep track of your stress level before making an important decision regarding leaving things behind you that cause physical and mental exhaustion. At this point, you may feel extremely exhausted, so try to eat well and follow a reasonable sleep cycle.

Spiritually, this card means you may need to spend time on yourself. Taking the time to meditate alone can help you to find the wisdom and needed solution. Besides, you should reconcile with your inner voice and listen to it.

II. The reversed meaning of 8 De Coupe Tarot

The negative side of this card is not to accept the perfection of love. There are also: deprivation, permanent dissatisfaction, excess love that looks like it is giving away but is just only received.

When in reverse, this card shows that you are in confusion. It is impossible for you to define which is the best option. At some point, you want to make a major change, but the fear of getting out of your current comfort zone, one way or another, prevents you from moving forward.

The reversed 8 De Coupe Tarot means that you have reached a point where you have to admit that some things in your life no longer work. You have tried everything and spent a lot of efforts but things still remain unresolved. This necessary step causes constant dilemmas and raises doubts: today, you decide but tomorrow you will change your mind in the blink of an eye. This reveals that even if you know where you need to go and what you need to do, you do not engage in that idea enough. On the other hand, this card can indicate that you put little hope in your projects, that there is a drift, an endless whirlwind. This leads to a kind of isolation that could engender fear of companionship and engagement. You will feel overwhelmed by all of the seemingly complicated things, with the desire to quickly flee the worries instead of solving them.

At work, you may be in a tricky situation in which you simply prefer to flee and get out of there immediately. Of course, you have your reasons, and your inner voice claims that it is the best thing to do, but try to soothe those anxieties and manage what is happening because there can always be solutions to the problems. To sum up, this card advises avoiding impulsive thoughts and hasty decisions.

As for love, you feel the urge to put an end to things and to stop everything. Still, this is probably not the right time, instead, you should calm down and let your thoughts settle. It is likely that you will eventually break up, but after a period of thoughtful and deep thought, not to the point that these lively emotions leading you to a big mistake.

In the area of ​​finance, you will probably face problems and anxieties, and you expose yourself to make some small nonsense with your money, your credit or your projects. The reversed 8 De Coupe Tarot advises you to calm down, meditate things with tranquility and depth, and consider your action cautiously. You also need to be open to the advice and experiences of others, which can help you a lot.

This process will take more than a day, so calm down and deal with the situation. It is important not to isolate yourself at this time and while it is difficult to find a friend or trusted person with whom you feel comfortable, you should do your best to contact people. Many good things come from this simple action. Do not just stay around your corner.

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