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The core meaning of the sword lies in the fact that the Knave’s wisdom still needs to be trained and honed. Being aware of his immaturity, Knave hesitated: whether he knew how to use his weapon, or should he put it back into the leather bag? This man, who holds the foundation of wisdom, still lacks confidence. He could be a student or a young seeker. His intellect has been relieved; perhaps, this Knave has not completed his study. Like all other Knave (Page) cards, the Knave of Swords – Valet D’épée Tarot position requires both caution and patience. The negative aspects of this card can be deception, inferiority, a disturbing mind, gossip, hesitation, poor thinking, and quarreling.

I. The upright meaning of Valet D’épée Tarot

Valet D’épée Tarot means plenty of energy, passion, and enthusiasm. You can not wait to start a new project or idea and share it with others. You may start new projects or organize a trip with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. The challenge, however, will be there whether you can continue or not! The start always looks promising, but there is something else needed to keep up the pace. Not everyone will be happy with your choices, but you follow your passions and you know where your true energy is.

upright meaning of Valet D'épée Tarot

This card encourages you to go ahead despite all the obstacles that could block you. It also reminds you of the sweet moment when you are just starting to make your way in life and advises you to accompany those who share your direction and ideas. You should look for a relationship in which feel comfortable with those who will learn and grow with you and give you the chance to develop your own personality and character.

You are intelligent and sensitive, therefore, you may suffer a lot if you do not express your ideas or feelings. Valet D’épée Tarot is as insightful as Reine D’épée Tarot (Queen of Swords). He has the ability to discover the truth by asking all kinds of important questions. However, His inexperience and immaturity made him different from her. His questions can become annoying because he constantly asks “why?”. He nevertheless has an obvious mental and physical agility supplemented by a real ability of anticipation making him an excellent student who is eager for knowledge.

Valet D’épée Tarot also highlights communication, information, and ideas. It is an indication that you need to appreciate and communicate ideas, information, and theories. These ideas, information, and opinions may be yours or of someone else. It does not matter, as long as you are involved in the discussion, sharing with others.

You always find new topics and someone to share it with. You also know how to juggle words, show yourself a good writer or speaker, and you are passionate about what you do. However, be careful not to spread gossip. Although Valet D’épée Tarot likes to talk and stay abreast of things, it is important that you use this talent for the benefit of others, rather than pushing them. You may also have to pay attention to what you are saying and especially to whom because this period makes you more inclined to share confidential information, let’s protect your privacy and think twice before speaking.

Valet D’épée Tarot can also represent a child or teenager who represents a new set of knowledge, information, and ideas. You can resolve some disputes with this person because the Sword often indicates the level of stress or conflict, and this energy can sometimes be difficult to convert. If necessary, give yourself a break, then continue dealing with this person with a fresh look. This person really likes to share with you and despite his/her lack of experience, he/she can teach you something about yourself.

You must always be open to energy and high enthusiasm to learn about the world. This card encourages you to entertain with all intellectual activities, explore and enjoy the world of thought and culture. The disadvantage of Valet D’épée Tarot is the chaotic nature of his intellectual discoveries and his lack of perseverance. He seems to either defend and protect his idea or attack and seek a victim for the double-edged sword of his mind. Perhaps, he seeks a confrontation in the intellectual sense or has a desire to prove his spiritual superiority to others. The problem is that he is not mature enough to express himself in a constructive way and can quickly become too contradictory.

II. The reversed meaning of Valet D’épée Tarot

The reversed Valet D’épée Tarot means that you act hastily, without examining things in detail. You put a lot of energy to make things happen but your way of doing things is not very effective. Let’s focus one thing at a time rather than trying to manage all of them. This will lead to more significant results. This card can also warn about speaking out without taking. You should be careful about the unfulfilled promises and the commitments you will regret later.

Before making a promise or committing yourself to something, make sure that you are able to complete it in order to preserve your integrity and reputation. Also, let’s beware of other people’s commitments to yourself and offer solutions to ensure they keep the promise as agreed.

The reversed Valet D’épée Tarot can be a little “know-it-all” and maybe try to impress you with great stories about his past and accomplishments. It may also mean that you are disturbing others with non-stop questions and the habit of always challenging others. Even if you are simply trying to better understand a situation or concept, there are more constructive and respectful ways to tackle it. Let’s be aware of the annoying way in which you approach others when you constantly ask “why?” and challenge or question only the ideas that really matter to you rather than doubting everything that is presented to you.

Finally, this card also reveals the anxiety of public speaking. You may be anxious to lack experience or knowledge to discuss a particular topic, or you may just be afraid to be the focus of attention. You should know that people sincerely want to hear your point of view, even if it is different from them.

III. When Valet D’épée Tarot speaks up

“Sophistication and grace are my essential qualities. But they can quickly turn into hypocrisy. Unlike Knave of Wands or Knave of Pentacles, I do not have a pristine nature. I understand nobility, diplomatic and political strategies, and I know every corner of the mind, and it is the purpose of its life. One of my hands held my scabbard, a symbol of Logos and wisdom. I have gathered a lot of knowledge, and I have been prepared, but I still do not know how to apply my knowledge to practice.

The scabbard was ready for the sword to put in, but I had no intention of acting. At the same time, I was wondering: my sword is pointing at my head. I doubt. My legs are in the opposite direction. My thoughts are still too contradictory. I hesitated for the duality of concepts. I do not know how to cut it, to blow them away so that we can separate subjectivity from objectivity. I am not part of anything: I still cannot afford to participate and frankly give my opinion”.

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