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I. King of Pentacles Rider Waite image description

King of Pentacles Rider Waite image description

The King of Pentacles speaks of ambition, success, and material satisfaction. The King sat on the throne carved with bulls and grapevines. His cloak was also embroidered with images of many fruits. There are vines and flowers under his feet representing the ultimate material success. His right hand held the scepter of power and his left hand held a gold coin of material. The castle behind him is the result of efforts and determination. Therefore, this King is very respectful of finance, proud of his accomplishments and is willing to share with everyone around him.

The feature of King of Pentacles is a combination of the positive energy source belongs to the Earth element of the Pentacles suit with the dynamic and extroverted qualities of the King. The king in this card can be likened to King Midas when he turns everything he touches into gold (expressing wealth in every way).

He finds opportunities everywhere and succeeds with whatever he thinks of. He is a bold and experienced person. Regardless of the mission, he perfectly solves them based on practical skills and knowledge. He knows everything and is also fluent in all areas. He is trustworthy and responsible.

Others rely entirely on him because they know he will never let anyone down. He is very comfortable and generous about time and money because he knows that the more he gives, the more he receives. He encourages others to gain their own achievements and gives them all support whenever they need. He is a person with a stable and calm personality that contributes to establishing stability in any situation. When he sets his own goals, he will pursue with a firm determination to succeed.

II. King of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

Boldly, Expert, Reliable, Support, Stability.


  • Business is always successful;
  • Find opportunities everywhere;
  • Have an idea and turn it into reality;
  • As a manager and entrepreneur with innate qualities;
  • Able to make a lot of money.


  • Understand real issues;
  • There are many innate abilities;
  • Quick response;
  • Have skillful hands;
  • Handle all situations perfectly.


  • Meet all commitments and promises;
  • Responsibility;
  • Reliable and durable;
  • Being someone who can count on when the crisis comes;
  • Being the foundation for others to rely on.


  • Encourage others to achieve success;
  • Ready to jump in to help;
  • Be a philanthropist;
  • Spend time and attention generously;
  • Funding for worthwhile projects.


  • Towards a goal with firm determination;
  • Avoid fluctuations in mood and behavior;
  • Have regular habits and activities;
  • Maintain a calm and balanced state;
  • Create a stable effect.

III. King of Pentacles Upright Card Keywords

safety, control, power, discipline, abundance

Words and Keywords

The process is stable, ambitious, intelligent, practical, entrepreneurship, wealth, patience, strength, stability, reliability, commitment, satisfaction, organizational skills, status, condition, discipline, control, meticulousness, politeness, kindness, calmness, financial capability.

Industry leaders, mathematical acumen, common knowledge, generosity, perseverance, endurance, hard work, skillful management, increased income, real estate transactions, possess, gain achievements through persistent efforts, protection.


The King of Pentacles refers to trust, tradition, and success in matters relating to money. In Tarot spreading, this card indicates that this is the night you need to follow the available ways and paths to solve all the problems of life. When this card represents a person in your life, it is more likely to be a manly person in general.


Generally, this King card urges us to quickly become good servants in terms of our own lives, the energy sources and the specific resources that we can use. If the card refers to a man in your life, that person is more likely to be someone you can completely trust.


A mature and prestigious man will play a key role in your work environment (even if your workplace is full of women). This man is wise and fair but also is a little too hasty to ignore the evaluation. He can become a reliable supporter even if you have not met him for long. You should always ready to consider everything thoroughly, you will feel secure when you do so.


In terms of love, the King of Pentacles is a good sign. Someone may appear and attract you at first sight. You should follow your heart and be yourself. This person will only love you for who you are. Be honest and everything will be okay for you. If you are in a relationship with someone, it is likely to progress to a more comfortable position (metaphorically). But if you do not feel satisfied with anything in this relationship, then you need to speak up to change. Do not expect your partner to know your thoughts evidently.


This is a great card when considering financial issues. Nearly all of your investments are progressing very well and are even more profitable due to the wise efforts you have made. However, you should prepare to accept the calculated risks. Let’s share your wealth with others if you can.


Your health status can be improved if you face and release your negative emotions. Cultural traditions and cleansing rituals can help you feel more comfortable at this time. If you have never tried any of these methods before, let’s experience until you feel relaxing. You will receive a lot of benefits from such treatments.


Maybe, you do not understand what you need to make yourself feel satisfied. Perhaps because for years you have devoted your mind primarily to ensuring a stable financial source for life. If you do not have any knowledge in spiritual culture, surf the Internet or learn about resources from the local library to find out. You should take the time to nurture your spiritual side. And whether you believe it or not, your financial situation will benefit from it later.

Situation and advice

King of Pentacles shows relevance to business issues and financial settlement in your life. Current and future safety is at the top of the list at the moment. You can get promoted or get a raise. You can achieve success in practical projects or businesses. Real estate and property issues have progressed well. Your perseverance, honesty, kindness, and loyalty will be rewarded. You can get good financial advice. A realistic and dedicated approach will bring success.


Dedicated workers, financial advisors, engineers, mathematicians, property owners, entrepreneurs; methodical, responsible, stable, trustworthy, quiet and cautious man; good manager.

Bankers, investors, stockbrokers, traders, ambitious people who will work long and hard enough to achieve their goals, elderly people, chivalrous rich men, someone who focuses on financial issues, suppliers, guardians, honest and sincere friends.

IV. King of Pentacles Reversed Keywords

competent, authoritarian, dictatorial

Reversed meaning of the King of Pentacles

Words and Keywords

Materialism, stupidity, concern about money, ignorance, shortsightedness, lack of sensitivity, greed, error, dishonesty, invasion of justice, unskillful, clumsy, rude, vulgar, obscene, rigid, stubborn, autocratic, poorly managed, overly concerned about finances, set career and money above everything, amateur personality, workaholic, paranoia.


The King of Pentacles reversed implies an extrovert bias, which means there is a tendency to prove the self by external achievements, without realizing the tremendous value of it.


Regardless of what happens in your life when this reversed card appears, you need to know that happiness and success will not be built from one or several events. This is the time to cultivate a positive attitude.


The King of Pentacles reversed may refer to an older and prestigious man playing a leading role in your work environment (even if from the outside, your workplace is full of women). You need to realize that work is not the whole concern in your life, and remember that there are always people (possibly including people whom this card represents) that you simply cannot please them. You just need to try your best, and that is enough.


This King card may imply a person that you care about is falling into a difficult time due to work-related problems (or not finding a job). You should help and remind that person whose value is much higher than the scale and importance of what he/she is doing. If you are alone and in the process of finding true love, you will be able to meet a new person who is currently working in a financial-related field. It is also possible that this card represents a big difference in the income of you and your lover. If so, just think about it simply, do not be too bothered.


The King of Pentacles reversed tells you that you need to think for the long-term goal when considering the financial investment. Do not let short-term losses/damages affect your own thoughts or the long-term perspective of the investment you are making. Money is just a tool. You should not equate yourself with failure if you are facing financial challenges. Think positive.


Just like the upright meaning, the reversed card tells you that your health condition will greatly improve if you face and release your negative emotions. You must observe and oppose the viewpoint that you are a failure just because you have not achieved certain goals (about health) that you set for yourself. It is important to respect yourself and be yourself. Your health will gradually improve.


The King of Pentacles reversed implies that you may be putting too much effort for too long for your financial life. You will be able to benefit more from exploring different aspects of traditional culture and spiritual understanding. At that time, your mind will be more opened as long as you want it to be.

Situation and advice

You may need to negotiate with a poor, rude, hasty, arrogant, foolish, or miserable man. In your own life, you should be careful not to measure happiness based solely on money. The reversed meaning of this King card also warns of dishonest actions motivated by greed and materialism. You should be careful not to make rude or vulgar comments that offend others.


The braggart, the idiot, the bastard, people who cannot manage money, someone who can do everything for money; boring, materialistic, stubborn, arrogant and shallow person; people who have has male chauvinism, people who have sexual discrimination, impoverished men; a stingy, miserable and skeptical man; a person who spoils himself/herself, someone who tends to get angry, the man who is overly worried about the financial problem.

In a Tarot spread, King of Pentacles is a call for you to act on qualities of the King such as keeping your commitment as always, fixing mistakes, creating wealth, or funding for a new business project. This card can also represent a man or woman who has the same qualities as him or suggests a stable and reliable atmosphere. King tells you that his special energy source will mean a lot to you at this time. Let yourself be inspired by this man under any form of his appearance in your life.

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