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I. Two of Swords Rider Waite image description

The Two of Swords depicts a young lady who is blindfolded and holding two swords. She sits on the cliffs in front of a beach, symbolizing the difficulties and obstacles. The blindfold shows that she is confused about her situation and can not recognize the problem and solution clearly.

Two of Swords Rider Waite image description

The two swords in her hand are in a balanced position, showing a balanced and stable mood, and both sides need to be resolved in time. The two swords crossing symbolize the necessity of a ceasefire agreement and the Sword suit indicates that the immediate problem needs to be solved by logic and wisdom. The crescent on the right side of the lady shows a new beginning arisen from the solutions that were posed to the problem.

On the Two of Swords, we see a lady in a defensive position holding two swords crossed in front of her chest. Her rigid stance shows that she is struggling to control her own emotions. She will fight back any approach that comes from outside. It looks like she wants to show us she is “untouchable”.

This card speaks about the barriers we make to ourselves which separate us from others as well as the barriers we create from within ourselves. From the bottom of our hearts, we stop the flow of emotions and refuse to feel them. We avoid looking at the truths and pretend that everything is fine. We speak one way and act another. We try to maintain the present state at all costs even though we know we should accept and face reality.

The most common barrier to a person is a closed heart. When we cut off our emotions, it also means that we cut off the flow of love so that they can not grow out anymore. Sometimes, this action is necessary, but it always comes at a price. Every time we close our hearts, we will always find it more difficult to open again. When two parties are tied up in their positions, separated instead of understanding each other, it could be considered a standstill. In order to break the situation, they have to break their walls and listen to each other. The message of this Swords card is that we must open our hearts if we want to find peace and fullness.

II. Two of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

Prevent feelings, Avoidance, Standstill.

Prevent feelings

  • Denying true feelings;
  • The reaction is unnatural and stressful;
  • Keep the distance;
  • Conceal the sadness;
  • Pretend not to listen;
  • Self-defense, alert.


  • Refuse to look at the truth;
  • Pretend that everything is okay;
  • Ignore the warning signs;
  • Ignore what is happening;
  • Avoid the discomfort;
  • Pretend not to know.


  • Fear to act;
  • Encountered difficult dilemma;
  • Stranded;
  • Refuse to make a decision;
  • Unwilling to turn the tables;
  • Remain neutral.

III. Opposite and Support Tarot cards to the 2 of Swords

Opposite cards

  • Fool – open, uninhibited;
  • Wheel of Fortune – move;
  • Justice – accept the truth, take responsibility;
  • Star – go along with the positive flow of emotions;
  • 3 of Wands – move forward, look at the truth.

Support cards

  • Moon – self-deception, can not see the truth;
  • 9 of Wands – defense, closed heart;
  • 7 of Swords – run from the truth;
  • 4 of Pentacles – standstill, congestion.

IV. 2 of Swords Upright Card Keywords

anxiety, hesitation, choice, truce, standstill, emotional inhibition

Words and Keywords

Emotional control, sense of deadlock, not sure about your path, actions of doubt, insecurity, standstill, a paradox, stagnation, tension, frustration, obstruction, expectation, isolation, antagonism, the dispute, ceasefire agreements in the fight, a difficult decision, feel overwhelmed by so many factors, temporary balance, emotional constraints, slowness, unable to move, perfectly balanced, compressed emotions, an agreement, reconciliation.


The Two of Swords is usually a card of cooperation and balance. It often refers to the relationship with another partner (rather than a group of people). This card expresses the need to give and receive (all people can give something away at some points). Let’s consider and learn about the balanced aspect of your life as well as of your partner.


In general, this Swords card tells that your relationships may not be good, whether it is friendship, love, or business. However, you should consider objectively your role in the relationship as well as think about whether you are being treated unfairly by your partners or not. If not, this may be the time to put everything back in the balanced state. This will almost certainly require you to communicate openly. Nothing can change without putting effort.


You may be waiting for a job-related decision from someone else. Try to be patient, do not push others before they are ready to decide. If you have done your job well, then everything will probably work out for you. Make sure that you do what needs to be done wisely; if not, find a way to explain or compensate for your shortcomings. It indicates that you are responsible for what you do. Do not be afraid.


The Two of Swords is a good omen, especially for a present relationship. This article demonstrates that your relationship will become easily developed, more stable and balanced. The fact that both of you treat each other fairly will be a factor which plays an important role. If you are looking for love, take a serious look at yourself, about which emotion is out of control that you need to deal with.

People can predict the scene of despair before it really happened, and this is a major turning point. A helpmate does not make you perfect; instead, he/she is just a piece in the picture of life that has been drawn by yourself. Stop looking outside yourself for happiness. Once you truly understand this, you will find the relationship that you really want and expect.


Regarding financial issues, the Two of Swords shows a request for the balance and prudence. Make sure you spend your money wisely and to the right place. Avoiding the problem does not help solve it. If you need more income, remember that you can make it happen, what you need to do is just be creative. The easiest thing to do is probably cut down spending. Are you spending on unnecessary things? Try to keep balance. If you need help to do that, just ask.


When this card appears in the spreading about health, it implies the need to pay attention to the feelings of the querent. How do you feel about the things or people that are involved in your life? Let’s take notes and talk to someone you trust at the moment. This can lead to a positive breakthrough for your health. Keep your mind relax and remember that balancing habits are very important right now. You need exercise at a more moderate level, a healthy diet, to get enough sleep and to drink sufficient fluid.


When the Two of Swords appears in a spiritual spreading, it shows that you are on a more balanced and positive path than you think. You should hold on to what you believe and the way you look at things, even when your view or method is different from everyone else.

Situation and advice

You are in a dilemma and can not clearly define your path. You do not know whether to follow your heart or your mind. You make no headway because you are always hesitant whether you may go to the dead end or not. You think that you need to be in control of your emotions and use all your mental defenses to avoid having to deal with your feelings about a problem. You fall into the passive state when waiting for new things to happen before making a decision. You are suffering instead of taking action. The advice here is that you can not give in forever.

You have to face the problem directly; they will not go away if you pretend they do not exist. You have to face what you really want or feel. Sometimes, this card means reaching agreement or reconciliation.


Those who cannot decide or are holding back strong emotions, those who hold on to the hatred.

V. 2 of Swords Reversed Keywords

confused, overloaded information

Words and Keywords

The deadlock has passed, the decision is made, movement, the change, the ability to decide, release, the initial consequences of a choice, resume an activity, reveal, face the true feelings, emotional expression, chain reaction.


The Two of Swords in reverse is a card of co-operation and balance. After all, you are ready to open your heart. It is time to develop those deep and meaningful relationships. The relationship can take place at an individual level or higher. However, you still need to keep an eye on other aspects of life, such as work, love, etc, in order not to let any one of them makes your life becomes unbalanced.


In general, this reversed card tells us that relationships in your life – in every form – may become deeper and more important to you. However, be careful not to put too much attention to any certain relationship. You still have other priorities in your life.


Two of Swords in reverse tells that it is important to let yourself be open to others in the workplace. Now you can be sure that your ideas are the best, but over time you will realize that the plans and ideas of others also produce impressive results. This is the time for teamwork. Remember that not all of them want to get rid of you or reject your opinion, although it seems so.


This is a time to be careful and considerate when it comes to love. You may be tempted to push things to grow/develop quickly; just slow down as this is not the right time to do it. If you are looking for love; just break your wall and get out, try to get along with everyone, then you will find the right person. Be patient.


In terms of finances, the Two of Swords reversed shows that things are not very clear. Even the most reliable financial consultants may still be confused about the best moves to do in the meantime. You should spend a lot of time thinking and carefully calculating your business plans. Keep your money safe and carefully check all the financial documents that you have arranged and stored.


When this card appears in reverse during a spread about health, it means that any change should take place slowly. For example, if you lose too much weight in a short time, that can cause problems for your gallbladder. You should take note of any minor changes. You will feel better and healthier gradually, though it does not happen in one day.


You may encounter mental thoughts which are not appropriate for you, although those ideas may be appropriate and effective for others. Be alert and cautious. There may be some people who have misguided thinking and want you to be like them. You do not have to listen to them, just be yourself and stand your ground.

Situation and advice

You have recently made a decision or perhaps circumstances led to decisions for you. Now you have to wait to see how the issue will be exposed. You will break the tension. Strong emotions are revealed and now you need to face it directly. Let’s get out of the deadlock and make changes. Your life is moving forward.


Someone who has just made a decision for the uncertain result.

During a Tarot spread, the Two of Swords often appears when you are not willing to accept some facts about yourself or hiding from reality. Are you fighting against weak feelings because you think you might be hurt? Are you angry even when you are smiling? What are you refusing to look at? You can notice the blindfold on the lady’s face, she can not look at the truth or even can not perceive the trouble she is facing.

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