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I. Overview of the Sun – Le Soleil Tarot

The Sun – Le Soleil Tarot (XVIIII), looks directly into our eyes, like the character of Justice – La Justice Tarot and the angel of Judgment – Le Jugement Tarot. He has a lot in common with Devil – Le Diable Tarot (XV), with slightly squinted eyes. It is reasonable to assume that the Devil took fire to light his torch from the Sun, the heat and light of God. The truth is that this is the first interpretation of the sun, the symbol of life and love, the model of the Cosmic Father. He is the owner of Heaven, the source of heat and light, he brings life to all beings. Here, this brilliant celestial body has climbed to the top, removing all shadows from its position in the middle of the sky. The brilliant orange glow of the intuition of the Moon – La Lune Tarot opens the way for the basic pattern that it reflects: the transparent yellow light of the Sun – Le Soleil Tarot.

tarot le soleil
Father model, New construction work

Under the heat of the Heavenly Father, the two characters cross the blue river together. Two important details make these two look like the minions in the Arcana card XV. The creature on the left has a tail resembling the male minion in the Devil, and the creature on the right has three dots on the side like the female minion. We can say that the energy found in the shadow of the Arcana card XV has now emerged in the bright daylight and that the bond of passion merged into the two characters was changed by the relationship of support, human love with its purity. This is a deep friendship and sublime freedom of the Sun – Le Soleil Tarot. The character on our right side is the one who carries the symbol of active consciousness while the character on the left side is coming as a blind, willing to let others lead the way.

II. Keywords of the Sun – Le Soleil Tarot

Heat – Love – New life – Construction – Passing – Awareness – Cosmic Father – Pairing – Illuminating – Crossing – Childhood – Success – Evolution.

The shackles of the two minions are now only the mark of the positive red ring on the necks of the two characters, the place of a road, and a line on their chest that marks the boundary between left and right, the delimitation and unity of dynamism and receptive. The character on the right standing on the white soil seemed to have been washed; between her legs, there is a scene replaced by a pure blue space. It seemed that she had passed and reached a higher spiritual level on the other side of the river, and on this side, the other character is walking with the helping hand of the other.

We can see in this image of the twins a metaphorical meaning for the inner action: the conscious part helping the original animal part in each person finds the way to another reality. The adult leads the inner child inside to joy.

In the Sun – Le Soleil Tarot, there are three colors repeated in the sky, on the ground and in the figure of two characters. The central yellow of the sun and its intense rays reflect on the bricks of the wall and the hair of the two main characters as if pointing out the connection between wisdom and light. The red light of the rays bounced back from the bricks on the high wall, at the foot of the wall and on the headdress of the two characters. The eyes of this celestial body are white with the black apple of the eyes, as the eyes of the two characters that it is illuminating and like the ground that has been cleaned off on the right side of the card. This stare makes red-yellow duality (energetic/intellectual action) become a divine polity.

Finally, the blue of the flowing river as if it is rolling around the waist of two characters. This probably means that they have accepted their bodies, the wave of constant change wrapped around them like an ephemeral shape. Next, it reaches towards the sun with five blue drops, the Eternal Consciousness that exists in each of us. The union between heaven, earth, and people is complete. A single green ribbon, evidence of a fertile link between the sun’s heat and the activity of the river, implying the growth of plants.

We can read the number of straight lines in the ribbon of this growth according to the Tarot numerology, as well as when reading a series of numbers of the Major Arcana. We see the number 14 on the left side of the character on the left as if foreshadowing the healing process in which he is involved; then, the number 2 between his legs, which implies a nurturing of the future world, followed by the number 7 between the two characters, which is the action of a character to the other one; and finally, number 9 on the right side of the card, suggesting the numerical value of the number 9, the crisis at the end of the cycle and the separation. But the relevant thing here is to start to change. The low red and yellow wall on the ground indicated that there was a new building in the midst of the crisis. These two characters have broken with the past, activating a new life.

  • Figure 1: The character on the left has a small tail, the trace of his animal nature;
  • Figure 2: Three dots represent a spiritual meaning on the character’s flank on the right side;
  • Figure 3: White ground for a new world;
  • Figure 4: The Sun card – Le Soleil Tarot looks straight at us.

III. Interpretation of the Sun – Le Soleil Tarot

The Sun – Le Soleil Tarot is a good omen for all new construction; it implies an unconditional love of the workplace and heralds success based on an intense and enlightened approach. This is the crystallization of a passionate couple, the result of success, an awareness in any area of human life – in emotional, intellectual, creative, and material aspects. It is also the beginning of a new life in which the past difficulties are left behind, is the encounter of a harmonious soul, the signing of a beneficial contract.

The Sun – Le Soleil Tarot also represents the ideal values of the father’s model, including the perception of intellect and masculine spirit inside the femininity. It can also refer to the dominance of the father’s image in the question, and the presence or absence of the father (that cannot overcome) imprinted on the mind of the querent. This may lead to the querent imagining the ideal image of a father that may differ greatly from reality.

The energy of the sun always shines for everyone at all times. However, we should not forget that the blazing sun can lead to death and aridness that can turn the land into desert.

IV. When the Sun – Le Soleil Tarot speaks up

“I keep refreshing myself. By burning myself, I provide heat for each leaf of grass, every animal, and all the life, without leaving anything: I am happy if you call it Love. Periodically, I disappeared and appeared again. Similarly, to enter my splendor, humankind needs to be able to bury their past and start a new life. I will help them. Where I shine is where I erase all doubts. I went into the darkest corners of my soul, filling those places with my light. Being motivated by my breath, you will cross the river of crazy impulses and when you are purified, you will reach a land where everything is easy to grow”.

“I shine in the center of the material, I am its mysterious glow. It is nothing without me. When rejecting me and not treating me as vital power, it will only be a corpse. I stopped to saturate it with my immortal drops. Because of you, my children, I bring endless joy and excitement. Do not close yourself, so my eternal light cannot get through. Let’s look at how low the wall is between you and me. I built it like that so everyone could jump over – it was a children’s game. Under my rays, you will know the truth, naked, affectionate sincerely. I am the solution to all difficulties”.

“I am a clear eye, and also an echo of the first scream. What you call “darkness” is just a lack of understanding of my light and my ever-present love. I kept foretelling the end of the night. Everything unclear is not me. I am a refreshing and relentless rebirth, which is expected to happen throughout life. I am called Sun, but I have no name; I am the brilliant radiance of life”.

“But who am I if no one reflects me? How can I become immense without any limits on me? What is my immortality if there is no path to death? What is my eternal existence without the trap of the timeline? What would my golden seeds be without pieces of soil to sow them? What will the food I provide if no one eats? In fact, my love is the majority of my needs for others”.

“That is why I am constantly regenerating myself. I multiply my energy in endless examples; I became a fan of my own children. I find myself in their hearts; this is where I tell myself. Every mother in the world that I have made to conceive does nothing other than giving birth to me. The son of the sun has enough authority. I cede these rights to conscious human beings”.

V. Traditional interpretations of the Sun – Le Soleil Tarot

New Life – Associate – Successful – Good harvest – Happiness – Light – Summer – Dazzling – Intelligence – Enthusiastic – Rich – Dryness – Child or childhood – Couple – Enemy – Model of the Father’s Universe – The ideal father – The absent father – Breaking up with the past to create something better – Construction – Unity.

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