The Star Tarot Card Meanings

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The Star Tarot has a picture of a naked woman kneeling beside a small pond. The woman holds two jugs of water. She pours water to provide nourishment for the soil and also to continue a reproductive cycle which manifested in the freshness of the surrounding leafy plants. She also pours water from the remaining pot on the ground, leaving the water to flow into five small branches, representing the five senses.

The image of the woman leaves one foot on the ground symbolizes practical capabilities and good general meaning, while the image of the other foot rests under the water representing intuition and inner strength, listening to a voice from the inward depth of herself. Behind the woman, there is a large, bright star, and seven smaller stars, representing the seven chakra energy sources. These stars symbolize the need to open up chakra energy while purifying yourself.

All stars have 8 wings. The Star Tarot card is related to the number 17, and 1 + 7 = 8. The eighth card is the Strength, which illustrates the strength, the essence of being able to accept your mistakes, and the main love of ourselves despite those mistakes. The bird on the tree at the far distance is a rare animal that symbolizes thoughts, while the tree symbolizes the mind. The zodiac sign of this card is Aquarius.

The detailed description of the Star Tarot card

People see the stars as a source of inspiration and hope. There is something in this sparkling light that attracts us to a higher level. When we turn our eyes to heaven, we no longer feel the sorrows of the world. This card reminds us of the loud voice of a person with a high tone. There is something belongs to another world. All the difficulties and material in everyday life are removed, leaving only the purest soul. After contacting it, we feel like being supported and blessed.

It is important to remember that while the Star is a source of inspiration, it is not a card for real or lasting solutions. Actually, without hope, we can not accomplish anything, but the hope is only a beginning. When you see the Moon card, you are on the right track. Your goals and your inspiration are blessed, but to realize them, you have to be positive. Using its light to guide your efforts.

Keywords that related to the Star Tarot card: Hope, Inspiration, Generous, Peace.

Detailed meaning of the keywords of the Star Tarot card

Get back hope

  • Have faith in the future;
  • Positive thinking;
  • Trust;
  • Hope in favor;
  • See “light at the end of the tunnel”;
  • Feel the big expectation;
  • Eager to wait for success.

Be inspired

  • Regain motivation;
  • Recognize an inner strength;
  • See the way clearly;
  • Be encouraged to hit a higher level;
  • Creation;
  • Get answers.

Be generous

  • Want to give away or share;
  • Distribution of wealth;
  • Open your heart;
  • Give what you have received;
  • Let love flow freely;
  • Dedication without holding back.

Feel peaceful

  • Experience peace of mind;
  • Relax;
  • Find the essence of peace for yourself;
  • Not being disturbed or worried;
  • Enjoy absolute calm;
  • Be calm in the middle of trouble;
  • Experience harmony.

A few opposite cards to the Star Tarot card:

  • Devil: lost hope, lack of faith, pessimism;
  • Tower: change, chaos;
  • Moon: trouble, embarrassment, anxiety;
  • 2 of Swords: blocking the flow of emotions;
  • 9 of Swords: guilty, miserable.

A few support cards for the Star Tarot card:

  • Fool: naive, trust;
  • Empress: generous, extended love;
  • 6 of Cups: kindness, sharing;
  • 10 of Cups: joy, positive feeling, good luck.

Upright meaning of the Star Tarot card: hope, spirituality, innovation, inspiration, peace

Words and Keywords

Inspiration, good fortune, peace, optimism, faith, enjoyment, confidence, confidence in the future, comfort, relief, renewal, happiness, promise, help, protection, restoration, divine love, altruism, wisdom, enlightenment, contemplation, a special talent, harmony, enthusiasm, creativity, fertility, prestige, grace, beauty, wellbeing, balance, poise, emotional and spiritual richness.

The inner guidance, the sense of direction, the open sky, the healing of the mind, the recovery of health, the inspiration of the person/ object, the higher knowledge, special talents, ability of making the future plan, meditation, astrology, spiritual development, meditation, aid from various sources, education, paradise on earth, make a wish.


When the Star Tarot card appears, you almost find yourself feeling rather than being inspired. You will feel more hope for the future, and more confident that your needs, whether emotional or financial or both, will be met. This is also the card of the spirit. You can find yourself when you feel about someone else with all the creativity, enjoy this feeling.


This card is a good sign. You are probably ready to think positively. This is the time to do something special. What changes do you want to make or want to see in your life? Let’s write down a list. You can accomplish almost anything if you start doing it right now and keep thinking big.


The Star Tarot card in the upright tells that your current job will be very good. If you are not satisfied with your current position, this is a good time to look for new opportunities if you are ready for them. Take a look at your curriculum vitae, read the guidelines and strategies on how to make positive career changes, and when the opportunity knocks, be prepared to respond.


If you are struggling to find a new relationship, this would be a good time to meet someone new. If you are ready to love, go out and get along with everyone. A new relationship can happen at any time. If you’ve been linked to a relationship before, it can move to a new, higher, and more harmonious state.


The appearance of the Star Tarot card in the upright is a positive sign of your personal finance. You will do better than you think. This is a good time to cope with the risk (only with the things you can afford) to make more money in your work, or to sell your goods. You possibly will have everything you want, enjoy them.


This will be a great time for health. If you are waiting for some test results, they will turn out to be good. You will be calm and energetic, but do not forget to take care of yourself.


You are approaching very close to your spirit right now, so this will be a great time for you to interact with others and share your experiences and joys. The efforts you are making will be paid off many times. The world needs your light and happiness, be always shine for everyone.

Situation and advice

The Star Tarot card is a very positive card. Now it is the time to rely on your intuition, wisdom, and the guidance from within. Your horoscope consultation can also be helpful. It is a card of hope, protection, promise, joy, inspiration, luck and spiritual happiness. Your guardian angel is watching you. A reaction or expected result is about to happen. This is a good time to develop yourself because you can achieve your ideal. This card often motivates the fortune-teller to develop a special talent. A young woman can light your life.


A guardian angel, a young woman, helpers, astrologers, astronomers, UFO fans, healers, ET.

Meaning of the Star reversed: lack of faith, despair, depression

Reversed meaning of the Star

Words and Keywords

(+) Hope, belief in the future, unreasonable pessimism.

(-) Obstacles, disappointments, disillusionment, pessimism, poor judgment, the hope of satisfaction, fleeting happiness, missed opportunity, misfortune, anxiety, loss, fears, poor health, rigor, self-doubt, suspicion, stubbornness, selfishness, distraction, refuse to receive spiritual guidance, school troubles, half cup of water.


When the Star Tarot appears in the reversed position, you almost find feelings about yourself instead of being inspired. In many ways, this card shows the peace after the storm, whether it is upright or reversed. In the reversed position, you will still feel more hope for the future and be more confident that your emotional or financial needs will be met. You will also find that you have good reasons to feel optimistic and your prospects are bright.


Even in reverse, this card still is a good omen. Be honest about what you are feeling and see if you can find more reasons to be more optimistic and useful when searching. When this card appears in the reversed position, you tend to look at the problem in a negative way. Lift up your eyes! Once you are still breathing, there is always something you can expect.


When you the Star Tarot card in reverse, it shows that you can have a lot of positive opportunities ahead that you have not seen yet. Do not just think about how to be the best in this situation, but also think about your ideal situation. For example, where you want to work stably in the next five years from now. Imagine your “perfect” perspective, and then make it a reality.


When in the reversed position, this card still anticipat good things for the relationship, especially the relationship which is going on. However, there may be a barrier on one or both sides that will need to be resolved before the really good possibilities for the relationship can manifest.

Think about what obstacles exist on your partner (the only way you can really change that) and overcome it. If you are single and feel that you are ready to love, consider what might be attractive in the relationship you desire. Is your self-esteem too low or too high to reach the threshold of arrogance? Think straight ahead, find a way, then go out and get along with people. A new relationship may come soon. But first, you need to test and/or remove the existing barriers.


In general, this is still a positive sign when the Star Tarot card appears in the opposite direction, but just as other situations, be considered what you might need to accomplish so that you can achieve your goals (in case there are any changes). You can discover that you are ready on the right path, but also check to see if your goals have changed since you started creating your plan. If you do not have a financial plan yet, then set it up!


Even when the Star appears in reverse, this is still a very good time for health. If you are waiting for the results of some tests, be assured that they are good. You will keep the inspiration and calm. Believe in your health and the well-being of your body.


Even in the opposite position, the numerical interpretation of the card is still on par with the notion of “power.” Your spirits are alive strongly when this card appears; believe in yourself!

Situation and advice

The Star Tarot card still retains many positive meanings in the reversed position. However, you may not be aware of the spiritual property that surrounds you. As a result, there may be obstacles in your plan or some difficulties in your project or business. A pessimistic attitude or lack of confidence can prevent you from enjoying yourself. You are focusing on the negative side rather than the positive side. Your clutter can cause you to miss out on promising opportunities. There is a reason to believe in the future. You may experience a difficult time accepting the recommended help. You may not see your own gold-digging.

In a tarot spread, the Star reversed may refer to the loss of hope, depression, and possibly illness (especially when multiple Sword cards appear at the same time).


People who have trouble accepting help, pessimists.

In the tarot spread, the Star Tarot card is the most natural thing when sadness and despair cover us. In our darkest moments, we need to know that there is hope, that is the light at the end of the tunnel. It is the opposite of the Devil which deprives our beliefs into the future. This 17th card continues to promise that in the end, we can also find peace in our soul.

The Star also reminds us to open our hearts, release our fears and anxieties. If you are trying to keep it all the way, it’s time to give it away generously.

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