The Sun Tarot Card Meanings

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The Sun Tarot is a picture of optimism and is full of sunshine after a long dark night. As the source of all lives on earth, it is also the source of life itself. On the card, the image of the boy symbolizes happiness from the depths of our hearts when we understand ourselves in the most authentic way.

He is completely naked because he has nothing to hide. Indeed, all he has is the innocence of childhood. The white horse that the boy riding on represents the strength and purity of the soul. There is no saddle and the boy rides without using his hand to balance. It is an image for perfect control of consciousness and subconscious. His holds an orange flag illustrating that the process of control has shifted from consciousness to subconscious. The orange flag represents the image of dynamic and active which are the same as the sun shines.

Straight lines of light show dynamism while the curved lights show excitement. Sunflowers in the background symbolize life and spirits of vitality in Sun’s nourishment. Four sunflowers represent four suits in the hidden set of the Tarot card, as well as representing 4 elements: Air, Fire, Earth, Water. The object associated with astrology in the Sun Tarot card is, of course, the Sun.

The detailed description of the Sun Tarot card

Mighty, brilliant and twinkle; many of the words we speak that bring the form of power and the magnificence of light. When we turn on the lights in the room, it means we look at the room to every corner. And when we turn on the light in our mind, then we are enlightened. We see clearly and understand the truth. Both inside and outside, the energy of light expands our limits and makes us shine.

Throughout history, people have been honoring the sun as the source of light and warmth. In the myth of many cultures, it is supreme – always full of strength and bravery. It is the essential energy for life on earth. In Tarot, it symbolizes vitality and magnificence. This card is definitely not a card of docility and rest.

Keywords related to the Sun Tarot card: Enlightenment, The great, Vitality, Confidence

Detailed meaning of the keywords of the Sun Tarot card

Be enlightened

  • Understanding;
  • See the clue behind the chaos;
  • Reach new heights in understanding;
  • Achieve intellectual superiority;
  • Get to the center of the problem;
  • Get to know the truth.

Experience the greatness

  • Achieve the excellence;
  • Outstanding among the crowds;
  • Get the moment of personal shine;
  • Become a great example;
  • Shine brightly;
  • Become different;
  • Become the focus of attention.

Feel full of vitality

  • Become full of energy;
  • Full of enthusiasm;
  • Experience the joy;
  • Feel energetic;
  • Charged for energy;
  • Have good health.

Feel confident

  • Feel free and open;
  • Honor yourself;
  • Know that you can succeed;
  • Become confident;
  • Believe in the value of yourself;
  • Forgive yourself.

A few opposite cards to the Sun Tarot card

  • Moon confusion, disorientation, illusion;
  • 8 of Cups – fatigue;
  • 6 of Swords – boredom, listlessness;
  • 5 of Pentacles – exhausted, tired.

A few support cards for the Sun Tarot card

  • Tower – enlightenment, revelation;
  • The World – the perfection, the achievement of great things;
  • 2 of Wards – personal strength, vitality, greatness;
  • 6 of Wards – welcome, highlight.

Upright meaning of the Sun Tarot card: joy, warmth, success, positive side, vitality

Words and Keywords

Helpers and supporters in life, vitality, sexual pleasure/enjoyment, ambition, self-confidence, optimism, agility, achievement, affirmation, empowerment, masculine energy, time devoted to responsibility, a prosperous development.

Enlightenment, truth, logic, clear thinking, warmth, friendship, the power of positive thinking, think completely clear, joy, satisfaction, creative self-expression, hope, enrichment, self-control, blessing, spiritual success, rejoicing, expression, gain, opportunity, energy, spontaneity, creative inspiration, public recognition, celebration, good health, masculinity, happiness, prosperity, rationality, academic honor, scientific achievement.

Invention, marriage, children, emotional happiness, the dawn of a new day, summer, hot weather, enjoy the outdoors, a birthday party, on a sunny day you will fully understand, you enlighten my life, you are the one who gives me the source of joy, the feeling of full of vitality, everyone is happy.


When the Sun Tarot appears in the upright, it is a sign that you may find yourself feeling free over a period of time – maybe years. It is a great time to travel and experience many different things. This card speaks of vitality, freedom, joy, and self-expression.


Things, in general, are probably going well for you. However, even though finances seem so good when you pull out of the card, that does not mean you have the right to lose focus on the list of important things in your life, and the money does not rank high on that list. This is a good time to socialize, meet new people and friends.


If you are looking for a new job, the Sun Tarot in the upright is a sign that it is coming so close. This is very important, no matter what happens, keep yourself ego-controlled and share the results of your work with those who work with you, whether you have done all or most of the work. In short, your work is stable and moving towards new opportunities and advances.


If you are in a serious relationship then this is when you and your lover are in need of more private space than ever. This is not the time to be coddled, rely on, or need each other. And if you’re looking for love – it is definitely close.


In terms of finance, the Sun Tarot card implies that your status can be more positive than usual. However, be prepared for unexpected expenses. If you are waiting for a decision made by someone else, you will not have to wait any longer, and that decision is likely to be beneficial to you.


Your health and emotional well-being are at their peak. It is a great time to rest and enjoy life if you can. Resting here means both spiritual and physical – if you look back, you may find that your attitude is very positive lately. This can directly affect your body. Let’s find out what right things you have done and keep continue doing it!


This is the moment when you can see the true meaning – emphasize the truth – about life, meaning it embraces a lot of beauty, joy, and happiness in life if you search enough and find the right place. Let’s spread these important messages. The Sun in the upright implies that this is a great time to test different spiritual approaches to see if they work for you.

Situation and advice

Hope has appeared in your life. It is the time of hope, joy, celebration, success, optimism, achievement, luck, health and happiness. Time spent with good friends or with children is worth it. Those who are in school will do the tests well. Other tests turned to favorable directions. You have the ability to provide a conscious, reasonable, and thoughtful solution to problems. In addition, you will feel energetic, healthy, and full of vitality. A literal interpretation of this card is a trip or a holiday to enjoy the outdoors or a day on the beach.


Children, babies, fathers, sunbathers, inventors, happy people, determined man, leaders, Lord, famous people, scientists, academician, knurl, strong men or men who have sexual strength.

Meaning of the Sun reversed: the sensation of temporary depression, lack of success

Reversed meaning of The Sun

Words and Keywords

(+) Success comes late but full of surprises, little joy, happiness changes, partial success, a man arrogant about his success.

The Sun Tarot card is a positive card even in the reverse position, it does not completely lose its beneficial meaning. It can still represent success, however, success will come only after obstacles, and not as strong as in the upright position.

The reverse of this card can also signify the pursuit of success for no reason or desire to stand out and/or succeed without really achieving it: keep up with the Joneses, me myself and just I, one scabby sheep is enough to spoil the whole flock.

(-) On the contrary, in a negative spread, it can carry an unlucky meaning: failure, uncertainty, unhappiness, a dark future, trouble with kids, the difficulties in marriage, the plan of failure, the gloomy atmosphere, the loss, the loneliness, the sorrow, the lack of energy, unclear thinking, feelings of disrespect, disagreements, misunderstanding, cancellation, despair, lack of purpose, illness, poor health, sunburn, broken commitment, difficult to conceive, wrong judgment, disadvantage conditions in study, problem with exams, non-transparent approach, sunset.


When the Sun appears in reverse, it is still a sign that you may find yourself feeling “free” over a period of time – maybe years. However, in the opposite position, “freedom” will be less obvious, and you will probably have to work harder to get that “freedom”. Still, it is a great time to travel and experience a variety of ways. It speaks of vitality, freedom, joy, and self-expression.


Things are generally going well for you, even if you draw this card in the opposite position. When the card is in the opposite position, you need to make a special effort to focus on your “blessings”. No matter who you are, or if something is wrong in your life, you do not have to doubt that you have much to be thankful for. Be always clear about these things, and you will have many blessings to come to you. This is a good time to socialize, meet new people and new friends.


The Sun reversed shows that if you are looking for a new job, it will be a good sign. You need to focus on what you have to negotiate and your skills, as well as your talents, can bring benefits to the employer, so do not focus on what they can do for you. It also shows that you need to share the results of work with your partners whether you have done all or most of it. In short, your work is very stable and is geared toward new opportunities and advances. Just remember not to think that the job will always be good for you when this card appears.


In a spread about the relationship, this card shows that one or both of you are thinking that your relationship with your loved one will always be as good as it is now. This must change as soon as possible if you want it to be sustainable. At the same time, both you and your loved one may need “private space”. If you draw the Sun reversed when you are looking for love and romance, then there is a high chance it is very promising, but you need to be positive and have (or need to develop) high self-esteem. You will not want a bad lover to step into your life because you deserve more than that.


In general, whether you draw the Sun Tarot card in reverse or in the upright, those matters related to money will be better than usual. However, when you have money, do not just spend it all. If you are waiting for a decision made by someone else, you will not have to wait any longer, and that decision is likely to be beneficial to you. However, when this card is in the opposite position, you may need to provide more information to that person before everything is decided. And you do not need to worry, everything is fine.


Even if you draw this card in reverse or in the upright, your health and emotional well being are at their peak. This is a great time to rest and enjoy life if you can. Resting and enjoyment here are both spiritual and physical – if you look back, you may find that your attitude is very positive lately. This can directly affect your body. Find out what you’ve done right and try to work harder! There will be many things to bless you. Make sure you always keep that in mind.


When you draw the Sun Tarot card in the reverse, you may be slightly confused about your spirituality in recent times. You will know that there is so much beauty, joy, and happiness in life if you look at the right place, but you may be in the state of “how to know where to look?” If so, then ask the people around you.

You should look for at least one mentor or the mentor for spiritual/mental issues and ask those who are experienced in the spiritual or religious community if you practice any religions, or else consult the “spiritual communities” in any ways that make you feel okay.

This is a great time to test different spiritual approaches to see if they work for you. The power and beauty of the Sun still remain here, in your spirit (and never disappears). Only a few clouds cover your eyes making it is hard to see and feel for you. Always have faith – if you do not know where to believe, then believe in yourself, and into the beauty of this planet and the universe.

Situation and advice

Even in the opposite position, the Sun card still carries a positive meaning. You may encounter an obstacle or challenge before achieving the promising success with this card. Another possibility is that what you want can be unachievable or unrealistic. You can only achieve partial success. Even if you get what you want, you may not be happy with the result. Sometimes the opposite card refers to the arrogance of success that makes one haughty.

Are you hoping to be recognized but not willing to take action? Are you letting your accomplishments make you arrogant?

In contrast, in a negative spread, the Sun in reverse refers to annoying but not overwhelming problems. For a while, you may feel like you are always in a deadlock. You may feel unloved or not appreciated. Your pessimistic view can adversely affect your health. Pregnancy and childcare can be your source of concern. You may experience a difficult time in a marriage or in love. Students may not take the exam as well as they expect.

You may be disturbed by feelings of failure. You may have some minor health problems. Are you thinking of negative ideas?


Pessimistic and discouraged people, the arrogant or boastful, those who refer themselves above all, those who are too interested in appearance, pessimists.

When reading Tarot, you will understand card number 19 if you imagine yourself as the God of the Sun Tarot card. How do you think and feel? You feel completely confident and trust your power without being self-satisfied. Besides that, you have limitless energy, health, and greatness around you, and you feel yourself excelling in an outstanding way. Finally, you see and understand everything that is going on inside your crystal ball. When you see this card, just know that you will succeed with what you do. It is time to shine.

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