The Sun – Deviant Moon Tarot Deck

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I. The Description of The Sun Deviant Moon Tarot

On the Sun Deviant Moon Tarot card, the twins meet at the wall of the capital. Although they are two separate entities, the sun above unites them into a single soul. The steps are gradually leading to the end of the journey of The Fool. Holding the XIX position and the most influential planet in human life, it is The Sun. There is no single planet or lamp power large enough to radiate heat and bring life to earth like the sun. In this card, almost no negative effects of it are seen because it is rated as one of the best cards, so all aspects of The Sun mostly mention the bright facts.

Description of The Sun Deviant Moon Tarot

As well as the details that this Deviant Moon Tarot card wants to describe, The Sun represents masculinity, brotherhood, or the archetype of the father. The reason for such an argument is because the planets revolve around and are subject to the impact and attraction from the sun, thereby forming their orbits. Thus the influence of the sun is very great, it is the center of all attention and is the planet that holds all the control.

Instead of having a companion that is the night like the moon, the sun possesses what is known as daytime. The sunlight warms and illuminates every scene.

Let us join in The Sun Tarot Story that tells that during The Fool’s journey, one day when he woke up at dawn, carrying a sense of sadness in himself, he followed the river to the resting point of the lake of serenity. Surrounding the lake was a garden covered with roses, lilies, and sunflowers. The Fool saw a boy with a white horse enter the garden. The boy told The Fool to come here and have fun with him, and before The Fool had time to consider, the boy grabbed his hands. The boy asked The Fool seemingly dumb questions: “Why is the sky blue?” and he sang and played with him.

For a moment that suddenly stopped, The Fool had never seen The Sun really so big and the rays of sunlight really sparkled. The Fool suddenly smiled, perhaps he had wasted too much time. He had experienced, tried, feared, or surprised, but at this moment everything was simply happy.

Everything was gradually clear, that magical light shone on his soul. All thanks to this boy, who was laughing at him. Unable to stop, The Fool suddenly asked: “Who are you?”. Then the boy smiled so brilliantly that he faded from the surroundings. The Fool only had time to hear the answer: “I am you.” And The Fool now was filled with warmth and energy. He had just met his inner child for a moment.

The story partly explains the image that The Sun Deviant Moon Tarot wants to convey – two men who are like two drops of water. It is like proof of soul and body at the moment they see each other, all in tune. The black shade of the mysteries, secrets are always hidden, sparkling, and provocative in the sun. Two people dancing and forgetting the brilliance of the sun, sweat drops like drops of sunshine.

The face of the sun is a depiction that resembles the feature of the moon, with the implication of the reverse side of this card. Contrary to the moon that represents the unconscious, wild, and natural nature of each person, the sun represents inner light, humanity, and rationality. While the moon comes with dreams, the sun is a symbol of reality and science which is a beauty carefully built and shaped, the card is also a symbol of wisdom and youth.

The corresponding astrology of The Sun is Sun in Leo which is an extremely reasonable combination. If you follow the zodiac and astrology of all eight planets, you will see the reasonableness and consistency of each Deviant Moon Tarot card. Leo is one of the three arcs of the fire system, but it is the most stable zodiac of this system, being born as the king of the forest, enthusiasm, cheerfulness, warmth, and desires to shine has partly confirmed this card belongs to Leo. Only one thing is that the bright light and self-comforting at times generates arrogance that makes Leo isolated in the crowd as if he is just in tune with his own soul.

The overwhelming glare of the sun combined with the enthusiasm Leo brings can burn oneself if being at an excessive level, or like a young lion standing under the blinding sunlight, always looking at life with a naive eye and forgetting countless hidden sins behind it. Don’t turn excessive enthusiasm and ignorance into destruction, is a reminder of The Sun Deviant Moon Tarot.

II. The general meaning of The Sun Deviant Moon Tarot

Keywords and extensions: Successful social relationship, Friendship, Commitment, Happy time, Absolute joy, Vitality, Confidence, Sexual pleasure, Enjoyment, Ambition, Optimism, Agility, Achievement, Affirmation, Empowerment, Masculine energy, Responsibility, Prosperous development, Enlightenment, Truth, Logic, Satisfaction, Creative self-expression, Enrichment, Self-control, Blessing, Spiritual success, Rejoice, Opportunity, Energy, Spontaneity, Inspiration, Celebration, Prosperity, Rationality, Invention, Marriage, Children, The dawn of a new day.

This is the moment when you can comprehend the authentic meaning of life, indicating it embraces a lot of grace, pleasure, and delight in life if you search enough and find the right place. Let’s spread these valuable messages. The Sun Deviant Moon Tarot card implies that this is a great time to examine diverse spiritual approaches to see if they work. Hope has appeared in your life. Time spent with good friends or with children is worth it. You have the ability to provide a conscious, reasonable, and thoughtful solution to many problems. Besides, you will feel dynamic, spirited, and full of vitality.

The Sun card is about the self, about your roots, and how you can cultivate your personality and temperament. The sun’s radiance is where one’s original nature can be encountered in terms of health and safety. Time and space restrictions are removed; the soul is refreshed and temporarily protected from the chaos outside the wall. In the light of the Sun, vitality regains its original goodness, authenticity, and grace. It usually denotes a human incarnation of God. When two people are shown, the image is depicting the resolution of the tension between opposites at all levels.

III. The reversed meaning of The Sun Deviant Moon Tarot

Keywords and extensions: Loneliness, Unstable relationship, Separation, Success comes late but full of surprises, Arrogance, Failure, Uncertainty, Unhappiness, Gloomy, Sorrow, Lack of energy, Disrespect, Disagreements, Misunderstanding, Cancellation, Despair, Lack of purpose, Illness, Poor health, Sunburn, Broken commitment, Non-transparent approach, Ostentation, Pessimism.

The reversed Sun Deviant Moon Tarot can signify the pursuit of success for no reason or desire to stand out and/or succeed without really gaining it, just like you’re keeping up with the Joneses. You may be slightly disturbed about your spirituality in recent times. There is so much charm, cheerfulness, and laughter in life if you look at the right place. You should look for at least one coach for spiritual issues and ask those who are experienced in the spiritual or religious community for help if needed.

This reversed Deviant Moon Tarot card also refers to annoying but not overwhelming problems. For a while, you may feel like you are always at a standstill and unappreciated. Your pessimistic view may adversely affect your health and you may be disturbed by feelings of failure. No matter what, the power and majesty of the Sun still remain here, in your essence, and it never disappears. Only a few clouds cover your eyes making it hard to see and feel for you. Believe in yourself and immerse in the beauty of this planet and the universe.

Fortunately, this is one of two Deviant Moon Tarot cards that traditionally has no negative implications. Perhaps you will choose more carefully to humbly count your blessings and credit all that has contributed to your success. Satisfy your conscience that you are a wise manager of your luck.

IV. The guideline of The Sun Deviant Moon Tarot

The Sun Deviant Moon Tarot advises you to be confident in your natural charisma. Throw out any cultural norms that make it impossible to authenticate yourself. Step into the full light of truth and reveal your motives and principles. Once done, you will no longer empower those who criticize and shame you. Focus on the positive and practical things. Your true shining self can be a light for others if you plan it without showing it.

Your life is a series of emotions, your relationships are pretty favorable, and based on a lot of sentiments. In return, your material possessions are unstable and not abundant, even though you are quite realistic with your finances and also have a willingness to spend sparingly.

Tangible assets seem to be something that is not in your dictionary because it has a tendency towards the spiritual side. You are quite straightforward, sharp, try to do what you want, easy to make friends, and friendly with others. For those close to you, you are sensible, in tune, and always present when they need help or sharing. However, in some relationships, you are quite conservative and stubborn, so the number of your best friends is relative.

In the early stages of life, you live emotionally but persistent with your goals. Living and not having to worry too much about finances, everything is at a sufficient level is satisfying for you.

Your health condition is stable, but due to subjectivity, sometimes you are also prone to colds. When you are sick, you always have someone to take care of and quickly recover because of the good resistance.

Regarding the romantic relationship, the radiant and warm personality makes you easily attracted to aloof and moody partners. Ambition to change your partner and pass your warm energy to them seems impossible. Two opposite poles of the magnet will be very excited in the early stages of the relationship but with no positive results in the long term. A boring and unbalanced relationship keeps continuing, and your inability to give up is due to the familiarity the relationship brings.

The Sun Deviant Moon Tarot alludes to a brilliant ending to your departure which is quick and mentally prepared. Humans are sometimes ready to give up on the world for a long time, at least for a few moments in life, so embracing it is pretty easy for you.

Your travels get support from others, such as siblings, friends, parents, or a corporate agency. If you go to school, you can get a scholarship, but it takes time, the opportunity does not come immediately, and sometimes you have to wait for a second time.

Your career is not so brilliant, but you also hold certain positions, even if the time is not too long. The reason may come from you cannot be under the pressure or getting bored with the job.

Besides, you have a lot of disadvantages when dealing with legal issues once they happen. You should be patient and rely on the help of the surrounding relationships to produce as positive results as possible.

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