The Judgment – Deviant Moon Tarot Deck

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I. The Description of Judgment Deviant Moon Tarot

On Judgment Deviant Moon Tarot card, corpses arose from the grave when awakened by the angel with a horn. They are all begging for redemption in the upcoming judgment.

Description of Judgment Deviant Moon Tarot

The journey is closing to the final steps and that is when people need to stop and reflect on themselves. Or look back on things and events throughout the journey from start to finish. This judgment is viewed in two ways. You judge a person or a thing in life, you can not avoid the judgment of those around you in any action, or as if it is a judgment from yourself and is seen in a different way. Have you ever made your own self-criticism, or only when you made a mistake? Sometimes, self-awareness is a better late action than never.

Deviant Moon Tarot in Judgment is built from the image of an angel blowing a horn and awakening corpses from the grave. This raises the question that in today’s society, are many people really living? Many times people die not only physically, but in fact from their minds. Some people just indulge while the luckier will awaken. A profound implication is laid out from the author that why an angel and not another image?

Angels in some religions represent the supernatural or spiritual symbol, who is the mediator between heaven and earth, who communicates, guides, and protects humans. This angel in the Judgment Deviant Moon Tarot card carries a pair of wings and a crown just like many other angels. His hands wear little and lovely gold bracelets like new-month babies that were worn for jewels as regal, good fortune, and protection for them. The sparkling spikes and tassels radiating from this angel are reminiscent of fireflies – figures that sparkle and light up in the night.

The angel’s face is half moon and sun. You can be awakened or directed at any time, whether night or day. The angel appears from the dark cloud with a halo as if dark circumstances are surrounding you at that time. It is the background to the appearance of the angel.

The rays of light from the angel are like drops of sunshine but have streaks like sharp needles. Although they are not painful enough, they also make people grief and irritated. That is why the image of the angel was chosen by the author as the cover for the Deviant Moon Tarot’s glossary. This image is as sharp as a knife, striking the reader and causing them to think or completely change their perception.

The image of three corpses with three different shades on the Judgment Deviant Moon Tarot card makes the reader ponder. The person on the right is prostrating with her hand as if begging for forgiveness, her face austere, aged, and withered as if the older people get, the more mistakes they need to be forgiven or they are on the way to seek serenity, soul salvation, and peace while their days are numbered.

The man sitting in the center holds his forehead, considering as if a stream of thoughts are constantly running through his mind and he blames himself for his previous actions and the present consequences. His eyes widened, showing surprise as if wondering why he had awakened and returned to earth though he was clearly dead.

The last person on the left is a woman holding a child, her eyes turned to the angel. A corpse that holds a child in its arm represents a new beginning. With regard to the positions arranged in the Judgment Deviant Moon Tarot card, there is a deliberate arrangement when the image of the woman holding the child is turned to the right, while the woman clasping her hands and prostrating is turned to the left.

If you remember the direction of The Chariot’s movement, you will understand the author’s purpose, the direction going from left to right represents the card’s next step. The other direction will be a reflection of the past. Obviously, everyone has repentance and regrets about bad behavior in the past like you gossiping about a person and when you know the full story behind it. Or suppose you were one of the factors that made mistakes in the past worse. Surely no one wants that, but we have to accept to move towards the future.

Overall, the Judgment Deviant Moon Tarot card sends a clear message to the reader: repentance, remorse, and forgiveness for past mistakes and actions. If there is a need to consider, think carefully in current actions, learn from experience, and draw on the upcoming steps, a new beginning will come. A clear signal for thinking deeply about an event and giving others a chance to change, prejudices built up earlier in your thinking will be changed. Everything will be led by a character who has the power and ability to guide you.

Judgment’s main color scheme is yellow. Yellow is considered the lightest color in the spectrum which is the one that fosters the spirit and represents light, happiness, joy, and hope. Yellow is related to personal perception, judgments and criticism from both oneself and others. However, the color yellow causes anxiety because it evokes impulses, which can easily lead to a state of agitation. One of the most concrete examples is that the traffic lights have three shades of green, yellow, and red. Yellow is easily provocative to the other two colors. Either you will be led into a relaxed or overwhelming mood. So, as an urge to slow down, pause from actions and make decisions, and take time to ponder and reflect on all matters. The corresponding astrology of the Judgment Deviant Moon Tarot card is the Mars in Sagittarius.

II. The general meaning of Judgment Deviant Moon Tarot

Keywords and extensions: Responsibility for one’s actions, New start, The awakening, The rebirth, Inner Call, Christening, The end of an era, Transition, A lifetime, Promotion, Revival, Health revitalization, Phoenix revived from the ashes, Innovation, Psychological crisis, Evaluation, Adaptation, Transition, Breaking convention, Regeneration, Self-evaluation, Self-improvement, The final judgment, Transformation, Healing, Rebirth, Balance the accounts, Eliminate previous mistakes, What goes around comes around.

You may find yourself looking for beliefs and spiritual direction that you have never thought about. Furthermore, you can find more openness and enlightenment there than you have ever dreamed of. Be open with new ideas and experiences. It may be valuable to you in ways you would not expect, and you will never know until you actually experience it.

The Judgement Deviant Moon Tarot indicates a cycle is about to end and you have to prepare for a new stage of advancement. You are reaching an important milestone for your development. You may face a very important decision that will change your plan for life and if you make it with full awareness of its transformative potential, the outcome will be beneficial.

This is the end of a cycle, a moment of innovation and awakening, and it is time to reap the results of previous performances and prepare for a positive start. From this moment, you can recognize that everything is more apparent.

The Judgment Deviant Moon Tarot card is sometimes referred to as “Resurrection”, which represents the wonderful reunion that the ancients believed would happen once in all time. This is the time when souls are harvested and sent back to their homeland, outside the solar system. Then the world was sown with a new set of souls and the process started over.

From the modern standpoint, this wonderful reunion – including every character you’ve ever been and every soul you’ve ever worked deeply with – rejoins to consciously complete the process. In a way, every year we celebrate our return to the center on our birthday.

III. The reversed meaning of Judgment Deviant Moon Tarot

Keywords and extensions: Fear of death, Guilt, Anxiety, Procrastination, An unwanted end, Hesitation, Dissatisfaction, Evasion, Remorse, Regret, A lack of purpose, Refusal, Loneliness, Separation, Disillusionment, Loss, Failure,  Disappointment, Oppression, Involuntary, Shame, The self-inflicted, Illness, Bad karma, Unwantedness, Punishment.

The reversed Judgement Deviant Moon Tarot card reminds that you need to open with new ideas and experiences. In real life, change is constant. You will be beneficial if you approach the spiritual experience that makes you feel comfortable in a new and different way.

Still, it also implies that now you are facing the consequences of a wrong decision you had made in the past. Perhaps you have looked at the whole process of your life and now you realize it is worthless. Although you do not feel ready, you may need to put an end to some aspects of your life. It recommends you to pay attention to bad karma and learn from your past mistakes. You may need to ignore the loss and continue to live in a more constructive way.

IV. The guideline of Judgment Deviant Moon Tarot

The Judgment Deviant Moon Tarot card points to freedom from inner conflicts and that talents and gifts buried in the past can come to an individual in this life. This card advises you to trust the self-opening process because what comes out is of consistent quality. You can easily act like a multidimensional creature and aid in eliciting that response from others.

It also advises that you should allow yourself to develop, transform, and unleash your hidden potential. Remove yourself from fruitful endeavors without skipping your duties. At the same time, invest your energies in new development.

It is not necessary to deny others but to refuse to be manipulated by those of grief and misery. This process is not about them anyway. It’s about you and the desire to feel like changing your life and becoming a better person. Trust your impulses and allow this remarkable awakening to happen.

Your life at this moment is well supported mentally. Use your consistency and rationality to consider things. There’s nothing wrong with putting your interests first as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone.

Financial stability is also one of your advantages. This is when you should be assertive and make the final decision on stagnant problems. Money matters or property contracts can happen throughout, so be careful and consider it to avoid making mistakes.

If you are currently on treatment or constantly change your treatment, it is time to choose and consider a long-term treatment option. The previous wrong methods will end and you should stop thinking about the past for your own sake.

In terms of a romantic relationship, this may seem like a slowdown for you. Relationships are inevitable at times of separation or taking a break. It’s time to stop arguing and lower your ego, just put your foot down and think carefully about your relationship to see if you can move on to the next step.

The Judgment Deviant Moon Tarot alludes to sickness and death as a foreshadowing of your life. Your family members or acquaintances are prepared mentally, the departure for you can happen at any time so you are always optimistic and live your life to the fullest.

Besides, you do not have many opportunities with trips. They are all outrageous or predictable but not planned. Trips are usually short or not going smoothly.

About your career, you get the love of your colleagues, but in return, your promotion path is not too smooth and takes a lot of time. Standing still at work can easily make you depressed and frustrated. Patience, focus on details, and endeavor are absolutely required if you want to reach the peak of your career.

Relationship issues like business or contracts can be troublesome for you at this point. Changes or factors that were previously unexpected are also likely to be detrimental to you. But confidence, calculation, consideration, and agility will help you to remove these bottlenecks as soon as possible.

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