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I. The upright meaning of 2 De Coupe Tarot

upright meaning of 2 De Coupe Tarot

What we see in this card is a collection of passionate dreams. A thirst for love is born in a person who never knows what love is or after a long time of loneliness. We are being held in the Two of Cups; others have not yet appeared, and we must imagine other people like what we know about ourselves. The only relevant point for ordinary lovers has not yet formed in the virgin heart that is the family. This is the period where the whole legend of empathetic souls is born. Oedipal love (a desire for sexual involvement with the parent of the opposite sex and a concomitant sense of rivalry with the parent of the same sex) becomes the foundation for predicting the future. In the preparation phase for this love, there is still sentiment and shyness.

2 De Coupe Tarot shows the beauty and power that are created when two become one. It reflects balance, mutual respect, and harmony in relationships between each other. There is no “me”, just “us” and both parties focus on a mutually beneficial outcome or a win-win situation. Sometimes, it reveals a relationship based on mutual attraction. In love, it reflects a clear, stimulating, encouraging and sincere exchange of emotions that is the gift of a romantic relationship.

2 De Coupe Tarot symbolizes nurturing love, something creative, exclusive, inspiring and satisfying. In a spread, it is often a beautiful beginning of the romance, in which there is a deep understanding, harmony, and love between the two souls. Gentleness and attention will bind your two hearts with a very close feeling. In some cases, it may refer to marriage, proposals, and commitments.

It is a reflection of the commitment between the two, to say that they will go through life together, always caring about the needs and wants of the other person. Besides the love aspect, the card also reflects a kind of partnership, whether it is a business partnership, friendship or even a relationship between a person and his/her pet. At first glance, the two people shared a message similar to the Lover – Lamoureux Tarot. However, the energy of this card is slightly lower than that of the Lover. While the Lover represents the complete unity of two beings, this card describes a more recent alliance, which is as stable as it may appear now, at risk of undoing with time.

So, even if the alliance is strong now, it is still too early to know whether it can withstand the test of time or not. Only two people involved will be able to decide. It also indicates what is happening in the individual. To be truly loved and highly appreciated by others, above all, you have to be self-respected. That is to say, to appreciate yourself, one must have self-esteem for the inner self and treat it with deep respect. Once you can imagine yourself in a positive light, others will not be able to stop responding in your direction.

II. The reversed meaning of 2 De Coupe Tarot

Negative aspects of this card include immaturity in emotion, loneliness, inability to establish relationships, forbidden feelings by the family; fear of attachment, passivity, and dissonance of a couple, and daydreaming about childish love.

With the reversed 2 De Coupe Tarot, you may have difficulty creating new partnerships and new relationships because of a lack of trust or unresolved issues. You may also be reluctant to open up and expose your true feelings because it can cause people to leave you or cause clumsiness. Your behavior becomes cautious and limited.

This reversed card can announce a break or a lack of harmony within a relationship or partnership. You can not look at each other’s eyes because there are tensions in the relationship. Each partner has a hard time being really honest with each other and, as a result, the bonding is cut off. There is a lack of mutual respect and understanding.

In the upright position, this card is good omen because it shows a balance and an emotional connection. But in reverse, 2 De Coupe Tarot means you are in an unequal position. As if your partner thinks he is superior to you or his opinion is more important than yours. Even for a well-on-going relationship, it can be a sign that it is more physical than emotional, and there may be an ephemeral relationship rather than something more meaningful.

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