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I. Four of Wands Rider Waite image description and  Symbolic Elements

The Four of Wands card describe a couple dancing under a wreath hanging among four sticks. This wreath is similar to the kind that used in traditional Jewish ceremonies and therefore, it represents the time spent completing work and the satisfaction with achieving a goal. Surrounding them is a group of people, and behind them is a large castle which is also decorated with flowers. It seems to be a celebration, an opportunity to return home or a celebration from within the castle.

Do you still remember the feeling of nervousness as a child seeing a birthday cake with sparkling candles? Or the feeling of waiting in suspense for your turn of the roller coaster? Or the wait for a date first? These excited feelings are the core spirit of this card. As a child, we often have little control over our joys. Of course, as we grow older, we still have this feeling because they have not completely left us. In each of us still, have an excited child waiting to be escaped.

4 of Wands Rider Waite usually means freedom. Freedom can be expressed in many forms but always brings a sense of fun. When we break the chains that tie us, whether physical, mental or emotional, we feel joyful and can step into a new stage of development and happiness. If you feel constrained or limited at the present time, use the power of this card to free yourself. Do not hesitate to ask for the prospect of wide open that is rightfully yours.

1. Elements of Celebration

The Four of Wands card in tarot is a powerful symbol of celebration, joy, and communal gatherings. It vividly captures the essence of festive occasions and the shared happiness that comes with significant achievements or milestones. By exploring the symbolic representations within the Four of Wands, we can gain a deeper understanding of the card’s meaning.

At the heart of the Four of Wands is the concept of celebration. The card often depicts a scene of revelry, where people come together to honor and commemorate a special event. This gathering represents the joy that arises from a sense of accomplishment, unity, and shared success. It reminds us of the importance of celebrating our victories and expressing gratitude for the blessings in our lives.

Furthermore, the imagery within the Four of Wands frequently features an archway formed by four wands. This archway acts as a symbolic gateway, representing a transition into a space of happiness and harmony. It serves as a reminder that celebrations can create a sacred and protected environment where people can come together in joyous unity.

Additionally, the presence of flowers and floral wreaths in the Four of Wands signifies vitality, growth, and abundance. The flowers symbolize the blossoming of positive energy and the beauty that emerges from successful endeavors. The wreaths, often adorned on the wands or surrounding the scene, evoke a sense of honor and achievement, highlighting the significance of the celebration.

In summary, the Four of Wands card speaks to the importance of celebrating milestones and achievements, fostering communal joy and unity. Its symbolic elements of celebration, the archway, and floral symbolism remind us of the transformative power of coming together to honor and cherish the positive aspects of life.

2. Floral Symbolism and Wreaths

Floral symbolism and wreaths play a significant role in the imagery of the Four of Wands tarot card, contributing to its overall meaning and message. Analyzing these elements can deepen our understanding of the card’s symbolism.

Flowers have long been associated with various meanings and emotions. In the Four of Wands, the presence of flowers represents beauty, growth, and vitality. They symbolize the flourishing of positive energy and the abundance that comes with successful endeavors. The vibrant colors and delicate petals evoke a sense of joy and celebration, reminding us to appreciate the beauty in our lives and acknowledge the rewards of our hard work.

Wreaths, often seen in the Four of Wands, hold their own symbolism. Wreaths are circular arrangements of flowers or foliage, traditionally associated with honor, triumph, and accomplishment. They serve as a visual representation of achievement and recognition. The wreaths in the Four of Wands can be seen as a celebration of reaching a significant milestone or a reminder to acknowledge and honor one’s accomplishments.

Furthermore, wreaths also carry connotations of unity and harmony. As they encircle the wands or surround the celebratory scene, they signify the coming together of people in a shared moment of joy. The wreaths serve as a symbolic boundary, creating a sacred space where individuals can connect, celebrate, and experience a sense of belonging.

In essence, the floral symbolism and wreaths in the Four of Wands emphasize the themes of growth, beauty, achievement, and communal celebration. They encourage us to appreciate the abundance in our lives, honor our accomplishments, and find joy in the company of others. These elements remind us to celebrate our successes and cherish the moments of harmony and unity that bring us closer to our goals.

II. Historical Background of the Four of Wands

1. Origins of the Four of Wands

The Four of Wands is a tarot card that carries a rich history, tracing its origins back to the early development of tarot decks. While the exact origins of tarot are still subject to debate, the earliest documented evidence of tarot cards dates back to the 15th century in Italy. The Four of Wands, as a specific card, can be found in various historical tarot decks.

One notable early appearance of the Four of Wands is in the Tarot de Marseille, a popular tarot deck that originated in France during the 17th century. In this deck, the Four of Wands typically portrays four vertical wands forming an archway, often adorned with floral elements. The archway symbolizes a passage or gateway, marking a transition or celebration.

As tarot gained popularity and spread throughout Europe, the Rider-Waite Tarot deck emerged in the early 20th century, with artist Pamela Colman Smith collaborating with scholar Arthur Edward Waite. The Four of Wands in the Rider-Waite Tarot deck maintains the archway motif, but with additional symbols and imagery. It depicts a joyous celebration taking place within the archway, symbolizing harmony, community, and achievements.

Over time, variations and reinterpretations of the Four of Wands have emerged in different tarot decks, reflecting the evolving interpretations and artistic styles of the card. From its early appearances to its modern renditions, the Four of Wands has remained a symbol of celebration, harmony, and positive transitions, reflecting the human desire for joyous occasions and a sense of accomplishment.

The historical roots of the Four of Wands provide a fascinating glimpse into the development and evolution of tarot symbolism, as well as the enduring significance of this card in providing guidance and insight to those who seek its wisdom.

2. Influences on the Four of Wands

The design and symbolism of the Four of Wands in the Rider-Waite Tarot deck were influenced by various factors and inspirations that shaped its distinctive portrayal. Pamela Colman Smith, the artist who collaborated with Arthur Edward Waite to create the deck, drew upon esoteric traditions, occult symbolism, and cultural references to infuse the Four of Wands with its unique significance.

One of the key influences on the card’s design is the concept of celebration and communal gatherings. The Four of Wands draws inspiration from the Maypole dance, an ancient European tradition associated with joyous festivities and the arrival of spring. The scene depicted in the card showcases a celebratory gathering within an archway, symbolizing the harmonious union of individuals in a shared space of joy and achievement.

Another notable influence on the Four of Wands is the symbolic representation of stability and structure. The four wands that form the archway represent the foundational elements necessary for stability and the establishment of strong structures. This symbolism aligns with the number four in numerology, which is associated with stability, organization, and the manifestation of ideas into reality.

Furthermore, the Rider-Waite Tarot deck drew inspiration from the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, an influential occult organization of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The Golden Dawn’s teachings incorporated mystical and esoteric symbolism, which is reflected in the Rider-Waite deck as a whole, including the Four of Wands.

By synthesizing these influences, Pamela Colman Smith and Arthur Edward Waite crafted a Four of Wands card that encapsulates themes of celebration, community, stability, and the realization of goals. The various factors and inspirations that contributed to the design and symbolism of the Four of Wands deepen its significance and provide a rich tapestry of meaning for tarot readers to explore and interpret.

III. Four of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Celebrate, freedom, excitement


  • Feel the joy of a fun event;
  • Recognize a success;
  • Observe a celebration, an important event or a special moment;
  • Congratulations on a good job;
  • Reflect the achievements;
  • Enjoy the good results;
  • Participate in a ceremony or ritual.

Seek freedom

  • Escape an oppressive situation;
  • Break the freedom of the link;
  • Cut off the loose;
  • Open up new possibilities;
  • Get out of the unhappy situation;
  • Requires self-identification;
  • Exit the limits.

Feeling excited

  • Enthusiastic with joy;
  • Feel nervous, excited;
  • Eagerly anticipated;
  • Wait for the moment;
  • Feeling happy;
  • Interest;
  • Feel surprised.

IV. Opposite and Support Tarot cards to the Four of Wands

Opposite cards

Support cards

V. 4 of Wands Upright Card Keywords

keywords: celebration, harmony, marriage, family, community

Words and Keywords

The special harvest to mark the reaching of a stage of development, peace, gap, joy of achievement, commemorative events, satisfied, blessing, harmony, happy and secure home, stable life, solid business partnership, new home purchase, successful, lay the foundation for a marriage or bonding relationship, move to a new home, accomplishment, a good harvest, improvement, prosperity, enjoyment, praise, productivity, wealth, pursuit of creativity, contentment.

Happiness, vacation, relaxation, possible love, marriage, honeymoon, reward after work, midterm, mature, Bar Mitzvah or similar ritual, a happy ending.


The Four of Wands often implies that you may be about attending a special event – this event will take place in the direction of more fun than you anticipated, so, join and enjoy the good times. Your work also looks good at this point. You will feel proud of yourself and others will feel the same about you.

This card predicts the anniversary, good times, a happy family and the good news. In arithmetic, number four symbolizes stability and solid foundation, and with this Wand card, you are enjoying a happy and steady time. This card shows a sense of harmony and balance as well as fulfillment, and thus represents a period of peace and joy in life. All of them are the result of extraordinary efforts in the face of difficulties and challenges. This is one of the most active cards in the tarot deck. It indicates luck, satisfaction and perfection.


Although this is a very positive card in a spreading, it is also a call to keep the mind clear and alert. Although you are worthy and should give yourself a little fun, you should know that you are still in the process of development and now it is not the time to rest completely to enjoy the results. Sometimes this card may also imply that you will move to a new place.

With the Four of Wands, this is the perfect time to enjoy with family and friends, and to celebrate the wonderful time you have had together. Typically, this card reflects the holiday you get along with your family and attends a celebration. Alternatively, it can simply be said about inviting your best friend to an informal dinner and enjoying a few glasses of wine. Iit usually refers to a marriage, engagement, birth, birthday, graduation or another kind of celebration marking a special milestone.

This is closely related to the home environment, you can embark on improving or decorating your home. Recently, you might have purchased a new home or are about to search for a new home and are ready to settle in a new environment.


Every aspect is likely to be very good for you in terms of work. However, no matter what you do, do not celebrate the initial success or hurry to feel like everything has been (or will be) easy. Of course, you have gained success and recognition, but do not forget that you will continue to strive to keep your position and continue to grow yourself.

If you have worked on a project, you will achieve a milestone and worth celebrating. You have completed a critical phase of the project and may feel very proud of what you have accomplished so far. This card signals the time of joy and satisfaction in life, expresses personal satisfaction for a fulfilled job, a goal which has been achieved and a vision are beginning to be recognized.


In the terms of love, this card may imply that your relationship is about to be fully committed and it may be a potential card for a wedding event. If you are looking for love, the card shows that special events (such as weddings, parties, celebrations) are great occasions and places for you to meet someone special. If you are invited to an event like this, and you do not have a lover, then try to join and impress people.

The Four of Wands represent peace, harmony and calm. You can find a shelter from the shuffles of life, perhaps by meeting a newcomer in a romantic setting, or finding a new place to live and away from all. If you have experienced disagreements with others, now it will be time to make a peace proposal and focus on creating harmony in the relationship in stead.


Your financial situation seems to be progressing well. However, this is actually the result of your hard work so far, not just the luck like winning the lottery. Always believe in yourself and stay strong. You will receive a reward.


If you are waiting for a medical test result, you may soon be happy that the information in it will be very positive. If there is something about your health that is bothering you, and you have not been able to find a solution, then know that there is always help for you. Please try to find them!


If your friends and family do not accept your mental problems, do not let that bother you. You have reason to look at things like that. Be open-minded to look at the advice of others, but know that eventually you have to (and have the right to) decide your own thoughts.

Situation and advice

The Four of Wands is a happy and active card that depicts time spent resting and rewards after a waste of energy of mission. A business has achieved a successful development and it is time to celebrate this achievement. The sense of belonging has become solid. You can think of buying a home and settling down. A creative task is progressing well.

You can enjoy the initial results of your labor effort before starting a new work cycle when the holiday is over. This card can express a special ceremony or celebration marking a rite of change which means the achievement of a development phase and starting in a new stage. In relationship situations, this card symbolizes the foundation of a positive and cooperative relationship and it is one of the cards that traditionally symbolizes marriage.

This card encourages you when things seem too difficult. It is a reminder that most things in life do not come easy, and so when you make a milestone, take pride in everything you have achieved. The Four of Wands also represents movement to another stage, moving from previous mistakes and seeking peace, acceptance and happiness.


People who are on vacation; people who are happy or satisfied; home buyers; participants serve at social events such as the Mitzvah Bar, graduation ceremony.

VI. 4 of Wands Reversed Keywords

Keywords: strong disagreement, the process of transition

Words and Keywords

(+) Similar to the upright meaning but to a lesser degree, successful but pay a higher price than expected, relax, stop to rest, improve, happy after overcoming the difficulties, gratitude, rewards, the stage of a project that is completed late but is about to be completed, a bond which is not a marriage.

(-) Inhibition, critical, unsafe, bad service, frustrated, intolerant, shortsighted, excessively conservative, refuse to come out of the shell, restricted, disapproved, problem with property, end cooperative relationships, the need to protect success.


The upright Four of Wands reflects stability while the reversed card may indicate that you are experiencing a transition, and things become unstable and unsafe. You may experience many changes in your life such as changing jobs, moving house or letting go of a relationship. You know that this is an important transition that needs to be done, but it gives you a sense of imbalance and insecurity about the future.


Good luck may come into your life when this card appears. However, that does not mean that you can get rid of the work which you are doing then sit back and enjoy. Good things come when we put effort, know how to share and give, in whatever form we can. Do your best.

The Four of Wands reversed shows the lack of harmony or strong disagreement in your family or home. There may be tension among family members or loved ones, and you realize you are stuck in that heavy atmosphere. This makes you feel uncertain about the relationship and what you can or can not depend on. You can also go through a transition period in family life and feel a similar tension.

Similarly, your housing situation becomes increasingly unstable. There is an external threat to the inherent peace and happiness in your home. In the meantime, your immediate concerns have been settled, but long-term problems still remain unresolved. Depending on how you arrange your life, it may be better to move your residence during this time to solve an urgent matter.


When you get this reversed card, then all aspects related to your job are likely to be very good. Do not forget that you still need continuous effort because no job can be considered perfect. Please accept the compliment with courtesy and share your merit if necessary.


This reversed card may imply that your affectionate relationship is likely to become more cohesive in the near future, perhaps even leading to a “happy ending.” You can also soon be invited to a wedding or a big event even if you are still single and have not opened your heart to anyone. You should remember to attend if you are invited to those events like that, and do not take it as a reason to feel sad for yourself because there is no love around you. You will probably find love in your life at another wedding, just think positive.

In a spread about relationship, the Four of Wands is a reflection of a person who does not intend to seek a lasting relationship but is willing to invest time and emotion in the first base of seeing each other. The fear of commitments is the reason for preventing them from wanting a long-term relationship.


Obviously, you are working hard to build a secure financial network without any worries as this card appears in a financial question. Be aware that what you have achieved is a good thing and your investments are being guaranteed to the maximum as possible at the present time. Let yourself relax a bit before continuing such efforts. And remember that money can not buy the full guarantee in an ever-changing world like today.


When the Four of Wands reversed comes up in a spread about health, the information was very positive and encouraging. You are having a lot of fun and satisfaction about your health condition, focus on that and stay positive. There is always a specific link between positive attitudes and good health.


You have the right to focus on the spiritual aspect in your own way no matter what others think of it. You can discover new things about yourself and your spirit in the future when this card appears in reverse, and it seems they are very positive and advanced findings. You can try experimenting with new mental rules, such as yoga or tai chi. Sometimes these can bring a whole new development in a positive way.

Situation and advice

Even if when appearing in reverse, this card is generally still a positive card, but you will have to pay a higher price for success. The time of rest and reward for hard work is about to come. However, the reverse of Four Wands may represent some obstacles or limitations that you need to overcome or some problems with your property. If you are planning a social event, the service may not be as good or the job does not go as planned. You will need to work harder to achieve the desired goal.


People who are suppressed; the bad waitress/waiter.

In a Tarot spread, the Four of Wands Tarot card represents events or experiences that create joy. These events vary depending on the circumstances of each person, but the exciting feelings are all the same. Sometimes these moments come unexpectedly. This card may imply a surprise or a sudden appearance. Sometimes, it refers to parties which were planned beforehand such as weddings, ceremonies, birthday parties and celebrations of victory. These events are solemn and they are also an opportunity to feel the joy of life.

VII. Numerology in the Four of Wands

Numerology plays a significant role in tarot, providing an additional layer of interpretation and meaning to each card. In the context of the Four of Wands, understanding the numerological aspects enhances our understanding of its symbolism and significance.

The Four of Wands card, as the name suggests, carries the energy of the number four in numerology. The number four represents stability, structure, and foundation. It is associated with the earthly elements, such as the four directions (north, south, east, west), the four seasons, and the four elements (earth, air, fire, water). These elements provide a solid framework for growth, progress, and manifestation.

In the Four of Wands, the influence of the number four is reflected in the card’s imagery and meaning. The four wands standing upright and forming an archway represent a stable structure, a foundation upon which celebrations and achievements can take place. This symbolizes the importance of having a solid base and a well-established framework in order to experience joy and success.

Additionally, the stability and structure associated with the number four suggest the need for balance and order in our lives. The Four of Wands encourages us to create a strong foundation, to establish routines, and to find stability in our relationships and endeavors. It reminds us that by creating a stable structure, we can better support and nurture our aspirations and experiences.

Moreover, the number four in numerology is also linked to hard work, discipline, and practicality. The Four of Wands encourages us to diligently pursue our goals, knowing that our efforts will yield rewards and celebrations. It emphasizes the importance of being grounded and focused on the tasks at hand in order to achieve our desired outcomes.

By understanding the numerological aspects of the Four of Wands, we gain a deeper appreciation for the stability, structure, and practicality that underlie its symbolism. This insight allows us to approach the card with a greater sense of purpose, enabling us to harness the energies it represents and align our actions with the principles of stability and foundation.

VIII. Comparative Analysis: Compare the Four of Wands with other cards

Comparative analysis involves examining the similarities and differences between the Four of Wands and other tarot cards to gain a deeper understanding of their shared themes and unique nuances. By exploring these comparisons, we can uncover deeper insights into the cards’ meanings and their place within the tarot system.

One tarot card that shares a similar theme with the Four of Wands is the Three of Wands. Both cards convey a sense of progress, anticipation, and the manifestation of creative endeavors. The Three of Wands represents the initial stages of a project or goal, while the Four of Wands signifies the culmination and celebration of achievements. Together, they depict a progression from the seed of an idea to its fruition and the joy that accompanies successful outcomes.

Another card that can be compared to the Four of Wands is the Six of Wands. Both cards revolve around the theme of victory and public recognition. The Six of Wands signifies triumph, accolades, and the admiration of others, while the Four of Wands represents a communal celebration of accomplishments. While the Six of Wands focuses on individual recognition, the Four of Wands emphasizes the importance of sharing success and experiencing joy in the company of others.

In contrast, the Ten of Wands presents a stark contrast to the Four of Wands. While both cards involve wands, their meanings differ significantly. The Ten of Wands represents the burdens and responsibilities that come with ambition and achievement. It portrays a person overwhelmed by the weight of their endeavors. In comparison, the Four of Wands embodies the lighter side of accomplishment, emphasizing celebration and the sense of fulfillment that arises from reaching a milestone. The juxtaposition between these cards reminds us of the importance of finding balance and not allowing success to become burdensome.

Through comparative analysis, we can draw connections and distinctions that deepen our understanding of the cards involved. It allows us to see the broader narrative and themes within the tarot system. By examining how the Four of Wands relates to other cards, we gain insight into its unique qualities and the specific messages it conveys.

Furthermore, comparative analysis highlights the interconnectedness of tarot cards and the holistic nature of the tarot system. Each card is part of a larger tapestry, and by exploring the relationships between them, we can unravel the deeper meanings and archetypal patterns that underlie the tarot’s wisdom.

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four of wands thoth

Four of Wands Thoth shows that we have deeply understood the original order of creation and its perfect balance. In the process, we gradually understand what ancient texts said about the “At first …” state, which does not mean a phenomenon that happened somewhere in the past, but actually original state. 

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2. Four of Wands – 4 De Baton | Tarot De Marseille

4 De Baton Tarot de Marseille augurs a moment of joy and memorable enjoyment of a person’s life and represents the personal satisfaction of a well-done job, an achieved goal, and ambition that begins to be realized.

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3. Four Of Wands Shadowscapes Tarot Deck

Four of Wands Shadowscapes

Four of Wands Shadowscapes Tarot calls for celebrations and anniversaries. The initial success brought the atmosphere that filled with hope and joy. There is always a peaceful and harmonious feeling for anyone who comes here. 

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4. Four Of Fire Osho Zen Tarot Deck

When Four of fire Osho Zen card appears, you have the opportunity to participate with others now to make your contribution to creating something greater and more beautiful than each of you could manage alone.

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5. Four Of Bows Wildwood Tarot Deck

Four of Bows Widwood

Four of Bows Wildwood Tarot Card depicts a group of women dancing happily around the flaming fire, four unstrung bows held high up and around them are delicious food and beverages. 

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6. Four Of Wands Deviant Moon Tarot Deck

Four of Wands Deviant Moon Tarot gives great advice for couples. At first, you may feel that you and your partner really understand and are born for each other. The path of love is smooth and stable in the early stages of the relationship.

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7. Four Of Wands – Linestrider Tarot Deck

four of wands linestrider tarot card

Four of Wands Linestrider often implies that you are about to attend a special event – ​​this event will turn out to be more fun than you anticipated. Therefore, go ahead and enjoy this wonderful time. Your work also seems to be very stable at this point.

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