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I. The upright meaning of 4 D’épée Tarot

upright meaning of 4 D'épée Tarot

The idea has been stable. This card refers to rationalism, every aspect of thought with a firm stance and certain mature awareness. The mind that is biased towards the reality is capable of good application based on practice. Intelligence is established and stable; it knows how to operate through general synthesis.

Conservative trend with one’s point of view. Lack of sharpness or lack of some charm.

The 4 D’épée Tarot announces calmness after the storm, a period of rest and recuperation after a challenging episode, with the promise that once restored, you can return to combat. Meanwhile, it brings a new challenge: to remain silent and inactive. It is time to rebuild mentally, meditate and spend time in a calm atmosphere. You must rebuild your strength, recharge spiritually, rest, and relax.

This card reminds us that after each crisis and before each new challenge, there is always a moment of relaxation and contemplation. Stress and tension affect even the hardest and most resilient people, and the short respite provides energy, concentration, and attention before facing the next steps. It is also a sign that you can stop worrying. Let’s reduce your vigilance and take a break despite the chaos around. Currently, it is a truce and you can take your breath without being harassed again. However, remember that a ceasefire agreement and peace are not the same: a guarantee that challenges will return to your life as soon as you are ready to face them, so let’s enjoy the peace and quiet you have earned but never lose the fact that the battle is not over and still there.

4 D’épée Tarot shows that it is time to breathe after some difficult times, perhaps, the pain of a breakup or departure, a relationship or family problems, financial or health problems, stress or conflict. This is not the time to make a decision, especially when you are the most vulnerable. It also shows the need for isolation. You need to be isolated to deal with your situation, stand alone for a moment to collect your thoughts and feelings.

4 D’épée Tarot emphasizes that you need to spend time alone to reevaluate your life. The simplicity, though often unpleasant, is necessary to charge the battery and energize you. Experience of loneliness always brings greater inner strength and confidence. Let’s get rid of pain, conflict, distractions, stress, and anxiety, then recharge yourself. Also, you should consider your conscience to have a real change and meditation every day.

In fact, 4 D’épée Tarot means that you need some time from the current situation, to reflect on and review the progress that has been made so far. This is a good time to reevaluate and balance your priorities. It is almost like driving your life balanced after a milestone. Let’s give yourself space and time to think about what has been, done well, what has failed and what you need to change for the future. At the same time, give yourself a respite after each big challenge, which will help you better arrange for the future.

II. The reversed meaning of 4 D’épée Tarot

The negative side of this card implies everything related to quiddity, an inherent rigid viewpoint, a cramped mind in its own perceptions; in addition, it implies the unfounded arguments of people who only speak without knowing and reject intuition. In the worst case, intellect will become violent.

The reversed 4 D’épée Tarot can mean that you feel excited and want to do everything at the same time. Even if your body tells you that you need to rest and relax, your mind wants you to go ahead and complete a long list of tasks. The side effect that follows is that you will get sick and become stressed. Therefore, it is necessary to force yourself to rest and make sure you are not completely exhausted or depressed. It is also possible that you try to avoid any stage of reflection or meditation on a particular subject for fear of what it might bring to the outside. You have to face the pain and sadness in your heart. You must purify this pain because it prevents you from moving forward. After that, you will start to calm down and you will be able to live a more fulfilling life.

This reversed 4 D’épée Tarot can also be on the spot and a lack of action that may increase a strange sense of frustration. For example, a marriage that may no longer allow spouses to continue to flourish and could be spiritually and emotionally drained of all energy.

You may need to take a break from this blocking situation and re-invest when the energy flows on its own. Likewise, it suggests that you feel frustrated by the lack of progress and change in your life.

Many things remained motionless or failed to change as you expected. However, part of this lack of change is the result of your passive approach. There may have been situations that frustrated or frustrated you, but you have chosen to simply remain passive and hope that they will eventually change rather than take the bull by the horns to create the desired result.

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