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I. Knight of Wands Rider Waite image description

The man in the Knight of Wands rides on a horse and performs his duty. His face shows the determination to succeed. The aigrette on the hat, arms, and legs fluttering in the breeze which are the colors of the flames. He also wears the cloak with the icon of salamanders like the Page of Wands.

On the positive side, this card is full of energy and life. He is never afraid to experience new things and will reach every passion as possible. Others may be afraid of his madness, but they are still attracted by his courage and passion. The knight is charming and has something attractive and irresistible, always makes people fascinated.

On the negative side, the character in the Knight of Wands is a slightly arrogant person of himself as well as his ability. He tends to act shallow and thoughtless. No one can expect a firm commitment or loyalty from him. He is very reckless and lives irresponsibly. He often acts without thinking and continually entangled in troubles because of his temperament.

Regarding the question in a spread, if the style of the character in this card is too obvious for your case or situation, then the balance is an extremely necessary factor. Is your self-esteem actually the complacency? Are you always upset and lose your temper? Are you so fall in love with someone who you know will break your heart? Does your company have a risky investment in a hurry while not being well prepared yet? This may be the time to change.

If the situation of the question does not match the energy of this card (which means his style), then you need more passion and recklessness. Are you living inside the box? Let’s try to experience something new. Do you always plan well? Be prepared for the next time. Are you working too hard? Let’s go out and enjoy the joy of life. Let Knights of Wands bring you into the world of excitement and adventurous spirit of him.

Keywords related to the Knight of Wands Tarot card:

II. Knight of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Seductive – Boring, Confident – Complacent, Brave – Reckless, Adventurous – Anxiety, Passionate – Bad-tempered.

Seductive – Boring

  • Physical attraction – Focus on style and appearance;
  • Seduce the other the enemy with a smile – Can be carefree and apathetic;
  • Sensual, seductive – Pursuit of the conquest of sexuality;
  • Create fascination and excitement – Avoid confusing and serious problems;
  • Mealy-mouthed – May say or do what is beneficial.

Confident – Complacent

  • Have absolutely no doubt yourself – overestimate your ability;
  • The attitude of “I can do it” – Boasting;
  • Persuasive about your talent – Inflate your talents;
  • Always confident – Boasting;
  • Motivate yourself – Sometimes become too reckless.

Brave – Reckless

  • Risk without fear – Impatient, scornful;
  • Confront what others are avoiding – endangers themselves and others;
  • Pioneers confront the danger – Underestimate the danger;
  • Want to be a hero – Impulsive;
  • Go to places that no one has ever been before – Daredevil.

Adventurous – Anxiety

  • Love traveling and new experiences – Never satisfied with calmness;
  • Seek innovation – Can not stay still;
  • Overcome every challenge – Will not stop working;
  • Willpower – Constant stimulation.

Passionate – Bad-tempered

  • Easily agitated – Easy to get angry;
  • Feel strong loyalty – Be ready to fight;
  • Feel everything strongly – Immediate attack when provoked;
  • Verbal debate – Often taking action without thinking;
  • Wants to accomplish something quickly – Always feel uncomfortable.

III. Knight of Wands Upright Card Keywords

energy, passion, desire, action, adventure, impulsive

Words and Keywords

An important event related to a project or business, new people, new ideas and experiences, impulsive, do not want to settle down, important guests, a business trip, keep moving, environmental change, abandonment of habits, quick decisions, quick action, haste, adventures, challenges.

Ambition, have prestige, energy, love the fun, sense of humor, enthusiasm, optimism, excitement, generosity, love sports, physical activity, confidence, vision, perspective, suddenly leave, relocation, a flight, movement, escape, waterway travel, journey, new job, vacation.


While the Page of Wands was the initial spark of a new idea, the Knight of Wands shows the actual pursuit of that idea. There are many significant actions related to this Knight and he has a real commitment and power to ensure his idea is put into operation. His courage was extremely powerful and he was not afraid of anything. He simply calculated everything which based on his ideas and vision to implement the plan. Therefore, this card shows that your level of confidence will quickly increase and you feel ready to conquer the world with your plan. You will solve any challenge in your own way and always be ready to help those who are not determined and are struggling.

When this card appears, it is a great time to travel if you can manage your time to escape from work. You will feel full of energy and spirit to accomplish everything. Your confidence will tend to increase and that will help you achieve your goals.


These Knight cards often carry many messages, and in the Wands set, this message is very positive and tends towards the work and career of the querent. Your projects will be more likely to succeed than you would expect or anticipate. You have many reasons to be proud, enjoy that feeling.

The Knight of Wands is a card of “do first, think later”, just like those boys. He is impatient and impulsive, loves to take action. The downside of this Knight is that while exploding with energy and enthusiasm, he tends to act without considering consequences. He set off in a hurry and did not have a clear plan. This can negatively affect the chances of long-term success. He is too focused on fame and glory to forget about planning and keeping a realistic vision. Sometimes, he is too aggressive and too ambitious. He is very consistent even when people protest and criticize him.


You may be asked to go on a business trip, in essence as combined travel with business. This is a very good opportunity, you will have great moments and memories. All information related to the job are all good. If you are expecting the results of one or many job interviews, then you can count on the great possibility that you are about to get into a dream position. On the overall aspect of work, this will be a good time for you.


You may meet a new partner through your work. This person may have a light hair color. If you are currently in a relationship with someone, make sure those conversations between you and that person are as clear as possible. You should date more to spend time talking to each other. This will basically help to improve your intimate sense of belonging.


The money will flow into your account more easily when this card appears. Your financial situation will generally improve. However, you should save a little and cut down on less important expenses if possible.


Your health is good, but be careful when practicing, as the Knight of Wands can sometimes indicate the risk of a minor injury. If you are in the process of recovering from a disease, do not work too much, or hurry to get back to your normal life. Please be patient, slowly but surely.


You may surprise as someone introduces you a new method to look at things mentally that makes you pay close attention. However, you should take a moment to explore and discover this “new method” before spending a lot of time or money on it. You can contribute a little money, time and energy, if possible, to the mental/spiritual rituals in which you have faith. That is one of the best ways to pray.

Situation and advice

The change is taking place. A matter of great importance is forming in your life. You can be about to take on or participate in a creative project or a long journey, possibly related to work. Your motive might be to get rid of a person or oppressive circumstance. You are entering or leaving an important situation. An important person in the distance can play a significant role in your present life. Maybe you are changing jobs or residence.

Your confidence and enthusiasm can help you achieve your goals. Someone can give you useful business ideas. If you are going to go on a vacation, you will have a happy holiday. The relationship fills with the promise of an interesting sex life. You are full of energy and enthusiasm.

When you draw the Knight of Wands in a spread, you can start your creative projects with enthusiasm and energy, but do not forget to give a comprehensive, realistic and balanced view along with the plan, ready for any consequences in the future. You have to set the ambition and go wherever it is effective for you. There is nothing wrong with being ambitious if you take it properly. Let’s take the lead and accept all the risks calculatedly.

This card can indicate an event happening in your life quickly and unexpectedly. Along with the Eight of Wands, you will see a lot of changes and actions going on around you, and you will be swept away by the flow of energy whether you want or not. You also need to pay special attention until everything is done. Do not fight against it, just pay attention to it. Typically, this Knight can indicate a hasty change of residence, work or other location. You need to be ready to react quickly and go with the flow because resistance would be useless.


The astronaut, the negotiator, the debater, people who propose ideas, the opponent, those who follow individualism; those who are active, enthusiastic and full of energy; those who enjoy life, a strong young man who acts fast and decisively.

People who do not want to settle down, people involved in new projects, someone with a sense of humor, hasty people, people who enjoy life are having problems in binding themselves while they have many interests and pastimes, athletes, those who love challenge, the passionate lover, the rabbit (in the story of the Rabbit and the Tortoise).

V. Knight of Wands Reversed Keywords

hurry, disperse energy, delay, disappointment

Words and Keywords

Individualism, indecisiveness, instability, opportunism, lack of compliance, tension, change fast, divisiveness, procrastination, precipitation, untrustworthy, bossy, controversy, violence, dissipation, distraction, have no purpose, carelessness, treading water, conflict, lack of energy, depression, jealousy, promiscuity, inconsistent, one night stand, changing workplace, the journey is delayed, trouble in moving or relocation, soon hot soon cold.


When this card appears in reverse, though it sometimes implies failure or delay in many forms, it is generally a positive and optimistic card. This card may also imply that someone in your life, usually a relatively cheerful, kind and energetic person. This person is generally trustworthy.


The appearance of those Knight cards is usually a sign that you are about to receive a message, whether the card appears in the upright or in the reverse during a spreading. Unfortunately, if you use the opposite meaning, the message of the Knight of Wands will imply “a delay” and “you will have to wait.” If so, try to be patient.


There will be some interruptions going on in your work. For example, you may be transferred out of the job to which you prefer to attend a training or meeting. Or the building you are working on may have to be repaired for a few days. Try to accept these things with the most positive attitude you can. If you are looking for a job, the employment decisions related to you will probably be delayed. Do not worry too much because that feeling does not give you any benefit at all.


This reversed card may imply that stress and minor disagreements will arise in your relationship. Let’s take a closer look at what is really happening. The nature of every real friction is often like what it seems. If you are looking for love, it is likely that you are thinking that you will be able to find your other significant and move on to an eternal perspective (which is marriage). You just need to make sure that you know everything about a relationship before you decide to get marry, note that you may be in a hurry.


Sometimes, there are disagreements about financial problems when the Knight of Wands appears in reverse. You should calm down and solve them step by step, earn your money with a passion. Many people often have arguments about the money and things that are associated with money are not what they seem to be. This is not the time to take risky investment.


This is not the time for you to exercise excessively or test a new healthcare regime. Of course, you have to take care of your health, but do not ruin your body with excessive enthusiasm. You should be honest with the medical professionals as well as accept their advice, or simply take some new supplements.


When the Knight of Wands appears in reverse, you are likely to suddenly end up experiencing a spiritual ritual or leaving a spiritual community that you have engaged in for a long time. This is not a wise decision, and many friends or relatives of you will not accept or understand. However, the core issue is that all decisions of this kind are directly related to your soul and life, and if a spiritual tradition is no longer “meaningful” to you, then there is no reason for you to pretend it still exists. This change does not have to happen immediately, you can gradually withdraw if necessary. You should replace the spiritual ritual experiences that you have left with something more meaningful.

Situation and advice

Your haste and lack of direction may be causing problems. There may be instability related to your work or other projects. You may be feeling stressed by the rapid changes in life.

Irresponsible behavior, self-promotion, repression, controversy, or haste will only spread to the people around you and make the problem worse. If you ask relationships, your future partner may not interested in feelings and intimacy but only in sexual novelties.

The Knight of Wands reversed points out the delay and frustration, and the angry feeling by the obstacles and being denied for what you want. This card speaks of the loss of personal power or the use of power negatively. It may indicate that you are trying to camouflage or your compensation is not capable of controlling this situation. Your emotions can be related to the loss of self-esteem and pessimism.

This reversed card signifies impulsivity, restlessness, impatience, and lack of foresight. The character in this card just pursues his own interests or decides things so quickly without considering the possibility of success or the consequences of them. You need to be careful not to rush into things without thinking about the consequences. If this is a case of someone in your life, you should guide him/her carefully in the future. He/she can learn and improve himself/herself from those mistakes; do not control or stop them at this time.

The Knight of Wands reversed shows that you tend to become impulsive, do or say things that you may regret later. You want everything to be “fixed” right away and must be as planned. You should be calm thinking before immediately taking any action when things happen. You feel frustrated because some of the factors are affecting the plan that you can not control. Remember that sometimes, everything does not happen as you wish.


A cheater, an opportunist, people who swim with the tide, a charming but unbelievable man, a controversial young man, people who like contradictions, the bigoted, a promiscuity, people who promised but not implemented, the untrustworthy, money boy.

In a Tarot spread, the Knight of Wands Tarot card demonstrates that the self-confidence and enthusiasm of the character in the card are related to your personal situation, or of someone else or of an atmosphere in general. You need to ask yourself that whether the energy of the knight benefits or hurts you.

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