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I. Knight of Swords Rider Waite image description

The Knight of Swords shows a young man in armor, riding a mighty white horse into the battle in front of him. The white horse symbolizes the purity of intellectual energy that motivates the racers. The sky behind is covered with fierce winds and stormy clouds. The saddle is decorated with images of butterflies and birds and so is the knight’ robes. He is riding forward with dizzying speed and does not seem to worry about the dangers he might encounter.

Knight of Swords Rider Waite image descriptio

On the positive side, the Knight of Swords is a master of logic and reasoning. He has a sharp mind that makes it easy to capture the focus of any problem. He speaks clearly and frankly and is always powerful. His evaluation is firm and unaffected by emotions. Others rely on his insightful analysis of problems and solutions.

On the negative side, this card does not specialize in diplomacy. He can behave in an unwise and indecent way. When he thinks you are wrong, you will know it. He has an illusion of his good characters and cannot tolerate stupidity. He expects others to follow his point of view. For him, every sense is irrelevant and lacks logic.

If his demeanor is clear, then the balance is necessary. Do you always impose your position on others? Will you get into trouble by saying what you think? Is your lover too cold? Does he/she become distant from you? Does your colleague tend to criticize instead of supporting you? This may be the time to change.

If the energy is missing, you may need clarity. Are you too emotional? Let your mind control your heart the next time. Do you overestimate other people’s opinions? Trust in your abilities. Are you afraid of objecting? Dare to speak out your own thoughts. Let this Knight take you into his rational and confident world.

II. Knight of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

Straightforward – Rude, Competency – Overbearing, Acute – Cruel, Understanding – Being stubborn, Reason – Heartless.

Straightforward – Rude

  • Be straightforward and speak frankly – Not well-behaved and rude;
  • Go straight to the point – May have a rude attitude;
  • Not flattering – Not care about other people’s feelings;
  • Let others know their position – Cannot keep your mouth shut;
  • Give a sincere answer – Express in a less cautious way.

Competency – Overbearing

  • Say with assertiveness – Tend to be overbearing;
  • Control attention – Force a position on others;
  • Act with certainty – Expect immediate consent;
  • Give orders naturally – Not satisfied with disagreement;
  • Have great influence – Act on “The law of the jungle”.

Acute – Cruel

  • There is a sharp and powerful mind – Tend to say bitter words;
  • Get into the core – Lack of sensitivity;
  • Express ideas in a compact way – May become strict;
  • Acute and agile – Rigidly cautious;
  • Good argument – Ridicule the stupidity.

Understanding – Being stubborn

  • Understand what you are saying – Believe that what you do is right;
  • Can present any problem – Lack of ability to endure other people’s views;
  • Being sought as an expert – Must be the last to speak;
  • There are reasonable position – Arrogant;
  • Smart – Pragmatic and closed-minded.

Reason – Heartless

  • Presents a clear perspective – Underestimate intuition;
  • Analyze information well – Treat others like numbers;
  • Focus on the right thing – Not soothe justice with respect;
  • Can ignore emotional elements – Get rid of emotions;
  • Create a sense of escape from chaos – Cold and separate.

III. Knight of Swords Upright Card Keywords

stubborn, hurry, tend to take action, communicate.

Words and Keywords

Unexpected situations, important events related to intellectual qualities, new people, new experiences, quick or impulsive action, quick solutions, intellectually stimulating, leadership, ambition, trust, boldness, determination, aggressiveness, decisive action, persuasion.

New ideas, power of intellect, spiritual challenges, expert advice, ability to analyze and solve problems, restlessness, diversity, flexibility / resourcefulness, energy of Mercury, communication, endurance, use of strength, courage, rigidity, dedicate/focus only on a single purpose, perseverance, protection during a difficult time.


Unlike some cards belonging to the Swords suit, this card really brings out a source of optimistic and cheerful energy. Knight cards often mean that someone or something worth looking forward to is coming to you. The Knight of Swords also implies that the sources of spiritual, emotional and physical energy are at their peak.


If you are waiting for news from someone or something, then it seems that you will get what you want to hear. This Knight can come with lots of activities, such as traveling, meeting friends, completing something. You do not tend to feel like waiting for anything to come to you, that is good. Let’s follow the call of your heart.


When the Knight of Swords appears in the spread related to work, this is an extremely good sign if you are looking for a job. A job that you are looking forward to may suddenly come to you. If you are currently working, you will be a little engaged. You will accomplish so many things that make your peers become inferior. That is mainly their problems, do not feel uncomfortable about it.


You may be in love with someone, whether you are male or female. If you are currently in a relationship, then it seems to become brighter, deeper and more satisfying. If you are looking for love, it will probably come faster than you expected, remember to keep in touch with someone who is willing to open his/her heart. You should take care of your appearance and date him/her. You will find a lot of fun.


In terms of finance, your current situation seems very optimistic as the Knight of Swords appears. You can get an unexpected amount. But remember, do not spend all of them in one place. Reinvestment will be a better choice. You should share your affluence in any way that you can.


This card implies relatively good news about health but you may be advised to slow things down a bit. Knight has a quite complex element of energy and behavior. However, getting to know the reason why you are not feeling well may bring you many benefits. You can control your own healing energy at this time.


The appearance of the Knight of Swords implies a need for quiet space and a suitable place to deepen one’s spiritual knowledge. It is very difficult to strengthen spiritual abilities if you keep going without direction.

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Situation and advice

You may fall into a conflict situation between madness and excitement and you can only wait for it to disappear from your life quickly. You want to be active and engaged. Those Swords cards often refer to a period of struggle or competition in which you need to act quickly and surely. A young man who is strong, polite and has a clear perspective may appear to protect you.

Now, it is the time to listen to reason rather than the heart. You should be strong, assertive, and deal with every situation with a firm reason. Good advice from experts can show the difference between success and failure. Those Swords cards imply there are obstacles to emotions and are not good omens for the relationship. This card also gives a warning to impulsive and hasty behaviors.


The winners/successful person, a leader; a strong, assertive and determined person; people who achieve what they want, a mentor, a smart young man, a lawyer, people who are involved in law enforcement, engineers, the messenger, people who engage in intellectual careers, economist, people who have technical expertise.

A person who is arrogant, aggressive, suppressed and impatient; a strong, reliable, helpful and polite young man; an intellectual, those who are wise and successful in business but also have something rude or selfish in achieving their goals, a young man who is egotistic and indelicate, smart and vivacious people, someone likes to think rather than feel.

IV. Knight of Swords Reversed Keywords

scattered thoughts, disregard for consequences

Words and Keywords

Confusion, embarrassment, harsh words, cruel, rude, presumptuous, braggart, injustice, poor judgement, impulsiveness, disappeared suddenly, the departure of many difficulties, prejudice, quarrels, selfishness, impatience, bad advice, bossiness, persistence, blind faith., inconvenience, confrontation, disagreement, fast speed, discrete thinking, chaotic behavior, lack of concentration, voluntary and useless advice.

Extravagance, sarcastic, mischievous, deceitful, aggressive, oppressive, violent, constructive denial, try to convince others with softness rather than lack of goodwill.


The Knight of Swords reversed may imply that you need to be alert, especially with new companies. Someone may not be honest with you although he/she is not a bad person, instead, he/she carries bad energy/information/idea.


If this card appears when you are about to take a trip somewhere (to go travel), be prepared that this trip may take longer than you want/expect. You should be careful about sharing information in any form. Remember that the email system is generally unsecured and almost any phone conversation can be overheard or recorded.


When the Knight of Swords appears in reverse in the spreading related to work, you should watch out for a colleague who takes a large slice of your credit without feeling ashamed. Make sure you have a record and archive to prove your efforts. Someone may also blame you for something that is not your fault, stand up for yourself. This will be a good time to complete your resume and take careful preparation steps, instead of constantly rushing to find a job.


When this reversed card appears and you are in the process of searching for love, this will be a noticeable signal and a closer look when you meet a potential lover. A person who struggles to impress you at the first time does not mean that he/she was out of chances. If you are already in a relationship, there is a possibility that something may be bothering your partner. If you feel this, just ask him/her.


The Knight of Swords reversed may imply that someone may be trying to rip you off, or at the slightest level, may require you to pay more than the value of the item you buy. You should consider it carefully and do not be affected by a plausible seller.


Your healthcare provider can behave and act as if they are absolutely certain about the cause of your body’s weakness while, in fact, finding this cause is more ambiguous than they (or you) think. This is not certainly a bad thing. You should find out more thoroughly yourself and consider an alternative if necessary.


Regarding mental questions, the reversed Knight of Swords advises you to evaluate carefully the spiritual information that you receive, regardless of the source of that information. It is easy to get confused or become credulous at this time. Give yourself time and space to collect newer information.

Situation and advice

This is not the time to launch a new project. Someone is actively fighting against or destroying your plan. The sarcastic words will only push those around you away. Someone (or certain situation) may suddenly disappear from your life without warning. An important man in your life may suddenly leave.

Your own thoughts may be scattered and lack of focus. You need to be patient or else everything will end in an argument. You should avoid saying hasty words and impulsive decisions. Someone may be trying to bully you for selfish reasons or your own dictatorial behavior can cause trouble.


The dictator, a person who only thinks for himself/herself without caring about others, a person who leaves in a hurry, the troublemaker, an aggressive young man, a person who is unstable, immature person, enemies, oppressors, people who gossip, someone who opposes and disturbs your plan; the young man who is stubborn, aggressive, insolent and conceited; sly and deceitful people; inconsiderate person, a brute.

During a Tarot spread, the Knight of Swords demonstrates that his sharp demeanor is relevant in circumstances as an aspect of you, of someone else or of a general atmosphere. You need to ask yourself whether this knight’s energy will help you or hurt you.

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