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I. The Explanation of Six of Clouds Osho Zen Tarot

When we carry too much “should” or “should not” imposed on us by others, we become like this ragged, struggling figure trying to make his way uphill. “Go faster, try harder, reach the top”, shouted by the shallow tyrant he carries on his shoulders, while the tyrant himself is crowned with an imperious rooster. If life has its days struggling from the cradle to the grave, it could be a time when you shake your shoulders and see what it feels like to walk without these characters on your back.

When Six of Clouds Osho zen tarot appears, you have your own mountain to conquer, your own dreams to fulfill, but you will never have enough energy to convince them until you release yourself from all the expectations you’ve gathered from others but now think are your own. The opportunity only exists in your mind but it does not mean it will slow you down. It’s time to light it up and send it on the road.

Explanation of Six of Clouds Osho Zen Tarot
Six of Clouds – The Burden

II. The Energy of Six of Clouds Osho Zen Tarot Based on Osho’s Teachings

A man’s true life is the way in which he puts off the lie imposed by others on him. Stripped, naked, natural, he is what he is. This is a matter of being, and not of becoming. The lie cannot become the truth, the personality cannot become your soul. There is no way to make the nonessential the essential. The nonessential remains nonessential and the essential remains essential, they are not convertible. And striving towards truth is nothing but creating more confusion.

The truth has not to be achieved. It cannot be achieved, it is already the case. Only the lie has to be dropped. All aims and ends and ideals and goals and ideologies, religions, and systems of improvement and betterment, are lies. Beware of them. Recognize the fact that, as you are, you are a lie. Manipulated, cultivated by others. Striving after truth is a distraction and a postponement.

It is the lie’s way to hide. See the lie, look deep into the lie of your personality. Because to see the lie is to cease to lie. No longer to lie is to seek no more for any truth–there is no need. The moment the lie disappears, truth is there in all its beauty and radiance. In the seeing of the lie it disappears, and what is left is the truth.                  

Source: Osho This Very Body The Buddha Chapter 6

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