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I. The Explanation of Page of Clouds Osho Zen Tarot

This is what happens when we forget that the mind is only a servant when we begin to let our minds control our lives. The head is filled with mechanisms, the mouth is cursing, and the atmosphere is polluted by the factory that produces arguments and opinions.

“But wait,” you say: “The mind is what makes us who we are, the source of all progress, every great truth.” If you believe so, try an experiment: walk into a room, close the door, turn on the recorder, and allow yourself to say what is “in mind”.

If you allow all thoughts to escape without censorship or editing, you will be surprised at the amount of rubbish that comes spewing forth.

Explanation of Page of Clouds Osho Zen Tarot
Page of Clouds – Mind

Page of Clouds Osho Zen Tarot will tell you that someone, somewhere, is in the “thought process”. Consider and make sure: it’s not you.

II. The Energy of Ten of Clouds Osho Zen Tarot Based on Osho’s Teachings

This is the situation of your head: I see cycle-handles and pedals and strange things that you have gathered from everywhere. Such a small head…and no space to live in! And that rubbish goes on moving in your head; your head goes on spinning and weaving – it keeps you occupied. Just think what kind of thoughts go on inside your mind.

One day just sit, close your doors, and write down for half an hour whatsoever is passing in your mind, and you will understand what I mean and you will be surprised what goes on inside your mind.

It remains in the background, it is constantly there, it surrounds you like a cloud. With this cloud you cannot know reality; you cannot attain to spiritual perception.

This cloud has to be dropped. And it is just with your decision to drop it that it will disappear. You are clinging to it – the cloud is not interested in you, remember it.                     

Source: Osho The Sun Rises in the Evening Chapter 9

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