The Empress Tarot Card Meanings

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The Empress Tarot card is a true Earth Mother, also known as the Anima, the Feminine Principle, Demeter, Freyja, and the Goddess of Reproduction. It ruled by Venus – the planet of love, creativity, birth, art, harmony, luxury, beauty, and love.

She is a perfect woman with blonde hair and her emanating gentle aroma. The crown star on her head showing her relationship with the mysterious kingdom of angels and fairies. On the card, she wore a pomegranate-patterned gown symbolizing birth and sat on a cushion decorated with luxurious, soft lines with red velvet material with the symbol of the Goddess Venus.

Her surrounding area is a beautiful and lush forest with a stream flowing through expressing the deep emotional connection among her, Mother Earth, and life. She feels peace from the trees, water, and process of being young again by the energy of nature. There was the golden spring crop in front of her, reflecting the affluence from the harvest season.

The detailed description of the Empress Tarot card

The Empress and the High Priestess are two halves of the female element in the Major Arcana. She expresses the proliferation, the Mother of life, the abundance of nature and the rhythm of the Earth. All the contentment and joy in every aspect that life brings come from her. She also encourages you to strengthen your connection with nature – the foundation of all things. Many times, the flashy exterior removes us from the foundation of life. You should let her remind you of the connection you have with life.

This character represents all forms of affluence and brings a sense of fulfillment, especially things that the senses feel such as food, joy, and beauty. She can give you material rewards, but only if you understand that wealth comes from a generous mind which is ready to give and open up to people. Thus, she requires that you have to focus and follow the rules of life and enjoy the abundance of them.

Keywords related to the Empress Tarot card: Nurture, Prosperity, Perception, Nature.

Detailed meaning of the keywords of the Empress Tarot card


  • Birth;
  • Raise a life;
  • Care for others;
  • Cherish life;
  • Fragility;
  • Work with children.

Welcome the prosperity

  • Beneficiary;
  • Receive rewards;
  • Generous;
  • Have more than you need;
  • Feel rich.

Perceptual experience

  • Give and take pleasure;
  • Focus on the body;
  • Treasure the beauty;
  • Feeling healthy;
  • Be realistic;
  • Physical activity.

Respond to the nature

  • Linked to plants and animals;
  • Dive into nature;
  • Feel the connection with Earth;
  • Go out;
  • Fill in the melody of nature.

A few opposite cards to the Empress

  • Emperor – father, discipline, order, rules’
  • Death – the principle of death’
  • 4 of Pentacles – poor’
  • 9 of Pentacles – honing, flashing.

A few support cards for the Empress

  • Lovers – satisfying desire, contented;
  • Star – generous, love flourishes freely;
  • 9 of Cups – enjoy with the senses;
  • 7 of Pentacles – material reward;
  • 10 of Pentacles – wealth, luxury, material satisfaction.

Upright meaning of the Empress: Mother, fertility, luxuriant, healing

Words and Keywords

Goddess of life, mother prototype, the cradle of life, fertility, prosperity, creativity, productive activity, nourishment, healing, love, harmony, synthesis, sensitivity, continue to develop, physical comfort, status.

Social position, beautiful house, lush garden, wealth, material love and influence, female instinct, marriage, achievement, good season, pregnancy, mother nature, willing to help others, reproduction, motherhood, put the foundations on the process of life, successful results by working hard, move from a stage to another one, full of potential, loyalty, luck, mother earth, move forward and develop.

The more isolated and unrealistic the mother is, the deeper the desire she cherished in the soul of the son, Awaken the pristine and eternal image of the mother who always benefits the sake of everything, hugs, protects, nurture and help to take on the role of mother


The Empress is a component of female power, the mysterious, unpredictable, symbolizing the birth and attraction. She predicts want to touch the feminine side of each person, listening intuitively, emotionally and passionately. Besides, she is also a sign of prosperity.


People are more attracted to you than normal (in every aspect), maybe there is someone will come to your door, expect you to give them advice or simply give them a shoulder to lean on. This is very beneficial because you will be able to see yourself from the perspective of those around you – a wise person and also a giver. You should share the other side of things that hardly anyone else has except you and always know that your wisdom and concern are precious.


Everything will be fine. Your ideas, your passions, the way you work will inspire those around you. Let’s your inner voice be decided. The Empress in the upright instructs us to let the joy leads the road and other things will follow.


This is when promising love will come. The person you are looking for will find you (friend or lover), pay attention, things are very promising. If you are alone, this is the time that true love can appear. And if you have a current relationship, it will become sweeter, deeper and more real.


The Empress in the upright represents the ideal time to invest, just listen to your instincts. The money will come a lot, just know that if you give what you have, you will get more. Let’s share your wealth with those around you and you’ll be richer.


If you are looking for children, this is a very good sign, what you want is coming. You should be careful if you are not ready to be a parent and pregnancy is not what you expect. If you have a health problem, consider carefully what your body is trying to tell you and try natural therapies or homeopathic remedies.


Your intuition is most likely trying to send you a message. It is important to listen carefully now and if it requires you to spend your time alone, even if someone is in need of you, staying alone is a higher priority. Be mindful of any messages or warnings that may come to you from your inner voice.

Situation and advice

The Empress is a card of luck, showing the creativity, reproduction, sexuality, and fertility of women. It tells you this is the time to express the creative instinct by effective actions. Any art journey will be successful. Your career may be related to beauty, sensitivity, or material satisfaction and your hard works now are rewarded with success on wealth. Many relationships will also make you happy.

This card encourages you to take the time to immerse yourself in nature. On vacation, do not just stay around in hotels in bustling cities, instead, explore nature by camping or hiking. You should give yourself the time and space to go to another state of mind where you can truly connect with Mother Earth and let her reigns in your heart and mind. Let’s travel to your favorite natural lands, such as a forest, a sea, mountains or lake and simply sit for a few minutes, a few hours or even a few days to breathe the energy around you while enjoying the beauty of nature.

It also emphasizes that you are connected to the physical aspect (a stable influence), but you can still reach higher levels of consciousness through your connection with nature. You have the potential to connect between Earth and everything.

It can refer to marriage, pregnancy (especially comes with the Three of Cups), or birth. If you are looking for a baby, everything will be good. The fruits of your labor are being formed. Beauty and material satisfaction are likely to appear around you. You can share your feelings and give or receive love.

The Empress also encourages you to connect with others by supporting and taking care of those around you. Let’s find ways to stimulate communication, create an atmosphere to express your feelings for everyone.


The mother, the wife, the important woman, the woman who always nurtures and has the motherhood, the useful woman, the influential woman, the pregnant woman, the mother of the earth, the queen, recruiters who are female, the loyalty, the woman who owns the land, the creator, the parent, the woman of strength and power, the important woman who walks into your life, dream woman for men.

Meaning of the Empress reversed: obstruct creativity, depend on others

Reversed meaning of The Empress

Words and Keywords

Failure to cope with, sluggishness, pregnancy problems, creativity does not grow, refuses to grow, satisfaction with stupid reality, concern too much with material satisfaction, do not consider the opportunity, control the reproduction, not reproduce, ineffectiveness, abandonment, mistake, infertility, no children, unfaithful, sex without love, unwanted pregnancy , the financial challenge, the troubles, the poverty, the sickness, the greed, the materialism, the lack of material, the lack of productivity, the waste of energy, the despair, hopeless, ignore the lucidity of the heart.


When the Empress in reverse, it is still an element of female power, mysterious, unpredictable, symbolizing the birth and attraction. The card indicates that you are too focused on the masculine power and you should be mindful of the femininity. Everyone has both types of energy within their personalities.


Maybe you are wrong about yourself that you do not attract much. If you are feeling so, give yourself some time and check. You always have something to bring to others, just believe in yourself. The reversed Empress suggests you should associate with inner happiness more, let’s reflect and meditate.


Your job is being respected and appreciated, but you may not realize it. Be mindful to know that other people believe you, you also need to believe in yourself. Admit what you deserve.


There are many people who are chasing you. If you are in a serious relationship, the card prompts you to pay special attention to your intuition. Again, the message of the Empress in the reverse is to believe in instinct and intuition, to follow the heart. Otherwise, there will be times when you regret it.

The Empress reversed may also refer to the dependency on other people’s emotions, which also implies that you may be postponed to see how your partner responds and what does he /she express? Preferably you should not do this, express your feelings without depending on him /her instead.

If you are having a difficult relationship, the first step is to spend a little time with yourself to restore your energy and belief. Unfortunately, your previous relationships have affected the way you look at yourself and limit your ability to truly love and trust others in the right way. As a result, you may be skeptical of the inner beauty of yourself and lose your passion for creating amazing relationships that are filled with love.


Sometimes you do not need to know how things are going, you only need to hold on to the belief that they will happen. The Empress reversed appears to be one of those times. When a card appears in the opposite position in a spreading set, pay attention to your consciousness of prosperity. Believe that the universe will have a way to satisfy your desires. This universe is abundant resources, just do what you need to do. That is all you should do. The “frantic calculation” gives you a glimpse of only part of the picture.


Your unconscious is trying to tell you something you have not heard yet. Be quiet and listen, sometimes, health-related information comes to you in a weird way, as if the neighbor suddenly told you that “someone is allergic to ketchup but really love to eat”. Pay attention to suggestions from both outside and inside to take care of your health better.


The women around you will assist you a lot on this matter. Pay special attention to their words and thoughts, to the women in your life and the spiritual issues. Try to read the books of female authors if you are looking for motivation. The power of women will benefit you, no matter what gender you are.

Situation and advice

In general, you are feeling impeded and cannot be creative. Your level of material satisfaction may be low, or you’d rather cling to material things that you possess selfishly than share with your loved ones. Greed can create problems in your relationships.

Your condition can be depressed or boring. Money may be lacking and you may feel poor and unable to achieve the desired result. Sexual relationships without love do not bring satisfaction. The Empress reversed sometimes refers to sexual problems or unwanted pregnancies. This post may be a warning to prevent unsafe relationships. It can also refer to problems with pregnancy and the ability to abort. You may find that you do not want to conceive or decide you will not have another baby.

You also maybe keep to yourself too much with someone you love and this is tiring for your relationship. Be aware that you will not become a mother who is full of stifling and strict. Are you caring for your partner, your friends, or your family as if you were their “mother”? Be careful not to exaggerate the character of this card. You may need to follow the example of the High Priestess, who listens to the inner self to find a solution.

In general, the Empress reversed implies that you are feeling dissatisfied because something is missing or missing in your life, or because you want to find something creative, meaningful or satisfying to do but you do not know what it is. This card may represent an obstacle to creativity. You may feel depressed or negative. The work itself seems too heavy and trivial. This is not the time to think, instead act or execute. You are becoming overloaded and mental pursuits will not bring you the things you need. Trying to put more effort according to what your wisdom or thoughtful thinking tells you will only cause frustration or lead you astray.


The woman had an abortion, the unfaithful, people do not work effectively, cold-hearted person, those who have unstable moods, prostitutes.

In a Tarot spread, the Empress Tarot card can relate to every aspect of motherhood. She herself is the mother, however, as one of the Major Arcana cards, goes beyond the individual motherhood to the core of this divine work – to create life and nourish it in love and protection.

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The Empress Thoth Tarot is actually the symbol of the Great Goddess, the mother of the elemental authority of all life. She is a symbol of creative formation, through which thought has not yet become a material mother.

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2. L’Impératrice Tarot de Marseilles

l'impératrice tarot

The Empress – L’Impératrice Tarot, like all cards of the third level, means an explosion without experience. Everything accumulated on the second level exploded in a thunderous way, not knowing where to go. It is a transition from virgin state to creation.

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3. The Empress Shadowscapes Tarot

The Empress Shadowscapes Tarot refers to creativity, generosity, patience, and love. She is a person who is full of richness, creativity, and experience of natural feeling and generosity. She is Virgin Mary, fertility and nurturing. 

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4. The Creativity Osho Zen Tarot

Creativity Osho Zen

The Creativity Osho Zen Tarot is started from the alchemy of water and fire below to the goddess of light above, the character in this card is clearly the creator of creative energy. In fact, the experience of creativity is to engage in the mystery. 

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5. The Green Woman Wildwood Tarot

The Green Woman Wildwood represents the feminine prototype of wildlife and green energy. She embodies the feminine solar energy, along with the generosity of Mother Nature. She was the goddess of the holy land, the Supreme Being – who tested the courage of newcomers.

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6. The Empress Deviant Moon Tarot 

The Empress Deviant Moon

The Empress Deviant Moon Tarot recommends believing in the good meaning that you have expressed so far. Realize your good intentions in carrying out your responsibilities as a compassionate person. You can show the best aspects of your personality.

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7. The Empress Linestrider Tarot

The Empress Linestrider represents the more accessible, kinder aspects of the female archetype. She is motherhood, love, tenderness. At the same time, she denotes female sexuality, emotions, and mastery.

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