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I. The commentary of The Innocence Osho Zen

The old man in the Innocence Osho Zen radiates a youthful halo within the world. There is a sense of blessing around him as if he is leisurely enjoying himself and enjoying what life has to offer him. He seems to have an interesting conversation with the mantis in his hand as if they are close friends. Moreover, the pink flowers which falling around him represent a time of giving, relaxation, and tenderness. They are a response to his presence, a reflection of his own qualities.

The innocence inherently comes from a profound experience of life as a child, but not childish. The innocence of children is beautiful but ignorant. It will be replaced by distrust and doubt as the child grows up and learns that the world could be a dangerous and scary place. However, the innocence of a fully lived life has a quality of intellect and the acceptance of life-changing constantly.

commentary of The Innocence Osho Zen

II. The Meaning of Osho Teaching In The Innocence Osho Zen

Innocence Osho Zen master says that: when you let go of your mind – and mind includes many things, even your name, your identity, and everything because these things are brought to you by others – when you take them off and payback to others, you will have a completely different quality compares to your old-self – it is the innocence.

This action is a crucifixion of your personality and dignity to the cross, then after all the innocence will be revived; You will become a child again and be reborn.

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