Ace Of Wands – Rider Waite Tarot Deck

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I. Ace of Wands Rider Waite image description

In the Ace of Wands, there is an arm reaching out from the white cloud and grabs a few branches of leaves. Leaves are swaying in the wind which implies a balance between material and spirit. A promising castle on the left side at a far distance represents the upcoming opportunities.

Ace of Wands Rider Waite image description

Ace of Wands is a symbol of potential in the field of creativity, excitement, adventure, courage, personal strength. In one spread, it demonstrates that a brave seed has been sprouted in your life even though you have not yet realized it. When this seed sprouts, it can become any state. It can be a creative idea which is full of optimism or a desire to act desperately. On the other hand, it can be an offer, a gift, an opportunity, a meeting or an event.

This is also a card of creativity. Under its influence, you can gradually become the intermediary transmission of passion and creativity, just forget the fatigue solution. You have the opportunity to return to yourself. Thus, you should believe in the creative potential of your friends, and there will be no stops for what you can conquer.

II. Ace of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Creation, Enthusiasm, Confident, Brave.

Use creative mind

  • Find a better direction;
  • Expand your potential;
  • Open up bigger possibilities;
  • Express yourself;
  • Inspire the imagination;
  • Allow talent to reveal;
  • Discover a solution.

Show enthusiasm

  • Feel energetic and enthusiastic;
  • Create a sense of excitement;
  • Ready to stand in front of the world;
  • Inspire others;
  • Maintain optimism;
  • Give away 110%.


  • Believe in yourself;
  • Feel secure about your ability;
  • Sure about success;
  • Have high self-esteem;
  • Have faith in your path;
  • Know that everything will grow.

Act bravely

  • Solve a challenging task;
  • Go beyond the limits of yourself;
  • Be honest with your beliefs;
  • Dare to express the opposite;
  • Face the fear;
  • Live with all your heart.

III. Pairs of Ace-Ace

A pair of Ace-Ace shows a new spirit entering your life. It is based on the power of Ace of Wands: creativity, excitement, adventure, courage, personal strength, which all pair together with the following Ace cards:

  • Ace of Cups: deep feelings, closeness, harmony, compassion, love;
  • Ace of Swords: intelligence, reason, justice, truth, clarity, persistence;
  • Ace of Pentacles: prosperity, abundance, trust, security.

IV. Ace of Wands Upright Card Keywords

inspiration, strength, creative, beginning, potential 

Words and Keywords

Start a new project or business, energy, birth, the power of fire element, the power of emotional transmission, a turning point, new experiences, new ideas, new start, inspirational, innovative, optimistic, looking forward, inventing, trusting, enthusiasm, energy/willpower, tenacity, fertilization, increase creative energy, start over from the beginning, forces are ready, creativity, fertility, conception, growth.

Sexuality, ability of sexual intercourse of male, motivation, turning ambition into action, penis, sexual desire, an exciting opportunity, success from a new project or business, initiative, energy towards a worthwhile project, news of a birth, important business communication, good news, this can be the start of the big things.


The Ace card of any set often refers to new beginnings – generally, it is a very positive card. Wands are the suit of accomplishments and tend to be related to work/career. If you are in a difficult time and draw this Ace card in your Tarot spread, it is a sign that you can temporarily know that everything is going to be better in a short time.


This card describes the fun, optimism, and hope for your future with good reason! You will feel energetic and positive or you will soon realize this feeling. It also shows that this is a good time to start something new. What will you start with?


If you are looking for a new position when the Ace of Wands card appears, then you should know that something new and very active will come to you soon. Be brave to ask for what you want or need in your field of work or career. You will be able to achieve more success than what you expect.


If you are single, this card may imply a beginning of a new love affair coming to you. Prepare yourself for the way which you feel good to be ready for love. If you have a very promising relationship, this card tells you that this relationship is about to undergo a “new start” and you will know each other better. Let’s express yourself more.


The appearance of this card is usually a sign of a better property change, and sometimes it may imply gifts of cash or inheritance from a source you have not expected for (but this does not mean that someone has to die then you get this inheritance). This gift does not entirely apparent in the form of money. Any gift that is valuable to both the giver and the receiver to which the Ace of Wands card mentions.


You will soon be able to reach new heights of health. This is a great time to start a new healthcare routine and you can start at your own place. If the advice is to exercise for two minutes or eat vegetables for a meal during the week, that is exactly what you should do. The results of these efforts will be significant. Do not delay these things.


Remember that your mind and body are much more closely aligned than you think. The body affects the soul and vice versa. This post implies a new influence on the spiritual aspect which is coming to your life. Think about the type of supporting role for your mentality. If you do not have one yet, find and apply one. Help is always available if you open your heart to welcome it.

Situation and advice

Your potential at this moment is great and the source of creativity is also plentiful. If you have a hidden talent, this is the time for you to show and develop. This is also a perfect time to paint up your imagination and realize your real dreams. But remember, this Ace and other Ace cards are just seeds that have not grown yet. You have a chance with many promises but that only happens when you take advantage of all of your abilities to develop it.

The Ace of Wands also expressed a state of anxiety, uncertainty about the method of conduct. You can have energy and passion but have not got a specific direction. All the great ideas are beginning to form in your mind and ready to explode at any time, but you need to find the best way to take advantage of that huge energy.

You can start or open a business and will spend the energy of your business building new foundations and starting promises. Things happen that motivate your career path. This is the time to initiate, invent and create.

This card encourages you to listen instinctively and follow your own path. If it is a good idea, it will be fine. So, let’s start with a few basic things first and continue to develop your ideas through more complex plans later on. It is important to take action now, do not spend too much time planning or researching.


Pioneers, inventors, entrepreneurs, adventurers, initiators, creative workers.

V. Ace of Wands Reversed Keywords

stagnation, lack of motivation, heavyweight

Words and Keywords

The promise is not fulfilled, the development is impeded, the hopes are extinguished, the delayed, the troubles, the problems arise, the false starts, the failed attempts, the abolition, the wasted energy, disillusionment, misconduct, selfishness, lack of motivation or initiative, impotence, lack of usefulness, infertility, infertility, false hope, poor plan, failure, premature failure, not even trying, useless, unnatural advances, ineffective, not powerful, insistent, demanding too high, lack of ideas, pessimism, promise and always promise.


The Ace of Wands reversed is generally related to completion and work/career. When this card is in the opposite position, you may find it a bit difficult to stay focused and avoid becoming ineffective. So, you should keep your focus on one thing at a time.


Generally, this card only implies the reason which makes you feel good and comfortable, but in the opposite position, it also has the message that you may have some difficulty feeling this reason. If you have something to worry about, try to find out the cause of your sorrow. It is a good idea to talk to someone new about how he or she handles such things. That person can inspire you to solve your problem.


The reversed position of the Ace of Wands shows that there are many positive possibilities that will appear in your workplace as well as in relation to your work, but at the same time, some negative aspects may also appear. For example, you can find a good job, but your boss is too strict or maybe you will be misunderstood at work, leading to the feeling that you have no value to the company or the task performance. Do not go straight into conclusions, ask questions if you feel like you are in trouble.


Just like the upright card, if you do not have a lover, this reversed card may imply the beginning of a new love relationship. This card also indicates the birth of a baby. If that is a possibility for you and you are not ready to be a parent, make sure you get the right attention and preparation. In the context of an existing relationship, this card expresses a strong need to think before speaking and listening carefully from your partner. Misunderstanding will happen easily at this time.


This card brings the message of a request that calls attention to what you are doing with the money. It is not the time to grab the opportunity or give your financial responsibilities to a financial or banking broker and expect them to use it in the best interest of you (for example, such as saving or lending). When this card appears, there is nothing worth calling “sure bet” in the investment or in the games of chance, so, you should be careful.


The Ace of Wands in reverse implies the need for tracking and limiting or stopping the desires. Harmonizing current habits is important. Treating yourself with food and alcohol way too much (or even excessive exercise and dieting) can seriously damage your body and your long-term health. If you need help to achieve equilibrium, do not hesitate to ask. There are many people who know about health as well as a lot of useful health information that you can refer to.


This inverted Ace card can show that you are too tired of everything you do in your daily life that you can not focus on your own mental problems. You should take a moment for yourself and a few minutes to allow your spirit to recharge the energy from the universe. This will help maintain a positive spirit and will bring you more benefits than you can imagine.

Situation and advice

A promising business may be impossible and a project that starts with enthusiasm may not have enough energy to sustain.. Those promises in which you trust may be the same as well. You may feel disillusioned, helpless and unable to reach the goal. Your persistence or selfish attitude can be the cause of your troubles.

This reversed card shows that you are having difficulty clearly defining what you want. You lack direction and the energy gradually becomes exhausted, making you feel very tedious and lose motivation. As a result, you often wonder if this is what you really want and whether there is something better that you have not discovered yet. When thinking about other opportunities, your beliefs begin to shake. To overcome this, you first need to focus on your true passion. Without motivation and passion, you will not be able to succeed. So, you should take some time to ponder what you really want.

It may also point out that you are burdened by responsibility and commitment, so you can not pursue new ideas that you have. If there is a Ten of Wands card, it means you are trying to free yourself from the heavy responsibility to pursue a new passion. In addition, you can give up the regular habit for new ideas to grow.

This Ace card may indicate delay or frustration when the progress of the project and the idea is not what you expected. You will feel very impatient at this point, especially if you appreciate the plan which is already set but just started to do. Besides, you might also have a great idea, but you have not found a certain way to do. Again, you are becoming impatient when you can only present but not make that idea come true. Time is of the essence, so be patient and wait for the best opportunity.


Those who promise but never do, those who are not ambitious, those who do not do anything or are powerless, those who are resolute, persistent.

When you see the Ace of Wands Tarot card in a spread, you should try to check back your life to see how its potential and its confidence energy can work effectively on you. Be brave and reckless. Sometimes, you have to take the risk to get what you want. You need to find a way which will inspire you and take you beyond your limits. At the same time, you should take the initiative and let your passion take you to new heights. This is a card of energy and personal responsiveness. It tells you this is the time to start. You will be able to assert your best ability for everyone to see.

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ace of wands thoth

Ace of Wands Thoth Tarot is equivalent to the original sacred energy shown in the matter (Crowley) that infiltrates the visible world. This is the spirit of the will to strive to develop itself in life, the spirit of the flower found in the seed, the divine spark hide in all shapes.

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2. Ace of Wands – As De Baton | Tarot De Marseille

As de Baton Tarot de Marseille urges you to get started. This stimulating card reveals that you will feel incredibly motivated and excited to embark on a new path or project. You are very happy and eager to start. 

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3. Ace of Wands Shadowscapes Tarot Deck

Ace of Wands Shadowscapes

The Ace of Wands Shadowscapes Tarot card carries the message of creativity. When this card appears in a spread, you can be assured that what you are doing will have a great impact and breakthrough.

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4. Ace of Fire – Osho Zen Tarot Deck

Ace of Fire Osho Zen reminds us that there is a vast reservoir of energy available to us. We exploit it, not by thinking and planning, but by getting grounded, centered, and silent enough to be in contact with the Source.

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5. Ace of Bows Wildwood Tarot Deck

Ace of Bows Wildwood

Through the energy of the Ace of Bows Wildwood Tarot, we will become accomplished and empowered. We will celebrate our decision and experience the richness of the hearth fire! We will appreciate our responsibility and the impact of our actions.

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6. The Ace Of Wands Deviant Moon Tarot Deck

The Ace of Wands Deviant Moon Tarot also exhibited a state of uncertainty about the method of proceeding. You can have energy and passion but not a direction yet. 

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7. Ace Of Wands Linestrider Tarot Deck

ace of wands linestrider tarot

The Ace of Wands Linestrider Tarot encourages you to follow your instincts and be brave. The fox is drawn on this card because they are active and cunning, cheerful and enthusiastic – that is the kind of energy of this card.

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