The Creativity – Osho Zen Tarot Deck

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I. The Commentary Of The Creativity Osho Zen

The Creativity Osho Zen Tarot is started from the alchemy of water and fire below to the goddess of light above, the character in this card is clearly the creator of creative energy. In fact, the experience of creativity is to engage in the mystery. Technology, expertise, and knowledge are merely tools; the secret is to turn yourself into energy to create everything. Besides, this energy source neither has any shape, structure, nor is formed to any kind of its shape or structure.

It is no difference in the specific form of your creativity, which could be painting or singing, gardening or cooking. The most important thing is you should open yourself to what you demand to express. You must remember that we do not own our creations, and they do not belong to us.

Creativity stems from union with divinity, mystery, and inanimate, which will able to joy to both creators and those who are blessed with creativity.

The Commentary Of The Creativity Osho Zen

II. The Meaning of The Creativity Osho Zen

With the Creativity Osho Zen Card, you are putting creativity into your work that represents your attitude and approach when you look at things … Not everyone can be an artist – nor does it need to be. If everyone were an artist, the world would be ugly and truly difficult to live. And not everyone can be a dancer, it does not need for that. Except for a thing that anyone can be creative.

Thinking about whatever you do with happiness and affection, if your actions are not merely materially tinged, it is obviously the creativity. If you have something in your mind that develops, transcends itself, it will belong to the spiritual category, by creation, and by God.

You will become more divine when you are more creative. Everywhere in the world said: God is the creator. I do not know whether it is true or not; since I only know: the more you create, the more saintly you are. When your creativity reaches its peak, when your life becomes creative, you are living in the heart of God. Therefore, God can be the creator because those who are rich in creativity are the ones closest to him.

In conclusion, you must love what you do and meditate when you are acting – whatever it is.

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