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I. Seven of Swords Rider Waite image description

The Seven of Swords shows a man sneaking out of the army camp with five swords in his hand. Two swords behind his back stuck to the ground. His face showed confidence and arrogance as if his mission was successful. However, he was detected by the soldiers.

Seven of Swords Rider Waite image description

This card is associated with the Five of Swords because both cards are related to separation from others. On this card, we see a man coming out of the social community (tents behind his back). He is holding a bunch of swords and looked satisfied with the results of stealing. He gives the impression of having solitary and secret plans.

Sometimes, the Seven of Swords implies that you are running away from something such as commitments, responsibilities, hard work or relationship. You may be hesitating and letting problems go away because you do not want to solve them. This card conveys a message that you are probably making things worse for yourself and others by hiding away.

It may also imply a loss of honor – an unfair choice that was given by you or someone. We all have the wrong choices we want to hide. Some of these may be minor mistakes, but others may be more serious. Your inner voice will tell you when this happens. When you get this Swords card in a spread, you should consider carefully what you are doing because this loss of honor will destroy your joy and self-esteem.

II. Seven of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

Escape, Prefer a solitary style, The hidden shame.


  • Avoid responsibility;
  • Escape stealthily;
  • Leave;
  • Avoid obligations;
  • Afraid to face the truth;
  • Choose an easy option;
  • Hide the truth;
  • Hesitant.

Like a lone wolf

  • Feel you do not need anyone else;
  • Independence;
  • No need for help;
  • Keep something for yourself;
  • Like loneliness;
  • Live separately;
  • Want to go alone;
  • Keep distance from everyone.

The hidden shame

  • Cheated or being cheated;
  • Hide a trace;
  • The tricks are behind;
  • A two-faced person;
  • See others being humiliated;
  • Avoid a shameful secret;
  • Deception or theft.

III. Opposite and Support Tarot cards to the 7 of Swords

Opposite cards

  • Hierophant – working in groups;
  • Justice – take responsibility, honesty and openness;
  • 10 of Wands – meet obligations and responsibility;
  • 6 of Cups – innocent, kind, open, noble.

Support cards

  • Hermit – alone, away from others;
  • 2 of Swords – run away from the truth;
  • 5 of Swords – lost honor, separate others;
  • 9 of Pentacles – rely on yourself, act on your own.

IV. 7 of Swords Upright Card Keywords

betrayal, deceit, possess and escape, sneaky

Words and Keywords

Deception, prudence, cunning, trickery, intelligence, defection, falsity, taking advantage of someone, think about travel, change job or career, move to a new position, the need to manage discreetly, sabotage, hidden or illegal tactics, diplomacy, decide/judge wisely, craftiness, avoidance, indirect action, warning, wisdom is better than strength, needs of expert advice.

A unique worldview, unhealthy behavior, a theft, a robbery, a fraudulent action, feel cheated, unlucky, guilty feeling, sadness, betrayal, victim, dastardliness, ask for failure, a short journey, escape, leaving, move forward, be your own worst enemy.


The Seven of Swords may mean that you are treating someone with disrespect. Sometimes, this card may imply curiosity about the life of the person who you are not involved with. If you find that someone is curious about you, then you may feel right. If you are tempted to “dig up” someone else’s life (unless your children make you feel worried about them and want to control their lives), try to resist this intention. Everyone has privacy.


If you are involved in a conflict this month, you need to be careful about someone is messing with you. This conflict can happen in a very wide range from cheating on playing cards to someone trying to settle something that seriously affects your work. The important thing is that you need to make sure you are doing things in a dignified and public way; then you no longer have to worry, even if someone blames you.


In terms of work, the appearance of the Seven of Swords may imply that your boss is strictly following your work. You should work hard and make sure your work will not be reprimanded. Try not to get involved in political work. If you are looking for a job, do not hesitate to talk to someone that you know or have worked with before.


If you have a bonding relationship when this card appears, it conveys a very clear message that trust is an extremely important factor. If you feel suspicious about your partner for some reason, let’s talk about this even though it will be difficult. The passive attack would only make things worse.

If you are looking for love, you will have a chance to meet someone who is very interesting at this time. Do not try to avoid even if you are not interested in a certain relationship. A potential lover will gradually become the one who has a closer connection with you. You need to keep balance.


When the Seven of Swords card appears, this is absolutely not the time to invest risk or borrow money because you can lose more than that. You may have to make some difficult decisions about money, but remember not to sacrifice your integrity or your self-esteem and spiritual happiness will be threatened. Money cannot buy those things.


You should not immediately believe what you have heard for the first time about health issues. You need to find more options before affirming anything related to health (such as a long-term treatment or surgery). Let’s be open to mental healing, but if you are struggling with a serious illness, treatment cannot equate to this “healing”. You should consider exactly what needs to be healed in yourself as well as your life.


Seven of Swords tells that you should be cautious about influential people or religious leaders who want you to spend money to have the so-called “enlightenment”. The truth is that you can discover, learn and develop spiritually yourself instead of needing some spiritual leader. You should also be careful with friends who have the same mental thoughts that you have just met.

Situation and advice

You may feel cheated or upset about what you have done. You may want to escape or run away, but you need to avoid those actions that bring you the failure. Do not become your own worst enemy. You must become skillful and clever to deal with your opponents and achieve your goals. Other people may be trying to deceive you or may damage your reputation. They can take advantage of the fact that your mind is fulfilled with other issues or you can attack when the opponent loses focus.

Your unique worldview and the ability to do unexpected things can save you in emergencies. A plan you have outlined may not happen as expected. Perhaps you will need advice from a specialist or legal counsel. This card may refer to involvement in deceptive, deceptive, illegal, or sneaky activities.

Sometimes, Seven of Swords refers to a robbery which happens in reality (especially there is another card referring to “deception” – like the Moon – appears during a spreading), but most likely, the damage happens to you from some form of speech or communication. You should be especially careful about what you say or write at this time. An intellectual battle may be imminent. Someone can against the independence and freedom of your wisdom. This card may also refer to the forward-looking progress and the abandonment of some aspects of your life.


A clever person, a thief, a crafty person, a dastard, someone who moves from one place to another.

V. 7 of Swords Reversed Keywords

spiritual challenges, breakthrough

Words and Keywords

(+) An apology, good advice, constructive criticism, something that pays off for you, take action with your most attention, the return of stolen items, recognize the merits of those who deserve to be praised.
(-) The lack of determination/indecision, laziness, pessimism, give up / not dare to do something, an unfinished project, miss the opportunity, keep repeating past mistakes, lack of skill, stupidity/dullness.


The Seven of Swords reversed reminds us that sin will not bring any benefit to ourselves. It never does. If you receive this card while attempting to commit some deception/fraud, it clearly states that you will be soon detected. If you have realized that someone in your life is cheating on you, then forget about that person. They must have a reasonable explanation about it if they want to keep a relationship with you.


This is the time to think carefully about how everything “will be done” and whether you meet those requirements or not. This may be a time to refine your actions, try to do one thing at a time. Deep down, you already know what is most important to change.


Just like the Seven of Swords in the upright, the appearance of the reversed card implies that your boss is strictly following your work. This is not the time to ignore the task no matter what level or form it is. Something that seems very small can cause you to lose your trust dramatically from your boss and lead to big problems at work (such as stealing some stationery at the workplace); even worse, you may face the possibility of losing your job. If you are looking for a job, put your trust and willingness first.


You may have a feeling of dissatisfaction about your relationship when this card appears. If that is the case, you should consider carefully the causes and what makes you unhappy before saying it to your partner. Besides, you should think about your role in the discord or problem that both of you are facing. Is there something that you should or can change?


When the Seven of Swords in reverse appears, you are going to get good advice on money issues but you may ignore it. You should listen carefully about what the other say. This is not the time for any kind of risky investments. Make sure that you know what you are doing.


You should believe in your body, the supreme force and the universe when the it appears in the question of health. If you think you need to rest more, take a break, even if you just returned to daily life after a holiday. If you feel like you are being urged to talk to someone about your health, just do it. At the same time, do not hesitate to seek opinions from other sources if the problem is related to a major treatment period.


This is a good time to keep your own secrets when it comes to spiritual beliefs. You can make friends with others without having to believe everything according to them. However, if you have an open mind, then you will be able to get new mental experiences from others (and from the Universe) regardless of whether you really try to find new knowledge or not. Sometimes, inspiration can come in a few moments.

Situation and advice

Seven of Swords implies that if you have been robbed, the thief will not be able to keep the stolen item. If someone has done something wrong to you, wait for an apology. You should appreciate any criticism you receive at this time because it is more likely to be constructive. If something has been taken from you unfairly, it may return right now.

Someone can give you useful help or advice. This is the time to be wise if you want to succeed. An approach that is too casual or unimaginative will not help you at all.


A stupid person, an idiot, a silly thief.

In a Tarot spread, the Seven of Swords can be a sign that you (or someone else close to you) want to be a lone wolf. You feel that you will be more effective and more comfortable by self-motion. This method is very useful when you need to avoid an inefficient group or want to insist on your independence, but on the other hand, this thought can also cause trouble. We can not be happy and develop in the long term without collaboration with others. If you feel like you tend to act alone, make sure this separation will really work for you.

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