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I. The upright meaning of Roi de Deniers

upright meaning of Roi de Deniers

Dressed comfortably and unobtrusively, wearing a hat instead of a crown, his throne was placed outside, right in the middle of Nature; he laid the groundwork for his strength based on material and kept the connection with the Earth. He could be an industrialist, an entrepreneur, or a rich farmer. He knew two forms of wealth: the coin he held in his hand represented the amount of money he knew how to earn without much effort and with pleasure. The flying coin he was looking at represented his actions to the world, virtual currency, or spiritualized material things. The King of Pentacles could easily become a millionaire or a person who is completely separate from the miraculous wealth of the present. His negative meanings include deception, dirty money, and stock speculation. He could also be a weapon dealer or a seller of toxic goods.

Roi de Deniers represents abundance, security, ambition, power, stability, discipline, loyalty, and control. He is a father figure who loves caring for others by providing advice, support, and wisdom, as well as more material aspects such as financial support and prosperity. He demonstrates a true generosity through what he has accumulated and shares everything in his ability with others.

This King very much resembles King Midas. Everything he touches turns into gold. It is a shining example of financial stability, the sharing of wealth and experience with people around. He is a man who has reached the pinnacle of financial power and influence and can be assured of uninterrupted prosperity. He is no longer forced to fight for what he wants, unlike the Valet de Deniers and Cavalier de Deniers, he is able to do anything he wants because he has already proven himself. Thus, he often indicates the final achievement of a creative task, a business or an investment.

Because of enthusiasm, responsibility, and attention to detail, you have achieved great things and reached a milestone. You can now enjoy everything you have accomplished so far and the successes you have created. This generates a life of opulence, not only from a financial point of view but also spiritual, which prepares you very well for the future. Whenever you need skills to handle your daily business competently and efficiently, you can call on the power of Roi de Deniers. Let’s work hard methodically and conscientiously.

The more time and resources you generously give, the more you will receive, and earning more money is a talent that this King loves to do. He is obsessed with business and very enterprising. This card is totally involved in any activity that provides the ability to generate more wealth or more business. King is able to succeed in any field and can find opportunities almost anywhere! He can grab an idea and make it prosper financially. He indicates that there is a methodical, planned and thoughtful approach that will lead you to success. Many consider him to be dull and unimaginative, but it is a likely result of his preference to do things the classic way.

You have experienced what works best in the past and you have discussed your own methods and practices which, you know, will continue to work in the future. So, you prefer to continue on this path rather than trying new ways of doing things. You know that you have reached the peak of success, so you do not want to take risks anymore. Roi de Deniers also asks you to be pragmatic and to keep you informed of practical issues. You need to focus on the essentials and use your problem-solving skill to find solutions.

This King can also lead the political game, negotiating comfortably with everyone, regardless of the status of the opposing party. He reminds you that appreciating the sensual and luxurious side of life often makes it more enjoyable. As such, he attracts quality rather than quantity and teaches how to live a full and happy life. He is not afraid to spend money when necessary to generate a lot of happiness and enjoyment in life.

II. The reversed meaning of Roi de Deniers

When in reverse, Roi de Deniers is stripped of his throne. This loss generates many questions about how he encountered this situation and what he needs to do to fix it. In a spread, this reversed card represents a loss of control over a situation or a failure. Here are some possible interpretations that may apply when you draw this card in reverse.

It can represent you or someone in your life who has an obsession for material possessions. He expects to reign as King and enjoys the “good things in life”. He despises those who can not live according to his own social status. You will often find him boasting about his wealth. He will do anything for the sake of money and material, even if it means taking advantage of someone else. This could include marriage for money and maintaining the relationship to squander one’s partner’s money.

You will often find this reversed card indulging in things that bring him pleasure and good times, such as food, wine or flesh. It can serve as a warning for someone in your life or a glimpse of your own flaws. Because of this obsession with material things, you may find that financial insecurity comes with him. You risk spending much more than you can afford. Therefore, it is time to establish a practical budget based on your income. It means giving up some luxury products that you cherish.

Roi de Deniers in reverse is trying to show you how to free yourself from the quagmire into which you have been trapped lately. Everyone deserves to have a little fun from time to time. Sometimes, you do not even realize how much you need this change of pace before you soaked in that breath of fresh air.

When it comes to love, this card often represents a fear of commitment. This can be related to a general and persistent fear or the status of your current relationship. Although your partner may be your ideal type, you realized that he/she is not really the one you are looking for. He/she seems to commit and dedicate at one point, but turn out, he/she is just dominant and possessive in your relationship.

Another interpretation for this reversed King card is that your sentimental relationship will face instability and uncertainty. You may be used to having your partner calm every time things go wrong, but now he/she is shaking. Before that, you might have thought that your partner was invulnerable and able to overcome all the obstacles. But only with your support and help can he/she regain his/her strength and courage.

In terms of health, Roi de Deniers in reverse means that you handle things in an extreme way, either by neglecting it completely or by paying excessive attention to it. Caring obsessively about your health and fitness can also depress you because it takes you on a hard road. On the other hand, if you neglect your health and do not train or eat properly, you may become lazy, lethargic and suffer complications. It is time to take care of yourself and to enjoy a healthy and fulfilling life.

On the professional level, you do everything you can, but for whatever reason, you do not seem to be making any progress on anything. This reversed card can be a signal that it is time to be organized. To achieve your goals, just take a few small and regular steps to tackle what you want to accomplish. Do not lose yourself by trying to focus on the main lines. Instead, stay on course by moving slowly. Be patient because everything takes time.

III. When Roi de Deniers speaks up

“I am still a bit reluctant to call myself “King”. I left my castle and appeared in the middle of Nature. I changed my crown to get a hat. I look more like a merchant. I did not think about conquering or planning, and I did not do charity either; rather, I manage by not doing anything. That is the knowledge that I pursue, represented by a floating coin in the sky. My mundane possessions, represented by the coin I hold in my hands, which have been reduced to a minimum and I put them in the right place without wasting them. I do not compare myself with anyone.

I earn a living thanks to my work. I am in reality. I accept endless accidents and changes in material life. I allow myself to be swept away, I know that the universe has its mysterious intentions, and if I do not know them, I should follow them without a doubt. The whole planet is my kingdom. I have no court and army; my knowledge contains nihilistic knowledge, my power cannot do anything, I myself am nowhere. I may be a monk, a Buddha, those who indirectly accept my body as a temporary means. Or I could be an executive of an industry with my scarecrows, serene between my financial paradise”.

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